Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday's Miscellany 06-20-2008

Air University Press. Drew Paper Series
· No. 1 - The Rise of Air Mobility and Its Generals
· No. 2 -- Ideas in Arms: The Relationship of Kinetic and Ideological Means in America’s Global War on Terror

American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
· Terrorists Shouldn't Profit From Their Crimes,filter.all/pub_detail.asp

Brookings Institute
· Ethnic Minority Elites in China’s Party-State Leadership: An Empirical Assessment
· Where Does the Money Go? Best and Worst Practices in Foreign Aid

Center for a New American Security
· Pivot Point: New Directions for American Security

Center for American Progress
· Negotiating a Neverending War

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA)
· Classified Funding in the FY 2009 Defense Budget Request
· Range, Persistence, Stealth, and Networking: The Case for a Carrier-Based Unmanned Combat Air System

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
· Confused and Mean-Spirited U.S. Handling of Immigration Problems
· Effectively Interrogating Terrorism Suspects: Lessons From the Field—Senior Level Interrogators Discuss What Works [Audio],com_csis_events/task,view/id,1703/
· Managing the Next Domestic Catastrophe: A Beyond Goldwater-Nichols Phase 4 Report
· Middle East Notes and Comment: Another Way with Iran
· The U.S.-Russia Civil Nuclear Agreement: A Framework for Cooperation

Combating Terrorism Center
· CTC Sentinel, June 2008, v. 1, no. 7
o "Al-Qa`ida in Iraq: Lessons from the Mosul Security Operation" by Michael Knights
o "The Taliban Consolidate Control in Pakistan's Tribal Regions" by Muhammad Amir Rana
o "The Demise of the Abu Sayyaf Group in the Southern Philippines" by Zachary Abuza
o "When to Confront Mahdists: A Challenge for the U.S. Military" by Reidar Visser
o "A Global Counter-Insurgency Campaign Plan for the War on Terror" by Colonel James H. Johnson, U.S. Army

Commonwealth Institute - Project on Defense Alternatives
· Quickly, Carefully, and Generously: The Necessary Steps for a Responsible Withdrawal from Iraq

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· The Long-Term Budget Outlook and Options for Slowing the Growth of Health Care Costs
· Opportunities to Increase Efficiency in Health Care
· Options for Offsetting the Economic Impact on Low- and Moderate-Income Households of a Cap-and-Trade Program for Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
· OIG-08-27 - Status Report on Open Recommendations to DHS Components
· OIG-08-60 - Logistics Information Systems Need to Be Strengthened at the Federal Emergency Management Agency
· OIG-08-61 - DHS Must Address Internet Protocol Version 6 Challenges

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· China’s Legal Encounter with the West
· Honest Abe: Abraham Lincoln and the Moral Character

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Afghanistan Security: Further Congressional Action May Be Needed to Ensure Completion of a Detailed Plan to Develop and Sustain Capable Afghan National Security Forces
· Afghanistan Security: U.S. Efforts to Develop Capable Afghan Police Forces Face Challenges and Need a Coordinated, Detailed Plan to Help Ensure Accountability
· Defense Infrastructure: High-Level Leadership Needed to Help Communities Address Challenges Caused by DOD-Related Growth
· Environmental Satellites: Polar-orbiting Satellite Acquisition Faces Delays; Decisions Needed on Whether and How to Ensure Climate Data Continuity and
· Federal Reserve Banks: Areas for Improvement in Information Security Controls
· Higher Education: United States' and Other Countries' Strategies for Attracting and Funding International Students
· Homeland Security: The Federal Protective Service Faces Several Challenges That Hamper Its Ability to Protect Federal Facilities
· Homeland Security: The Federal Protective Service Faces Several Challenges That Raise Concerns About Protection of Federal Facilities
· Homeland Security: The Federal Protective Service Faces Several Challenges That Raise Concerns About Protection of Federal Facilities
· Intellectual Property: Leadership and Accountability Needed to Strengthen Federal Protection and Enforcement
· Maritime Security: National Strategy and Supporting Plans Were Generally Well-Developed and Are Being Implemented
· Privacy: Agencies Should Ensure That Designated Senior Officials Have Oversight of Key Functions
· Privacy: Alternatives Exist for Enhancing Protection of Personally Identifiable Information
· Privacy: Congress Should Consider Alternatives for Strengthening Protection of Personally Identifiable Information

Heritage Foundation
· American Companies, Taiwan, and U.S. Anti-boycott Law
· Beltway-Centric Approach to Disaster Response Is a Recipe for Disaster
· Critics of Nuclear Power's Costs Miss the Point
· Discussion of the Costs of the Iraq War
· Electronic Travel Authorization: Important for Safer and More Secure Overseas Travel
· Opening America's Waters to Energy Production: A Positive Step in the Fight Against High Energy Prices
· Paying for America's All-Volunteer Military: Reform Is Not a Dirty Word
· Taiwan's "Unsettled" International Status: Preserving U.S. Options in the Pacific
· U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Relationship

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
· Text of Latest Diplomatic Offer to Iran

International Crisis Group
· Beyond the Fragile Peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea: Averting New War
· Bolivia: Rescuing the New Constitution and Democratic Stability
· Egypt’s Muslim Brothers: Confrontation or Integration?
· Indonesia: Communal Tensions in Papua

International Relations and Security Network
· The Burdens of Secrecy
· EUFOR: Damned Either Way
· Exporting the Asian Miracle to Africa
· Intel Brief: Cybercrime Gets Political
· Iraq's KRG: Managing political Islam
· Nord Stream: Environment vs Energy
· Philippines: 'Waging peace' in Sulu
· Somalia: Business as Usual

Jamestown Foundation
· Arms for Asymmetric Warfare: Turkey's Arms Industry in the 21st Century

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF)
· In Doubt for the Monarchy: Autocratic Modernization in Saudi-Arabia

Pew global Attitudes Project
· Global Economic Gloom - China and India Notable Exceptions: Some Positive Signs for U.S. Image

Physicians for Human Rights
· Broken Laws, Broken Lives: Medical Evidence of Torture by the US

· A Comparison of the Health Systems in China and India
· Three Papers in International Health Policy: Modeling the Links Between Economics and Epidemiology

Strategic Studies Institute
· State of the U.S. Military Reserve Components
· Wars of Ideas and the War of Ideas

US Air Force
· Air Force Blue Ribbon Review of Nuclear Weapons Policies and Procedures [downgraded from FOUO]

US Climate Change Science Program
· Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing Climate: Regions of Focus: North America, Hawaii, Caribbean, and U.S. Pacific Islands

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
· World Refugee Survey 2008

US Institute of Peace
· Colombia's Crossroads: The FARC and the Future of the Hostages
· Mullahs, Money, and Militias: How Iran Exerts Its Influence in the Middle East
· Why We Should Still Study the Cuban Missile Crisis

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Determinants of a U.S. Drawdown
· Domestic and Regional Politics Delay U.S.-Iraqi Security Agreement
· Emerging Threats, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Middle East
· Israel: Challenges at Home and Abroad · Israel and America at Sixty: The Strategic Partnership at a Crossroads
· The Last Resort: Consequences of Preventive Military Action against Iran
· Prospects for the Bush Administration's Unfinished Business in the Middle East
· Reconciling with Hamas? Abbas's Hedge Against a Failed Peace Process

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