Monday, June 7, 2010

Friday's Miscellany 06--4-2010

AEI Critical Threats
The Partitioning of Somalia: Islamists Strengthened Against Western-Backed Government

Air University
Air & Space Power Journal, Summer 2010, 24, no. 2
o Leading and Managing through Influence: Challenges and Responses
o The Art of Persuasion
o The Role of Airpower in Active Missile Defense
o New Horizons: Coalition Space Operation
o Should the United States Maintain the Nuclear Triad?
o Updating a Cold War Relic: Ensuring That the New Air Force Doctrine Document 3 Reflects Current Air Force Roles and Missions
o Beddown Options for Air National Guard C-27J Aircraft: Supporting Domestic Response
o Finishing Strong in Iraq: Why the Air Force Must Be the Last to Leave Operation Iraqi Freedom
o Colombia Can Teach Afghanistan (and the United States) How to Win
o Building an Offensive and Decisive PLAAF: A Critical Review of Lt Gen Liu Yazhou’s The Centenary of the Air Force
Strategic Studies Quarterly, Summer 2010, v. 4, no. 2
o What's Wrong with Zero?
o Technology Assessment: Democracy's Crucible, the Future of Science and Technology, and Implications for Our Defense in the Twenty-first Century
o Washington's Newest Bogeyman: Debunking the Fear of Failed States
o From Proliferator to Model Citizen? China's Recent Enforcement of Nonproliferation-Related Trade Controls and its Potential Positive Impact in the Region
o Bush vs. Obama Detainee Policy Post-9/11: An Assessment
o Tribal Dynamics and the Iraq Surge
o Wartime Alliances versus Coalition Warfare: How Institutional Structure Matters in the Multilateral Prosecution of Wars

Army War College
Parameters, Spring 2010, v. 40, no. 1
o The Issue of Attrition
o Integrating Civilian and Military Activities
o Counterinsurgency 3.0
o Combating a Combat Legacy
o The Strategic Failures of al Qaeda
o Growing Strategic Leaders for Future Conflict
o Clausewitz and the "New Wars" Scholars
o Our Visual Persuasion Gap

Asian Development Bank
Free Trade Agreements in East Asia: A Way toward Trade Liberalization?

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
Special Report Issue 31 – Naval Gazing: The Future of Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding and Repair Sector

Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
The Armageddon Scenario: Israel and the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism

Brookings Institute
Comparing Climate Commitments: A Model-Based Analysis of the Copenhagen Accord
Economic Growth and Institutional Innovation: Outlines of a Reform Agenda
How We're Doing as Debt Fears Rise
Pakistan Index: Tracking Variables of Reconstruction & Security in Pakistan [updated June 3, 2010 and archives]
Towards More Effective Protection for IDPs in Southern Afghanistan

Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI)
The Past as Prologue: Sustaining Canadian Capacity for Defence, Diplomacy and Development
Unstoppable Momentum: The Real Meaning and Value Behind Operation Nunavilut 10

CATO Institute
Manufacturing Discord: Growing Tensions Threaten the US-China Economic Relationship
Mexico’s Failed Drug War
Nuclear Proliferation Update: May 2010
Rethinking Darfur
When Will the Eurozone Collapse?

Center for American Progress
Assessing Peace Prospects in Afghanistan: The “Peace Jirga” and President Karzai’s New Peace Plan
Powering an Oil Reform Agenda: Congress and the White House Must Drive Together

Center for Security Policy
How Wars Begin
National Security Policy Proceedings, Spring 2010, v. 1
o START the Debate
o Assessing the “Reset” in US-Russia Relations
o 9/11: Eight Years Later
o Define the Enemy: What It Takes to Win in Afghanistan
o Preventing Terrorist Travel

Center for Security Studies (CSS)
No. 75: To Draft or Not to Draft? Conscription Reform in the EU
No. 76: Unconventional Gas: Producer Pickle or Consumer Curse?

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
Business In Bulgaria: An Overview for Investors and Managers in 2010
Cyber War and Competition in the China – US Relationship
Hemisphere Highlights, May 2010, v. 9, no. 5
Implementation of the Weapon System Acquisition Reform Act of 2009

Centre for International Governance (CIGI)
The Financial Stability Board: An Effective Fourth Pillar of Global Economic Governance?
The Financial Stability Board and International Standards
Security Sector Reform Monitor: Afghanistan no. 3

Chatham House
Our Common Strategic Interests: Africa's Role in the Post-G8 World

Combat Studies Institute Press
From El Billar to Operations Fenix and Jaque: the Colombian Security Force Experience, 1998-2008 [Occasional Paper no. 34]
The Long War Against Piracy: Historical Trends [Occasional Paper no. 32]
To Fight or Not to Fight?: Organizational and Doctrinal Trends in Mounted Maneuver Reconnaissance from the Interwar Years to Operation IRAQI FREEDOM
Searching for Stability: The U.S. Development of Constabulary Forces in Latin America and the Philippines [Occasional Paper no. 30]
The US Army and the Media in the 20th Century [Occasional Paper no. 31]

Congressional Budget Office
Health Costs and the Federal Budget
Strategies for Maintaining the Navy’s and Marine Corps’ Inventories of Fighter Aircraft

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Fifteen Nuclear Agendas to Watch
Media Censorship in China
U.S. Deepwater Drilling's Future

Danish Institute for International Studies
The Role of Islamic Charities in International Terrorist Recruitment and Financing

Delhi Policy Group
Afghanistan-India-Pakistan Trialogue 2009

Department of Defense
DoD Instruction 2000.11, Procedures for Handling Requests for Asylum and Temporary Refuge, May 13, 2010
DoD Instruction 5100.76, Safeguarding Conventional Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives (AA&E), May 20, 2010
DoD Instruction 6000.16, Military Health Support for Stability Operations, May 17, 2010
DoD Manual 3020.45-V5, Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP): Execution Timeline, May 24, 2010
DoD Manual O-3020.44-M, OSD Defense Crisis Management (CrM) Procedures, May 19, 2010
Directive-Type Memorandum DTM-09-031, Videotaping or Otherwise Electronically Recording Strategic Intelligence Interrogations of Persons in the Custody of the Department of Defense, May 10, 2010
Guidance for Improved Operational Efficiencies

Department of Justice Inspector General
Review of the Department’s Preparation to Respond to a WMD Incident

Departments of Justice, Defense, State, Homeland Security, ODNI and JCS
Final Report Guantanamo Review Task Force

Department of State
U.S. Climate Action Report 2010: Fifth National Communication of the United States of America Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Energy Information Administration (EIA)
Country Analysis Brief: Egypt

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
Nuclear Safety: Convention on Nuclear Safety Is Viewed by Most Member Countries as Strengthening Safety Worldwide, GAO-10-489
Nuclear Safety: Convention on Nuclear Safety Survey (GAO-10-550SP, April 2010), an E-supplement to GAO-10-489, GAO-10-550SP
Questions for the Record Related to Military Compensation, GAO-10-803R

Henry Stimson
Fresh Water Futures: Imagining Responses to Demand Growth, Climate Change, and the Politics of Water Resource Management by 2040

Heritage Foundation
A Constitutional Bases for Defense
Federal Spending by the Numbers 2010
The Gaza Flotilla Incident: U.N. Inquiry Will Be an Anti-Israel Farce
New Japanese Government Should Affirm Support for Agreed Repositioning of US Forces
Protect America from What?
U.S.-China Cooperation: Strengthening the U.S. Hand
What a Market Economy Offers India
With Re-Acceptance of Marines on Okinawa, Time to Look Ahead

Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA)
Peacekeeping Partnerships: Cooperation or Conflict

Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS)
Middle East Strategic Perspectives #1
The Rearmament Debate in South America
Strategic Forum no. 256 - Prioritizing Strategic Interests in South Asia

Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies
American Military Operations inside Pakistan: Will it help the US, Pakistan and India?

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in the Syrian Arab Republic
India Expanding Military Nuclear Site

Institute for the Study of War
Consolidating Private Security Companies in Southern Afghanistan

Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS)
103: The Maoist Movement in Sri Lanka
South Asia Link, April 2010, no. 1

International Crisis Group
International CrisisWatch No. 82, June 1, 2010
Steps Towards Peace: Putting Kashmiris First

International Defense Cooperation Community
Common Defense Quarterly, Summer 2010
o Building Cooperative Partnerships to Enhance the Global Maritime Partnership
o A Strange Nuclear Policy
o NATO Seasparrow: The project advances to adolescence
o The New Currency of Travel and Trade
o Telecom as a Strategic Industry: Building a Framework
o Emergency Preparedness since 9/11 in the National Capital Region
o Border Security Operations and Arizona’s New Migration Law
o The United States National Guard: Designed To Respond
o Interview with Sean O’Keefe, CEO, EADS North America
o International Dimensions of Intellectual Property

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
The Credit Boom in the EU New Member States: Bad Luck or Bad Policies?
U.S. Bank Behavior in the Wake of the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis

International Relations and Security Network
The EU's Declaration of Impotence
Gaza’s Global Moment
Polish Power Projection

International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
Executive Summary for 21 February 2010 CIVCAS Incident in Uruzgan Province
Transcript: NATO Media Opinion Leader Roundtable with Gen. McChrystal

Jamestown Foundation
Terrorism Monitor, June 5, 2010, v. 8, no. 22
o Egypt and Gaza's Islamic Jihad: A Steady Deterioration in Relations
o Europol Report Suggests Separatism Rather than Islamism Constitutes Biggest Terrorist Threat to Europe
o 100 More Terrorist Groups Banned in India: What are India's Counterterrorism Priorities?

Lexington Institute
Back To The Future – The Perils of Insourcing
Smart Grid Implementation: Strategies for Success

Lowy Institute
Australia and the World: Public Opinion and Foreign Policy [Lowy Institute Poll 2010]

National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA)
The Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System
A National Dialogue on the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review

National Security Archive
Secret U.S. Overture to Iran in 1999 Broke Down Over Terrorism Allegations

North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and DoE
High-Impact, Low-Frequency Event Risk to the North American Bulk Power System

Office of the Director of Intelligence (ODNI)
Reforming Intelligence: The Passage of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act
Pak Institute for Peace Studies
Jihad, Extremism and Radicalization: A Public Perspective
Litterateurs’ Response to Extremism in Pakistan
Radicalization in Pakistan: Understanding the Phenomenon
Trends and Patterns of Radicalization in Pakistan
Women Radicalization: An Emperical Study

Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU)
Brief Number 58: Islamic Militancy Getting Worse, not Better: The Recent Attacks on the Ahmadi Mosques in Lahore

Peterson Institute for International Economics
Assessing the American Power Act: The Economic, Employment, Energy Security, and Environmental Impact of Senator Kerry and Senator Lieberman's Discussion Draft
Beware of Greeks Bearing Debts

Building Security in the Persian Gulf
Education, Training, Innovation: Evidence from Transition Economies
Making Policy in the Shadow of the Future
The Role of Faith-Based Organizations in HIV Prevention and Care in Central America
Spanish translation

Reaching Critical Will
Reaching Critical Will's Guide to 2010 - a Briefing Book for the 2010 NPT Review Conference2010 NPT Review Conference documents

Security Council Report
Cross-Cutting Report on Children and Armed Conflict

Small Wars Journal
“The COIN Warrior” Waging Influence: Hints for the Counterinsurgency (COIN) Strategy in Afghanistan
A Combined Arms Response to Death of the Armor Corps
Discourse on Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami and Its Founder Abu al-Ala al-Mawdudi: Uncovering the Philosophy and Nuance of America’s Adversary in Pakistan
Peaceful Rise through Unrestricted Warfare: Grand Strategy with Chinese Characteristics
Rediscovering the Art of Psychological Operations in the Afghan Counterinsurgency
The Ship is the Visual, Even in the Shadow Zones
Tribal Engagement: The Jirga and the Shura

Stanley Foundation
Wider Lessons for Peacebuilding: Security Sector Reform in Liberia

Strategic Studies Institute
Human Intelligence: All Humans, All Minds, All the Time
Rethinking Leadership and "Whole of Government" National Security Reform: Problems, Progress, and Prospects

UN Human Rights Council
Report of the Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, Philip Alston - Addendum Study on Targeted Killings

US-China Economic and Security Review Commission
Transcript of the April 8, 2010 Hearing on “China’s Green Energy and Environmental Policies.”

US Institute of Peace (USIP)
Cooperation and Tension in Regional and Global Infectious Disease Surveillance
Mediating Peace with Proscribed Armed Groups
A New Kind of Balkans Drama
On The Issues: Turkey and Its Relations with Iraq
Working With Groups of Friends

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
After the Gaza Flotilla: Policy Challenges and Options
Fallout from the Gaza Flotilla Tragedy
President Obama's Cairo Speech: A First-Year Scorecard
Proceedings of the 2010 Soref Symposium and 25th Anniversary Celebration