Monday, June 28, 2010

National Space Policy of the United States of America

The White House released its National Space Policy of the United States of America. According ot the factsheet, this policy expresses the President's direction for the Nation's space activities and "articulates the President’s commitment to reinvigorating U.S. leadership in space for the purposes of maintaining space as a stable and productive environment for the peaceful use of all nations."

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday's Miscellany 06-25-2010

Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN)
· The Northern Front: The Afghan Insurgency Spreading beyond the Pashtuns

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
· Hospital Assessment and Recovery Guide

· Hospital Evacuation Decision Guide

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
· Distributional Impacts in a Comprehensive Climate Policy Package

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS)
· At the Eve of Convergence? Social Services in the U.S. and Germany

· Religious Tolerance and Islam

American Security Project
· Yemen and U.S. Security: Assessing and Managing the Challenge of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)

Amnesty International
· Israel: Submission to the Human Rights Committee

· USA: Normalizing Delay, Perpetuating Injustice, Undermining the ‘Rules of the Road’

Army Surgeon General
· Pain Management Task Force Final Report

Arms Sales Monitoring Project
· Missile Watch, June 2010, v. 3, no. 2

Asian Human Rights Commission
· Hegemony of Wilderness Torture Situation in Pakistan

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
· How Much is Enough? The Disclosure of Defence Capability Planning Information

· Measuring Up: Evaluating Cohesion in the National Security Community

· RAAF Capability Review 2010

Brookings Institution
· Beyond Madrasas: Assessing the Links Between Education and Militancy in Pakistan

· Pakistan Index: Tracking Variables of Reconstruction & Security in Pakistan [updated June 23, 2010 and archives]

· Recovery or Relapse: The Role of the G-20 in the Global Economy

Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
· Women in Law Enforcement, 1987-2008

Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI)
· A Primer to the G8/G20 Toronto and Huntsville Summits

Center for American Progress
· China’s Clean Energy Push: Evaluating the Implications for American Competitiveness

Center for International Cooperation
· Drug Production and Trafficking, Counterdrug Policies and Security and Governance in Afghanistan

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· The Afghan War: A Campaign Overview

· Iraq and the United States: Creating a Strategic Partnership

· The Role of Markets and Trade in Food Security
· Strengthening Global Health Preparedness: Recommendations for Expanding U.S. Engagement and Leadership

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)
· The G20 Framework for Strong, Sustainable And Balanced Growth: A Study in Credible Cooperation

Commonwealth of Australia
· Hackers, Fraudsters and Botnets: Tackling the Problem of Cyber Crime

Congress. House. Oversight and Government Reform Committee
· Warlord, Inc.—Extortion and Corruption Along the U.S. Supply Chain in Afghanistan

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee
· Progress in Preventing Military Suicides and Challenges in Detection and Care of the Invisible Wounds of War

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations Committee
· Finding Common Ground with a Rising China

· Iran Policy in the Aftermath of UN Sanctions

· The New START Treaty (Treaty Doc. 111-5): Benefits and Risks

· The New START Treaty (Treaty Doc. 111-5): Implementations—Inspections and Assistance

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
· Building African Partnerships to Defeat Piracy

· Deterrence Misapplied: Challenges in Containing a Nuclear Iran

Defense Chemical and Biological Defense Program (CBDP)
· 2010 CBDP Annual Report to Congress

Department of Defense
· McChrystal Statement Expresses Support for Policy

o President’s Statement
o Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s Statement

o NATO Secretary General’s Statement

Department of Defense Inspector General
· Administrative Investigations H10L111565072 Reinvestigation of Combat Action at Wanat Village, Afghanistan

Department of Homeland Security
· DRAFT - National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
· OIG-10-94 - U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team Makes Progress in Securing Cyberspace, but Challenges Remain

· OIG-10-90 - Immigration and Customs Enforcement Information Technology Management Progresses But Challenges Remain
· OIG-10-89 - The Coast Guard's Maritime Safety and Security Team Program

Department of State, Office of the Historian
· Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS), 1969-1976, Volume VIII, Vietnam, January-October, 1972

Department of the Army
· Wanat Review [Battle - 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team at Wanat Village, Afghanistan]

o General Campbell's Report

o CENTCOM redacted report

Energy Information Administration (EIA)
· Country Analysis Brief -- Kuwait

EU Institute for Security Studies
· A Strategy for EU Foreign Policy

European Community’s 7th Framework Programme
· PRIV-WAR: Regulating Privatisation of War [website]

Fund for Peace
· 2010 Failed States Index

Goldman Sachs
· World Cup and Economics 2010

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Army Working Capital Fund: Army Faces Challenges in Managing Working Capital Fund Cash Balance during Wartime Environment, GAO-10-480

· Defense Infrastructure: Army Needs to Improve Its Facility Planning Systems to Better Support Installations Experiencing Significant Growth, GAO-10-602

· Humanitarian Assistance: Status of North Korean Refugee Resettlement and Asylum in the United States, GAO-10-691

· Nuclear Weapons: Actions Needed to Identify Total Costs of Weapons Complex Infrastructure and Research and Production Capabilities, GAO-10-582
· Transportation Security: Additional Actions Could Strengthen the Security of Intermodal Transportation Facilities, GAO-10-435R

· Warfighter Support: Preliminary Observations on DOD's Progress and Challenges in Distributing Supplies and Equipment to Afghanistan, GAO-10-842T [testimony]

Heritage Foundation
· Air Cargo Security: How to Keep Americans Secure without Harming the Economy

· The Economy Hits Home: International Trade
· Key Questions about Elena Kagan
· New START: Potemkin Village Verification

· Oil Spill Response Sets Poor Precedent for Public-Private Cooperation

· President Obama Should Give the Senate Access to the Negotiating History of New START

· The Three Biggest Myths About Tax Cuts and the Budget Deficit

· Visa Waiver Program: A Security Partnership

· What the EU Bailout Means for the US

· World Bank’s Palm Oil Development Strategy Should Focus on Economic Freedom

Human Rights Watch
· Curing the Selectivity Syndrome: The 2011 Review of the Human Rights Council

Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA)
· South Asia Trends, v. 1, no. 4, June 7-20, 2010

· US Sanctions on Iran and their Impact on India

International Crisis Group
· Cameroon: The Dangers of a Fracturing Regime

· Guatemala: Squeezed Between Crime and Impunity

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
· How Did Emerging Markets Cope in the Crisis?

International Relations and Security Network
· Buying Blackwater

· China’s Cheonan Problem

· Defining ‘Victory’ In Pakistan’s War On The Taliban

· General McChrystal Out

· Kazakhstan Gets Jump on Caspian Naval Race

· Ramallah on the Fence

· Shale Gas: Eureka or False Dawn?

· US Coast Guard: Bigger Missions, Fewer Dollars

Jamestown Foundation
· China Brief, June 24, 2010, v. 10, no. 13

o China's New Aristocracy: Red Cadres and Red-Hat Businessmen
o The Changing Face of PLA Political Education
o Reorientation of China’s Armed Forces: Implications for the Future Promotions of PLA Generals
o Shangri-La Dialogue Highlights Tensions in Sino-U.S. Relations
· Terrorism Monitor, June 25, 2010, v. 8, no. 25

o Is Yemen Contemplating a Military Offensive in the Secessionist South?
o Taliban Spokesman Discusses Relations with al-Qaeda and Opium Production in Afghanistan
o Algeria's AQIM Becomes a Regional Threat Despite Surrender of Senior Leaders

McKinsey Global Institute
Lions on the Move: The Progress and Potential of African Economies

National Academies Press
National Security Implications of Climate Change for U.S. Naval Forces: Letter Report [free download but registration required]

National Defense University Library
U.S. National Strategy Documents digital collection

National Security Archive
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea?

National Strategy Information Center (NSIC)
Adapting America's Security Paradigm and Security Agenda

Peterson Institute for International Economics
Deepening China-Taiwan Relations through the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement

· Counterinsurgency in Pakistan

· The Enduring Partnership? The Trans-Atlantic Community as a Natural Alliance

· Reconstruction Under Fire: Case Studies and Further Analysis of Civil Requirements
· Uncertainties in the North Korean Nuclear Threat

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Swords to Ploughshares: China’s Defence-Conversion Policy

Religions and Development Research Programme
· Elusive Peace: Seeking a "New Normal" in Post-Conflict Ahmedabad and Mumbai

Rolling Stone
· The Runaway General

School for a Culture of Peace
· 2010 Yearbook on Peace Processes

Security & Defence Agenda
· Is Europe's Energy Security Policy a Reality or an Ambition?

Small Wars Journal
· The Branch Formerly Known As PSYOP: Names Influence

· Three Cups of Tea and an IED: The Death of Haji Abdul Jabar and the Future of the Alikozai Tribe

· Symantec 2010 SMB Information Protection Survey - Global: June 2010

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
· Afghanistan: Cannabis Survey 2009

· Colombia - Coca Cultivation Survey 2009

· Drug Use in Afghanistan

· Global Smart Update 2010

· World Drug Report 2010

UN Security Council
· Secretary General report on IEDs in Afghanistan

UK House of Commons Library
· The ‘AfPak Policy’ and the Pashtuns

· Progress Towards Nuclear Disarmament?

US Institute of Peace (USIP)
· Haiti: A Forward Look

· Improving Natural Resource Management in Sudan

· Rebuilding Afghanistan's Political Immunity

United States Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC)
· 2010 Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Actions, Not Just Attitudes: A New Paradigm for U.S.-Arab Relations

· Fighting the Ideological Battle: The Missing Link in America's Effort to Counter Violent Extremism

· The Gaza Flotilla Incident: Impact on Three Key Arab Actors
· Giving Teeth to the Iran Sanctions: Targeting Re-Export Loopholes

Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday's Miscellany 06-18-2010

Air Force Association (AFA)
· Russian Federation's fifth-generation fighter, the Sukhoi PAK-FA/I-21/T-50 Program

Africa Center for Strategic Studies
· Misinterpreting Ethnic Conflicts in Africa

Amnesty International
· From Homeland to Oil Sands: The Impact of Oil and Gas Development on the Lubicon Cree of Canada

Army Combined Arms Center
· Military Review, May-June 2010, v. 90, no. 3

o Relationships Matter: Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief in Haiti
o At What Cost, Intelligence? A Case Study of the Consequences of Ethical (and Unethical) Leadership
o The Operations Targeting and Effects Synchronization
o The Revolution in Military Affairs: 12 Observations on an Out-of-Fashion Idea
o Medical Operations in Counterinsurgency Warfare: Desired Effects and Unintended Consequences
o Harnessing Information Operations’ Potential Energy
o Combat Advising in Iraq: Getting Your Advice Accepted
o Achieving Excellence in Small-Unit Performance
o The Parting of the Sulawesi Sea: U.S. Strategy and Transforming the Terrorist Triangle
o Attack or Defend? Leveraging Information and Balancing Risk in Cyberspace
o Information Operations as a Deterrent to Armed Conflict
o Laboratory of Asymmetry: The 2006 Lebanon War and the Evolution of Iranian Ground Tactics
o Can a Nuclear-Armed Iran Be Deterred?

ASIS International
· Organizational Resilience: Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Management Systems - Requirements with Guidance for Use Standard ASIS SPC.1-2009

Aspen Institute
· U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin - Addressing the Legacy of Agent Orange in Vietnam

Atlantic Council
· The Afghanistan-Pakistan Theater: Militant Islam, Security & Stability

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
· Army Capability Review 2010

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School
· Cyber Power

· Cybersecurity: The U.S. Legislative Agenda
· A Pillar's Progress: How Development's History Shapes U.S. Options in the Present

Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC)
· Can a Nuclear Iran be Contained? [video]

Brookings Institute
· Afghanistan Index: Tracking Progress and Security in Post-9/11 Afghanistan [updated June 11, 2010 and archives]

· Embracing North Korean Defectors: The "Small Unification" of Korea

· Deposits Could Aid Ailing Afghanistan
· Iraq Index: Tracking Reconstruction and Security in Post-Saddam Iraq [updated June 16, 2010 and archives]
· A Mid-Term Assessment of the Policies of the Ma Ying-jeou Administration

· South Asia Monitor no. 142, June 15, 2010 - Sri Lanka: Political Consolidation without Reconciliation?

· Taking Stock of the Youth Challenge in the Middle East: New Data and New Questions

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· Arab Reform Bulletin - Interview with Essam al-Arian, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau

· Could Al-Qaeda Turn African in the Sahel?

· Exploiting Grievances: Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
· Turkey’s Moment of Inflection
· A Two-State Solution Requires Palestinian Politics

CATO Institute
· Freedom and Exchange in Communist Cuba

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)
· Cornerstone: A Future Agenda for the U.S.-Japan Alliance

Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS)
· The 2010 NPT Review Conference: Deconstructing Consensus

· Inventory of International Nonproliferation Organizations & Regimes 2009

Center for Security Policy
· The 'Bring Back the Draft' Act

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· The Challenge of Chronic Diseases on the U.S.-Mexico Border

· Final Report on Lessons Learned (Department of Defense Task Force for Business and Stability Operations)
· Issues in International Political Economy - Narcotics - June 2010 - Number 126

· The Key to Success in Afghanistan

· PacNet #30 - How Transparent is the PLA?

· Realism in Afghanistan: Rethinking an Uncertain Case for the War
· Surprise Is Inevitable; Vulnerability Is Not: Improving the Defense Department’s Readiness to Address Key Areas of Potential Surprise

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
· Baptism By Fire: CIA Analysis of the Korean War Overview

Congress. House. Armed Service Committee
· Hearings

o Developments in Afghanistan [June 16, 2010]

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
· Horn of Africa: Current Conditions and U.S. Policy

· Press Freedom in the Americas

Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee
· Caring for Special Needs during Disasters: What’s being done for Vulnerable Populations?

· Cybersecurity: DHS’ Role, Federal Efforts and National Policy

· H.R. 5498, the WMD Prevention and Preparedness Act of 2010
· SBInet: Does it Pass the Border Security Test?

Congress. House. Oversight and Government Reform
· Viral Hepatitis: The Secret Epidemic

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee
· Situation in Afghanistan [June 15, 2010]

· Situation in Afghanistan [June 16, 2010]

· New START and Implications for National Security Programs

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations Committee
· The New START Treaty (Treaty Doc. 111-5): The Negotiations

· The New START Treaty (Treaty Doc. 111-5): Views from the Pentagon

Congress. Senate. Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee
· The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Ensuring a Financially Responsible Recovery

· Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset: Comprehensive Legislation for the 21st Century

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
· Fear and Uncertainty in Afghanistan

· The Lengthening List of Iran Sanctions
· Terrorism Havens: Somalia
· U.S. Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula

Crisis States Research Centre/ London School of Economics and Political Science
· The Sun in the Sky—The Relationship Between Pakistan’s ISI and Afghan Insurgents

Department of Defense
· 2010 Annual Industrial Capabilities Report

· DOD/USGS briefing on minerals in Afghanistan

o Briefing slides

Department of Energy
· 2010 Gulf Spill

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
· OIG-10-94 - U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team Makes Progress in Security Cyberspace, but Challenges Remain

Department of Justice Inspector General
· Review of the Drug Enforcement Administration's El Paso Intelligence Center, Evaluation and Inspections Report I-2010-005

Department of State
· 2010 Trafficking in Persons Report

· Chart on Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response: Government to Government International Offers of Assistance
· U.S. Assistance in Response to the Current Humanitarian Crisis in the Kyrgyz Republic and Uzbekistan

Department of the Treasury
· Fact Sheets: U.S. Treasury Department Targets Iran's Nuclear and Missile Programs

Energy Information Administration (EIA)
· Country Analysis Brief: Algeria

Foreign Policy Research Institute
· Islamist Lawfare: Briefs as Weapons of Mass Disruption
· Mapping the Response to BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Cybersecurity: Continued Attention Is Needed to Protect Federal Information Systems from Evolving Threats, GAO-10-834T [testimony]

· Defense Infrastructure: Observations on the Department of the Navy's Depot Capital Investment Program. GAO-10-726R
· Federal Energy Management: GSA's Recovery Act Program Is on Track, but Opportunities Exist to Improve Transparency, Performance Criteria, and Risk Management, GAO-10-630

· Homeland Security: Preliminary Observations on the Federal Protective Service's Workforce Analysis and Planning Efforts, GAO-10-802R
· International Trade: Exporters' Use of the Earned Import Allowance Program for Haiti Is Negligible because They Favor Other Trade Provisions, GAO-10-654
· Natural Catastrophe Insurance Coverage Remains a Challenge for State Programs, GAO-10-568R
· Oil and Gas Management: Key Elements to Consider for Providing Assurance of Effective Independent Oversight, GAO-10-852T [testimony]
· Oil Spills: Cost of Major Spills May Impact Viability of Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, GAO-10-795T [testimony]
· Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Reconsider Its Proposed Investment in Key Technology Program, GAO-10-340

· Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Follow Through on Plans to Reassess and Better Manage Key Technology, GAO-10-840T [testimony]
· The Strategic Framework for U.S. Efforts in Afghanistan, GAO-10-655R

Government of Canada
· Canada’s Engagement in Afghanistan - Quarterly Report to Parliament for the Period of January 1 to March 31, 2010

Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons
· Muslim Prisoners’ Experiences: A Thematic Review

Heritage Foundation
· Another Limit Imposed by the New START Treaty

· Creating a Crisis: The Squandered $100 Billion Education Stimulus

· From Russian Competition to Natural Resources Access: Recasting US Arctic Policy
· Hamas Is a Threat to Peace, Despite Propaganda Claims

Human Rights Watch
· “Welcome to Kenya”: Police Abuse of Somali Refugees

Institut für Strategie- Politik- Sicherheits- und Wirtschaftsberatung
· Low Intensity Terrorist Threats – A Future Trend in Europe?

Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA)
· Countering the Naxals

· Economic Crises, Currencies and Geopolitical Turning Points

Institute for Security Studies
· Monograph 171: The Burundi Peace Process

· Monograph 170: Climate Change and Natural Resources Conflicts in Africa

· Workshop Report: The state of the region Security Sector Governance in Southern Africa

Institute for the Study of War
· Afghanistan Order of Battle [updated June 2010]

· Security Trends in Afghanistan Between the 2004 and 2009 Elections

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
· Still at Risk: Internally Displaced Children’s Rights in North-West Pakistan

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
· Can You Map Global Financial Stability?

· Demand Spillovers and the Collapse of Trade in the Global Recession

· Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: Request for an Extension of the Three-Year Arrangement Under the Extended Credit Facility
· Paraguay: Selected Issues
· Resolution of Banking Crises: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

International Relations and Security Network
· Aid Distribution May Deepen Kyrgyz Crisis

· Guiding EU Defense
· Is Afghan 'Jirgah' the Way Forward?
· Israel vs Iran: The Risk of War
· Managing Asia’s Nuclear Rivalry
· A New Front in the PKK Insurgency
· Soil Smuggling in Indonesia

Jamestown Foundation
· Terrorism Monitor, June 18, 2010, v. 8, no. 24

o Perceptions of Success and Failure in ISAF Operations in Marjah, Afghanistan
o AQAP's New Strategy: Targeting Westerners and Promoting the Individual Jihad
o Will al-Qaeda Survive the Loss of its Leadership

Migration Information Source/Migration Policy Institute
· Political Considerations Surround Decision to Deploy National Guard to Southwest Border

National Academies Press
· The Domestic and International Impacts of the 2009-H1N1 Influenza A Pandemic: Global Challenges, Global Solutions: Workshop Summary [free download - registration required]

· Persistent Forecasting of Disruptive Technologies--Report 2 [free download - registration required]

National Defense University
· Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ), July 2010, 3rd Quarter

o "Africa's Future is Up to Africans": Putting the President's Words into Action
o Misinterpreting Ethnic Conflicts in Africa
o Ethnic Politics, Defense, and Security in "Latin" America
o Clan, the State, and War: Lessons from the Far North
o Regional Threats: Security Capacity Imperatives in the Caribbean
o The Age of Irregular Warfare: So What?
o Reorienting Grand Strategy: The Promise of Single-equilibrium Defense Planning
o Stabilization Operations: A Successful Strategy for Postconflict Management
o USCYBERCOM: The Need for a Combatant Commant versus a Subunified Command
o The End of Surface Warships
o Unmanned Systems and the Joint Team
o Are We Professionals?
o When Do We Teach the Basics?
o The Post-9/11 American Serviceman
o Developing Air Force Strategists: Change Culture, Reverse Careerism
o Military Dissuasion: A Framework for Influencing PLA Procurement Trends
o Off and Running: The Middle East Nuclear Arms Race
o Through a Jingzi, Darkly
o The Social Sciences and Innovation in Gaming
o Joint Doctrine Update
o Time for Deconstruction of Field Manual 3-24
o Constructing the Legacy of Field Manual 3-24
o Freeing the Army from the Counterinsurgency Straitjacket
o Learning and Adapting to Win

National Security Archive
· Cold War Origins of Global Cutoff Proposal and Why It Failed

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)
· An Honourable Exit for MINURCAT?

Peterson Institute for International Economics
· Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, May 2010

· In Defense of Europe's Grand Bargain

· US Trade and Wages: The Misleading Implications of Conventional Trade Theory

Pew Global Attitudes Project
· Obama More Popular Abroad Than At Home, Global Image of U.S. Continues to Benefit

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
· Fueling Both Sides of the Energy Debate

· Cash Incentives and Military Enlistment, Attrition, and Reenlistment

· Enhancing Public Health Emergency Preparedness for Special Needs Populations: A Toolkit for State and Local Planning and Response
· Hired Guns: Views About Armed Contractors in Operation Iraqi Freedom

· Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Use by Adults in the U.S.: A Snapshot from the End of the 2009-2010 Vaccination Season
· Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Use by Adults in the U.S.: Detailed Survey Data Tables for the 2009-2010 Vaccination Season

Research Centre for East European Studies/Center for Security Studies
· Russian Analytical Digest, no. 81: Russian Public Relations Activities and Soft Power

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
· Future of US Power: Is China Going to Eclipse the United States? Two Possible Scenarios to 2040

Security and Defence Agenda
· Does Europe Need "Homeland Security"?

Security Studies Center
· Chinese Perceptions of the Utility of Nuclear Weapons: Prospects and Potential Problems in Disarmament

Small Arms Journal
· Our Ambivalent Iraqi-Kurdistan Policy

· The Relevance of Technology in Afghanistan

Stanley Foundation
· The Future Role of the G-8 Global Partnership: Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction

· Leadership and the Global Governance Agenda: Three Voices

· The United Nations and the G-20: Ensuring Complementary Efforts
· Wider Lessons for Peacebuilding: Security Sector Reform in Liberia

Stimson Center
· Next Steps for Nuclear Security

Strategic Studies Institute
· Endgame for the West in Afghanistan? Explaining the Decline in Support for the War in Afghanistan in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
· The Globalization of Crime: A Transnational Organized Crime Threat Assessment

US Geological Survey (USGS)
· USGS Projects in Afghanistan Documents

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· The Flawed Shura Council Elections: Omen for Egypt's Future?

· Mahmoud Abbas Visits Washington: Key Quotes

Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict
· Setting the Right Priorities: Protecting Children Affected by Armed Conflict in Afghanistan

World Public

· Listening to the Voice of Humanity

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday's Miscellany 6-11-2010

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU)
Corrupting the State or State-Crafted Corruption?: Exploring the Nexus between Corruption and Subnational Governance
THe WOLEsi Jirga in 2010: Pre-election Politics and the Appearance of Opposition

Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Lessons Learned from Peace Operations in Africa Misinterpreting Ethnic Conflicts in Africa
Navies versus Coast Guards: Defining the Roles of African Maritime Security Forces
U.S. Security Engagement in Africa

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS)
Issue Brief #35: Anything But SWIFT: Why Data Sharing is Still a Problem for the EU

Amnesty International
As If Hell Fell On Me
From Promises to Delivery – Putting Human Rights at the Heart of the Millennium Development Goals
From Protest to Prison – Iran One Year After the Election

Asian Development Bank
Dealing with Multiple Currencies in Transitional Economies: The Scope for Regional Cooperation in Cambodia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, and Viet Nam
Designing and Implementing Grievance Redress Mechanisms: A Guide for Implementors of Transport Projects in Sri Lanka
Law and Policy Reform Policy Brief No. 2: Empowering People After Natural Disasters: Lessons from the Post-tsunami Legal Assistance, Governance, and Anticorruption Project in Sri Lanka

Atlantic Council
International Maritime Safety and Security Exchange Operationalizing the Comprehensive Approach
Reforming and Modernizing NATO Defense Education

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
Special Report Issue 32 - A Case for Collaboration: Enhancing the Development Outcomes of Australian Resource Companies' Operations Overseas

British American Security Information Council (BASIC)
Iran Update, no. 143, 11 June 2010

Brookings Institute
Changing the Channel: Egypt's Evolving Media Landscape and Its Role in Domestic Politics
The Economics of Infrastructure in a Globalized World: Issues, Lessons and Future Challenges
Improving Science and Technology Innovation in the United States
The Russia Factor in Transatlantic Relations and New Opportunities for US-EU-Russia Cooperation
US Nuclear and Extended Deterrence: Considerations and Challenges

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)
Contracting in Conflicts: The Path to Reform Crafting a New Vision: A New Era of US-Indonesia Relations · Restraint: Recalibrating American Strategy
Rhetoric and Reality: Countering Terrorism in the Age of Obama
Sustaining Security: How Natural Resources Influence National Security
To Serve the Nation: US Special Operations Forces in an Era of Persistent Conflict

Center for American Progress
Building a U.S. Coast Guard for the 21st Century
Less Is More: Sensible Defense Cuts to Boost Sustainable Security

Center for Global Development
Using Incentives to Prevent HIV Infections

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
The Afghan War: A Campaign Overview
The Afghan War: Metrics, Narratives, and Winning the War
Cost and Time Overruns for Major Defense Acquisition Programs
Earth Observation for Climate Change
Middle East Notes and Comment: The Real Threat
Reforming ANSF Metrics
Regime Change in Japan: Take Two
Transnational Threats Update May 2010, v.8, no. 3

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)
The G20 and the Post-Crisis Economic Order
Leadership and the Global Governance Agenda: Three Voices
Making the G20 Summit Process Work: Some Proposals for Improving Effectiveness and Legitimacy

Century for Survey Research (Uni of Virginia)
Population Behaviors in Dirty Bomb Attack Scenarios: A Survey of the National Capital Region

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Silk Road Studies Program
The Key to Success in Afghanistan: A Modern Silk Road Strategy

Chatham House
Sustainable Energy Security: Strategic Risks and Opportunities for Business

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
o Interagency National Security Reform: Pragmatic Steps Towards a More Integrated Future [June 9, 2010]

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
Human Rights and Democracy Assistance: Increasing the Effectiveness of U.S. Foreign Aid
Thailand: The Path Toward Reconciliation
Women as Agents of Change: Advancing the Role of Women in Politics and Civil Society

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations Committee
Assessing the Strength of Hezbollah Strategic Arms Control and National Security (Treaty Doc. 111-5)

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
HR 4173, Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010
Monthly Budget Review, May 2010

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
The Lengthening List of Iran Sanctions
Reducing U.S. Oil Consumption
Terrorism Havens: Somalia

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
DoD Congressional Budget Data
o FY2011 HASC (House Report 111-491)
o FY2011 SASC (Senate Report 111-201)

Democratic Voice of Burma
Nuclear Related Activities in Burma
Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
D-2010-060 Drawdown and Reset of Equipment in Iraq - Operation Clean Sweep

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
Stronger Security Controls Needed on Active Directory Systems

Department of State
Background Notes - Pakistan [updated June 9, 2010]

Department of the Army Inspector General [Arlington Cemetery]
Army Directive 2010-04 - Enhancing the Operations and Oversight of the Army National Cemeteries Program
Official Reprimand
Report of Investigation Arlington National Cemetery
Special Inspection of Arlington National Cemetery: Final Report

Foundation for Defense of Democracies
The Afghanistan - Pakistan Theater: Militant Islam, Security & Stability

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
Aviation Safety: Improved Data Quality and Analysis Capabilities Are Needed as FAA Plans a Risk-Based Approach to Safety Oversight, GAO-10-414
Defense Inventory: Defense Logistics Agency Needs to Expand on Efforts to More Effectively Manage Spare Parts, GAO-10-469
· Depot Maintenance: Improved Strategic Planning Needed to Ensure That Navy Depots Can Meet Future Maintenance Requirements, GAO-10-585
Military Readiness: Navy Needs to Reassess Its Metrics and Assumptions for Ship Crewing Requirements and Training, GAO-10-592
National Security: Key Challenges and Solutions to Strengthen Interagency Collaboration, GAO-10-822T [testimony]

Heritage Foundation
Action Needed on Chavez, Democracy, and Trade: Secretary of State Clinton Visits Latin America Again
American Power Act: Oil Spill Does Not Justify Wrecking the Economy
Border Security: The Heritage Foundation Recommendations
Budget Cuts Could Harm Navy
The Gaza Flotilla Incident: UN Inquiry Will Be an Anti-Israel Farce
Homeland Security: The Heritage Foundation Recommendations
The Misleading Messages from the Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference
US Defense Spending: The Mismatch Between Plans and Resources
US China Cooperation: Strengthening the US Hand

Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA)
Nuclear Disarmament A Way Forward
Promises, Compromises and a Tie-Breaker: NPT RevCon 2010 was an Otiose Event
South Asia Trends, May 24-June 6, 2010, v. 1, no. 3

Institute for Economics and Peace
Global Peace Index 2010

Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism
Journal of National Security Law & Policy, 2010, v. 4, no. 1
o The Past, Present, and Future of Cybersecurity
o Cybersecurity Strategy: A Primer for Policy Makers and Those on the Front Line
o History Repeats Itself: The 60-Day Cyberspace Policy Review in Context
o Offensive Cyber Operations and the Use of Force
o Cyber Threats and the Law of War
o Will There Be Cybersecurity Legislation?
o Cybersecurity and Freedom on the Internet
o Square Legal Pegs in Round Cyber Holes: The NSA, Lawfulness, and the Protection of Privacy Rights and Civil Liberties in Cyberspace
o Congress’s Role in Cyber Warfare
o National Cyber Doctrine: The Missing Link in the Application of American Cyber Power
o U.S. International Policy for Cybersecurity: Five Issues That Won’t Go Away
o A Comparative Study of the Information Security Policies of Japan and the United States
o Foundational Questions Regarding the Federal Role in Cybersecurity

Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS)
Assessing Chinese Military Transparency (China Strategic Perspective #1) Strategic Forum 257 - Somalia’s Endless Transition: Breaking the Deadlock

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
Development on the Move: Measuring and Optimising Migration’s Economic and Social Impacts

Institute for Security Studies
Nature and Extent of Environmental Crime in Sudan
Zimbabwe: Are Targeted Sanctions Smart Enough? On the Efficacy of International Restrictive Measures

Institute for the Study of War
Afghanistan - Order of Battle [updated June 10, 2010]
· Fact Sheet: Update 2 - Government Formation In Iraq
· Iraq - Order of Battle [updated June 10, 2010]
Will the Marines Push Into Northern Helmand?

International Crisis Group
South Ossetia: The Burden of Recognition

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Banking Efficiency and Financial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Beyond Aid: How Much Should African Countries Pay to Borrow?
Current Account Imbalances in the Southern Euro Area

International Relations and Security Network
Al-Qaeda Turns to Mafia Tactics in Mosul
East African Unity, Take II
Is Taiwan Moving Toward Finlandization?
Nepal: Maoists' Lock, India's Door
Opportunity Knocks in N Korea
Uganda Eyes New Oil Future
UN Backs New Iran Sanctions

Jamestown Foundation
China Brief, June 11, 2010, v. 10, no. 12
o Premier Wen's Four-nation Tour: A “Responsible Leadership Role”?
o China’s Growing Maritime HA/DR Capabilities
o U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue: Not Exactly a "Dialogue"
o The China-Pakistan Reactor Deal and Asia's Nuclear Energy Race
Terrorism Monitor, June 12, 2010, v. 8, no. 23
o Attacks on the Ahmadiya in Lahore Reveal Growth of the Punjabi Taliban
o Al-Qaeda after al-Yazid: Coping with the American Drone Offensive
o Iran Integrates the Concept of the "Soft War" into Its Strategic Planning

Lowy Institute
Will the Afghan Government's Reintegration and Reconciliation Efforts Bring Peace to Afghanistan? [Afghan Voices series]
National Academies Press
Hidden Costs of Energy: Unpriced Consequences of Energy Production and Use The Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise: Innovative Strategies to Enhance Products from Discovery Through Approval: Workshop Summary [free download - registration required]
Regionalizing Emergency Care: Workshop Summary [free download - registration required]

National Drug Intelligence Center
2010 National Drug Threat Assessment

National Security Archive
Landmark Conviction in Colombia's Palace of Justice Case

NATO 2020: Assured Security; Dynamic Engagement - Analysis and Recommendations of the Group of experts on a New Strategic Concept for NATO

NATO Defense College
The Moscow Metro Bombings and Terrorism in Russia

New York State Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings
Reducing Inherent Danger: Report of the Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings

Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes
Connections, the Quarterly Journal, Spring 2010, v. 9, no. 2
o Medvedev’s Proposals for a New European Security Order: A Starting Point or the End of the Story?
o Private Security Companies and the Imperfect Reach of the United States Criminal Justice System
o "Small States and (In)Security: A Comparison of Ireland and Slovenia
o Evolution of Russian Conceptual and Political Models of High Technology Cooperation
o Evolving Insurgency and India’s Counter-Insurgency Option
o The Comprehensive Approach: An Effective Tool in the Pursuit of National Security and Defense Interests?
o GAO Report on Afghanistan Drug Control

Pew Internet & American Life Project
The Future of Cloud Computing
Neighbors Online

Physicians for Human Rights
Experiments in Torture: Human Subject Research and Experimentation in the “Enhanced" Interrogation Program

Project 2049 Institute
Evolving Aerospace Trends in the Asia-Pacific Region Implications for Stability in the Taiwan Strait and Beyond

Project on Defense Alternatives, Sustainable Defense Task Force
Debt, Deficits, and Defense – A Way Forward

Developing an Army Strategy for Building Partner Capacity for Stability Operations
The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test: Validity, Fairness, and Bias

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
China’s Soft Power in South Asia
Do Stated Goals Matter? Regional Institutions in East Asia and the Dynamic of Unstated Goals
“Muscular” versus “Liberal” Secularism and the Religious Fundamentalist Challenge in Singapore
Reform of the International Financial Architecture: How Can Asia Have a Greater Impact in the G20?

Secretary of Defense/Joint Staff Freedom of Information Reading Rooms
Active Duty Military Death Casualties in the Unit - January 1, 2002 -Present (April 1, 2010)
Worldwide U.S. Active Duty Military Casualty Death 2001 – Present (April 10, 2010)

Security Council Report
Update Report on Iran, June 8, 2010, no. 2

Small Wars Journal
Dispatch: Gobar Gas
The Need for the Return of History: Why Studying History and Human Motivations is the Key to the Future of Warfare
Serving Pork Chops at a Bar Mitzvah: Some Thoughts on Aid in COIN Operations
Tribal Engagement and the Heavy History of Counterinsurgency Light
Tribes and Afghanistan: Choosing More Appropriate Tools to Understand the Population

U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission
· Hearing on “
Evaluating China’s Past and Future Role in the World Trade Organization” [June 9, 2010]

US Court of Military Appeals
Annual Report of the Code Committee on Military Justice

US Institute of Peace (USIP)
Iran's Youth: The Protests Are Not Over
A New Kind of Balkans Drama
· On the Issues: Iran Sanctions

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
An Ambush at Sea: Understanding the Gaza Flotilla Operation Hamas Outreach: Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood in Crisis One Year after a Rigged Election: Iran's Introverted Politics
Weapon Systems Technology Information Analysis Center (WSTIAC)
Cyber Warfare: Understanding the Threat to Weapons Systems

White House
Fact Sheet on the new UN Security Council Sanctions on Iran Fact Sheet on U.S. Assistance to the West Bank and Gaza