Wednesday, June 4, 2008

REPORTS: Humanitarian Safety and Advocating Freedom

The State Dept has released its latest (7th) edition of “To Walk the Earth in Safety.” This is a report of the interagency U.S. Humanitarian Mine Action Program.

The 2008 report is available at

Previous versions can be found at

The press release can be found at

The State Department has also released a new report - “Advancing Freedom and Democracy Report 2008” This can be found at

Pursuant to Section 2121 of the ADVANCE Democracy Act of 2007 (P. L. 110-53), the Department of State has submitted the “Advancing Freedom and Democracy Report 2008 “ to the Congress regarding U.S. efforts to promote democracy and human rights in nondemocratic countries and countries undergoing democratic transitions worldwide. The Department chose the 106 countries represented after taking into consideration the Act’s definition of a “non-democratic country or democratic transition country” and the requirement that the Department take into account the views of nongovernmental organizations.

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