Sunday, December 29, 2013

Friday's Miscellany 12-27-2013

38 North

Al Jazeera Center for Studies

American Enterprise Institute

Amnesty International

Arms Control and Regional Security for the Middle East

Atlantic Council

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Berkman Center on Internet & Society


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

CATO Institute

Center for Security Studies (CSS)
·         Russian Analytical Digest, 23 December 2013, No. 141 

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
·         Global Economics MonthlyEconomics and the Rebalance [to Asia-Pacific]  
·         Korea Chair Monitor, December 5 - December 18, 2013, v. 1, no. 12 

Center for Technology & National Security Policy (CTNSP)

Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation (CGCC)

Council on Foreign Relations
·         Preventive Priorities Survey: 2014  

Department of Defense (DOD)

Department of State

Department of the Treasury

Energy Information Administration (EIA)
·         2014 Annual Energy Outlook 

Enough Project

ForcesWatch (UK)

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
·         National Preparedness: HHS Is Monitoring the Progress of Its Medical Countermeasure Efforts but Has Not Provided Previously Recommended Spending Estimates. GAO-14-90 

Hudson Institute

Institut Français des Relations Internationals (IFRI)

Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA)

Institute for Economic Stability
·         Energy Initiatives in Afghanistan 

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis (IFPA)

Institute for National Security Studies

Institute for Security & Development Policy

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Long War Journal
·         Charting the Data for US Airstrikes in Pakistan, 2004 - 2013 [updated December 25, 2013
·         Charting the Data for US Air Strikes in Yemen, 2002 - 2013 [updated December 27, 2013

Migration Observatory (UK)
·         Migrants in the UK: An Overview 

National Academies Press

Oxfam International

Oxford Research Group

Peacekeeping & Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI)
·         Peace & Stability Operations Journal Online, December 2013, Special Anniversary ed. 
o    The History of PKI/PKSOI: The Early Years and a Snapshot of the Past 20 years
o    PKSOI Anniversary Gathering: Celebrating 1993-2013
o    The History of PKI
o    PKI to PKSOI
o    PKI/PKSOI Articles of Experience
o    Portrait of GEN Gordon R. Sullivan, USA Ret. with the PKI/PKSOI Directors

Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies
·         Security and Defense Studies Review (SDSR), 2013, v. 14 Special Issue: The Drug Policy Debate 
o    China, United States, and Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities
o    Perspective on Cutting Edge Research for Crime and Security Policies and Programs in the Caribbean
o    The Growth of the Private Security Industry in Barbados: A Case Study
o    A Geopolitical Interpretation of Security Concerns within United States–Latin American Relations
o    A Tentative Embrace: Brazil’s Foreign and Trade Relations with the United States
o    Border Security Systems Initiative: A Transformative Endeavor in Force Design
o    Estratégia Nacional de Defesa do Brasil: Comentários sobre a sua Implementação (2008–2011)
o    Perspectives on Instability: Honduras and Paraguay
o    Civil-Military Relations in Latin America: Selected Bibliography
o    The Drug Policy Debate - A Selection of Brief Essays Representing the Diversity of Opinion, Contributors: Marilyn Quagliotti, Timothy Lynch, Peter Hakim (with Kimberly Covington), Craig Deare, AMB Adam Blackwell, and General (ret.) Barry McCaffrey

Political Economy Research Institute (PERI)


Red 24
·         Threat Forecast 2014 

Security & Defense Agenda

Small Wars Journal

Small Wars Survey


United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNDOC)
·         Afghanistan Opium Survey 2013 

US Marine Corps (USMC)

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

World Health Organization (WHO)
·         World Malaria Report 2013