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Friday's Miscellany 03-27-2009

American Society of Civil Engineers
· 2009 Report Card for America's Infrastructure
[large file]

Amnesty International
· Jailed Without Justice: Immigration Detention in the USA

Atlantic Council and Chatham House
· New Ideas for the London Summit: Recommendations for the G20 Leaders

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
· Exporting Gun Violence: How Our Weak Gun Laws Arm Criminals in Mexico and America

Brookings Institution
· The G-20 London Summit 2009: Recommendations for Global Policy Coordination

· A Guide to Talking with Insurgents
· Making a Good Budget Better
· North Korea’s Third Attempt To Launch a Long-Range Missile and the Last Opportunity To Prevent It
· To Rebuild U.S.-Muslim World Relations, Obama Is Not Enough

Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute
· Connecting the Dots” and the Canadian Counter-terrorism Effort – Steady Progress or Technical, Bureaucratic, Legal and Political Failure?

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP)
· Addressing the Global Crisis and Beyond: a French Point of View on the Eve of the G20 Meeting

· Obama's Afghanistan Policy: Q&A with Gilles Dorronsoro

· U.S. Overtures Highlight Divisions In Iran
· U.S.-China Climate Change Cooperation

· CATO Policy Report, v. 31, no. 2, March/April 2009

*"How to Turn a Recession into a Depression"
*"Constitutional Basics for President Obama"
*"The Government Stole My Home"
* "Cato Leads Opposition to Bloated Spending Package"
*"Shaping the Obama Administration's Counterterrorism Strategy"
· Financial Crisis and Public Policy

Center for American Progress
· Seven Reasons Why We Need to Engage in Afghanistan

· Sustainable Security in Afghanistan: Crafting an Effective and Responsible Strategy for the Forgotten Front

James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
· CANWFZ Treaty Enters into Force

Center for Security Policy
· Honduras' Faustian Bargain

Center for Security Studies (CSS)
· No. 51: "Last Throw of the Dice? US Strategy in Afghanistan"

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· The Afghan-Pakistan War: New NATO/ISAF Reporting on Key Trends

· Innovation and Cybersecurity Regulation

· Latin America's Aging Challenge: Demographics and Retirement Policy in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico

· Origins and Evolution of North American Integration

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
· CREST (CIA Records Search Tool)

Chatham House
· Africa's New Human Rights Court: Whistling in the Wind?

· Cyberspace and the National Security of the United Kingdom: Threats and Responses

Combating Terrorism Center (CTC)
· Dysfunction and Decline: Lessons Learned From Inside al-Qa`ida in Iraq

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
· Hearings

*Status of the Future Combat Systems Program [March 26, 2009]
*Requirements for the Future Capabilities of the United States Maritime Forces [March 26, 2009]
*Future Roles and Missions of the Missile Defense Agency [March 26, 2009]
*Contingency Contracting: Has the Call for Urgent Reform Been Answered? [March 25, 2009]
*Readiness and Sustainment of the Navy's Surface Fleet [March 25, 2009]
*Effective Counterinsurgency: How the Use and Misuse of Reconstruction Funding Affects the War Effort in Iraq and Afghanistan [March 25, 2009]
*Security Developments in the Areas of Responsibility of the U.S. Pacific Command, U.S. European Command, and U.S. Forces Korea [March 24, 2009]
*Department of Defense Health Information Technology: AHLTA is “Intolerable,” Where Do We Go From Here? [March 24, 2009]

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
· Hearing schedule

*Climate Change and the Arctic: New Frontiers of National Security [March 25, 2009]
*Update on Lebanon [March 24, 2009]

Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee
· Consolidating DHS: An Update on the St. Elizabeths Project [March 26, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee
· Current and Future Roles, Missions, and Capabilities of U.S. Military Land Power [March 26, 2009]

· Reserve Component programs of the Department of Defense [March 25, 2009]

· United States European Command and United States Joint Forces Command [March 24, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations
· Alleviating Global Hunger: Challenges and Opportunities for U.S. Leadership [March 24, 2009]

· Foreign Policy and the Global Economic Crisis [March 25, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee
· Southern Border Violence: Homeland Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Responsibilities [March 25, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Judiciary Committee
· Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation [March 25. 2009]

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· Flexibility in the Timing of Emission Reductions Under a Cap-and-Trade Program

· Using Pricing to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Council on Foreign Relations
· China's 'Mixed Record' on Human Rights

· Islam: Governing Under Sharia (aka shariah, shari'a)

· Primer: The Financial Stability Plan

· The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Defense Science Board (DSB)
· The Final Report on of the Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Strategic Plan for Advanced Computing

Department of Defense
· 2009 DoD Report to Congress on the Military Power of the People’s Republic of China
· DoD Directive [DODD 3020.49] Orchestrating, Synchronizing, and Integrating Program Management of Contingency Acquisition Planning and Its Operational Execution
· DoD Instruction [DODI 3020.48] Guidance for Maritime Operational Threat Response (MOTR)-Related Conferencing Coordination Activities Implementation

· DoD Instruction [DODI 6420.01] National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI)

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
· D-2009-063 Funds Appropriated for Afghanistan and Iraq Processed Through the Foreign Military Sales Trust Fund

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
· OIG-09-34 - U.S. Coast Guard's Management of 2005 Gulf Coast Hurricanes Mission Assignment Funding
· OIG-09-35 - Transportation Security Administration's Known Shipper Program (Redacted)
· OIG-09-36 - Potentially High Costs and Insufficient Grant Funds Pose a Challenge to REAL ID Implementation
· OIG-09-38 - Improvements Needed in Federal Emergency Management Agency Monitoring of Grantees
· OIG-09-37 - Management Oversight of Immigration Benefit Application Intake Processes
· OIG-09-40 - Management Letter for U.S. Customs and Border Protection's FY 2008 Consolidated Financial Statement

Department of Homeland Security Office of Immigration Statistics
· Naturalizations in the United States: 2008

· U.S. Legal Permanent Residents: 2008

· Yearbook of Immigration Statistics: 2008

Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
· Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG) 801.2 - Contracting and Procurement Policy

· Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 106 - Intelligence Community Strategic Enterprise Management

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· NATO at Sixty—Time for Reassessments

· Needed: A Newish U.S. Policy for a Newish Taiwan Strait

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Climate Change: Observations on Federal Efforts to Adapt to a Changing Climate GAO-09-534T

· Coast Guard: Observations on Changes to Management and Oversight of the Deepwater Program GAO-09-462T

· Commercial Vehicle Security: Risk-Based Approach Needed to Secure the Commercial Vehicle Sector. GAO-09-85

· Commuter Rail: Many Factors Influence Liability and Indemnity Provisions, and Options Exist to Facilitate Negotiations GAO-09-282
· Defense Acquisitions: Key Considerations for Planning Future Army Combat Systems GAO-09-410T · Defense Management: Actions Needed to Address Stakeholder Concerns, Improve Interagency Collaboration, and Determine Full Costs Associated with the U.S. Africa Command GAO-09-181
· Defense Management: Key Challenges Should be Addressed When Considering Changes to Missile Defense Agency's Roles and Missions GAO-09-466T
· Department of Defense: Additional Actions and Data Are Needed to Effectively Manage and Oversee DOD's Acquisition Workforce GAO-09-342

· Iraq: Key Issues for Congressional Oversight GAO-09-294SP
· Iraq and Afghanistan: Security, Economic, and Governance Challenges to Rebuilding Efforts Should Be Addressed in U.S. Strategies GAO-09-476T
· Next Generation Air Transportation System: Issues Associated with Midterm Implementation of Capabilities and Full System Transformation GAO-09-481T

· Securities and Exchange Commission: Oversight of U.S. Equities Market Clearing Agencies GAO-09-318R

Heritage Foundation
· Calling for G-20 Global Action for Economic Recovery: Obama Touches All the Bases but Fails to Score
· Elimination of U.S. Pilot Truck Program Triggers Mexican Tariffs
· G-20 Summit: Rhetoric and Empty Promises Will Not Protect Free Trade

· Geithner's Troubling Plan for Troubled Assets

· NATO 60th Anniversary Summit: An Agenda for American Leadership

· New Constitution Pushes Bolivian Economy into Socialism
· New Global Currency Proposal: Good Diplomatic Theater but Bad Policy

· The Obama–Medvedev G-20 Meeting: The Agenda for the First Encounter

· Russia and Eurasia: A Realistic Policy Agenda for the Obama Administration

· Secretary Clinton's Mexico Trip: Three Benchmarks for U.S.–Mexican Relations
· Three Mile Island and Chernobyl: What Went Wrong and Why Today’s Reactors Are Safe

· When Art Becomes a Crime: A Case Study in Overcriminalization

Human Rights Watch
· Rain of Fire: Israel’s Unlawful Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
· Musadan-Ri Missile Launch Site in North Korea

International Crisis Group
· Ending Colombia's FARC Conflict: Dealing the Right Card

· Indonesia: Deep Distrust in Aceh as Elections Approach

International Council on Security and Development
· Afghanistan's Presidential Elections: Power to the People, or the Powerful?

International Relations and Security Network
· Bridging the Demographic Divide

· Finance: Eastern Europe’s Response

· Nabucco: The Fat Lady Sings?
· Prague Falls to Animosity
· Standoff in the Arctic Corral

Jamestown Foundation
· Terrorism Monitor, March 26, 2009, v. 7, no. 7

*Palestinians Skeptical of Osama bin Laden’s Plans for Gaza

* Al-Qaeda Ideologue Describes Alleged Spread of Al-Qaeda in the Levant
*Militant or Peace Broker? A Profile of the Swat Valley’s Maulana Sufi Muhammad
* PJAK, Iran and the United States: Kurdish Militants Designated Terrorists by the United States

National Academies Press
· 21st Century Innovation Systems for Japan and the United States: Lessons from a Decade of Change: Report of a Symposium [free download but registration required]

Peterson Institute
· 09-7: US Taxation of Multinational Corporations: What Makes Sense, What Doesn’t

· 09-6: Pressing the "Reset Button" on US-Russia Relations

Pew Global Attitudes Project
· Optimism and Obstacles for Obama in Europe

Pew Internet & American Life Project
· The Mobile Difference: Technology User Types, Mobile, Digital Divide

Pew Research Center
· Inside the Middle Class: Bad Times it the Good Life

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
· Unusually Wide Gap in 'Satisfaction,' 'Right Direction' Measures

Project on Government Oversight
· Inspectors General: Accountability is a Balancing Act

Project on National Security Reform
· The National Security Council: A Legal History of the President's Most Powerful Advisers

· Assessing Combat Exposure and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Troops and Estimating the Costs to Society: Implications from the RAND Invisible Wounds of War Study [testimony]

· Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan [testimony]
· An Economic Model to Estimate the Profits Resulting from the Employment of Illegal Aliens

· The National Audit Office and Defence Value for Money: Identifying Financial Savings

Stanford Graduate School of Business
· U.S. Dependence on Oil in 2008: Facts, Figures and Context

Stanley Foundation
· The Six-Party Talks and New Opportunities to Strengthen Regional Nonproliferation and Disarmament Efforts

Henry L. Stimson Center
· The Search for Nuclear Stabilization in Southern Asia

Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)
· Provincial Reconstruction Teams: How Do We Know They Work?

Trust for America's Health
· Keeping America’s Food Safe: A Blueprint for Fixing the Food Safety System at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

UK Office for Security and Counter Terrorism
· United Kingdom’s Strategy for Countering International Terrorism

UK Parliament
· Geneva Conventions and United Nations Personnel

U.S. Joint Forces Command
· Irregular Forces Vision

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Harmonious Discord Likely at Doha Arab Summit

White House
US Policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan
· White House Blog

· Press briefing
· White Paper of the Interagency Policy Group's Report on U.S. Policy Toward Afghanistan and Pakistan
· DOD Press Release

· Secretary of Defense Gates Comments
· Chairman of Joint Chiefs ADM Mullen Comments

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

DSB report -- NNSA's Strategic Plan for Advanced Computing

The Defense Science Board (DSB) has posted its latest report entitled "The Final Report on of the Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Strategic Plan for
Advanced Computing

According to DSB Chairman Dr. William Schneider, Jr., "The Task Force was asked to evaluate NNSA's strategic plan for Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) and its adequacy to support the Stockpile Stewardship Program (SSP), whose mission is to ensure the safety, performance and reliability of our Nation's nuclear weapons stockpile." This report presents their findings and recommendations.

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Friday's Miscellany 03-20-2009

American Enterprise Institute
· Heading Off Another "Lost Decade" in Latin America

· "Oil-for-Food" When Oil Is Down (and the Ruble Is Weak)

Atlantic Council
· Energy Security: Transatlantic Cooperation and Sustainability

Brookings Institution
· Aid Effectiveness and Governance: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

· Can Obama Win In Afghanistan?
· Engaging Ukraine in 2009
· The Financial Crisis and a Flaw in Corporate Capitalism
· On a New Footing: U.S.-Syria Relations
· The Violent Drug Market in Mexico and Lessons from Colombia

Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI)
· Canada-U.S. Relations in the Arctic: A Neighbourly Proposal

· Contemporary Piracy off the Horn of Africa
· Engaging the Obama Administration
· Setting the Stage for the Obama Administration: The Players, the Program, and the Opportunities for Canada

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP)
· The Oil Boom in the GCC Countries: Old Challenges, Changing Dynamics

· CATO Handbook for Policymakers (7th ed)

· El Salvador: A Central American Tiger?

· Obama's Budget Builds on Bush Precedents

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)
· A Pathway to Success in Afghanistan: The National Solidarity Program

Center for American Progress
· Infographic: Swift and Responsible Recovery

· Lessons from Six Years in Iraq
· Stay the Course
· Swords and Ploughshares: Sustainable Security in Afghanistan Requires Sweeping U.S. Policy Overhaul · The United States and Brazil: Two Perspectives on Dealing with Partnership and Rivalry

Center for Immigrations Studies (CIS)
· The 2006 Swift Raids: Assessing the Impact of Immigration Enforcement Actions at Six Facilities

Center for Security Policy
· Civil Disobedience as an Option for Venezuela

· Shariah's Brotherhood

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· Afghanistan and Pakistan on the Brink: Framing U.S. Policy Options

· The Afghan-Pakistan Conflict: U.S. Strategic Options

· Critical Questions: Pakistan’s Unrest
· Declaration on U.S. Policy and the Global Challenge of Water
· El Control de la Corrupción en los Gobiernos Locales de América Latina
· Iraqi Security and "Hearts and Minds": Selected Results of the ABC News Poll
· Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities
· Transatlantic Cooperation for Sustainable Energy Security

Center for Systemic Peace (CSP)
· Global Conflict Trends [graphs]

· Global Report on Conflict, Governance, and State Fragility 2008

· Global Report series
· The Global System and Comparative Regionalism

· High Casualty Terrorist Bombing (HCTB) Events
· Political Regime Characteristics and Transitions, 1800-2007

Centre for European Reform (CER)
· Is Russia a Partner to the EU in Bosnia?

Century Foundation
· Iran’s Role in Post-Occupation Iraq: Enemy, Good Neighbor, or Overlord?

Combating Terrorism Center (CTC)
· CTC Sentinel, March 2009, v. 2, no. 3
*“Somalia’s New Government and the Challenge of Al-Shabab” by David H. Shinn
*“Inside Look at the Fighting Between Al-Shabab and Ahlu-Sunna wal-Jama” by Abdulahi Hassan
*“Pakistan’s Continued Failure to Adopt a Counterinsurgency Strategy” by Ahmed Rashid
*“Al-Qa`ida’s Involvement in Britain’s ‘Homegrown’ Terrorist Plots” by James Brandon
* “Lashkar-i-Tayyiba Remains Committed to Jihad” by Farhana Ali and Mohammad Shehzad
*“Deconstructing Ibn Taymiyya’s Views on Suicidal Missions” by Rebecca Molloy
*“Muslim Brotherhood Faces Growing Challenges in Egypt” by Steven Brooke
* “The Current State of the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group” by Carlos Echeverria Jesus

Commission on U.S. Policy Toward Russia
· The Right Direction for U.S. Policy Toward Russia: A Report from the Commission on U.S. Policy Toward Russia

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
· Hearings

*Status of U.S. Strategic Programs [March 17]
*Security Developments in the Areas of Responsibility of the U.S. Southern Command, Northern Command, Africa Command, and Joint Forces Command [March 18]
*Space and U.S. Security [March 18]
*Medical Infrastructure: Are Health Affairs/TRICARE Management Activity Priorities Aligned with Service Requirements? [March 18]
*Panel on Defense Acquisition Reform [March 18]
*Project on National Security Reform: Commentary and Alternative Views [March 19]

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
· Hearing schedule

*Guns, Drugs and Violence: The Merida Initiative and the Challenge in Mexico [March 18, 2009]
*Striking the Appropriate Balance: The Defense Department's Expanding Role in Foreign Assistance [March 18, 2009]

Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee
· Human Trafficking: Recent Trends [March 19, 2009]

· Homeland Security Intelligence: Its Relevance and Limitations [March 18, 2009]
· 100% Air Cargo Screening: Can We Secure America's Skies?” [March 18, 2009]
· PKEMRA Implementation: An Examination of FEMA's Preparedness and Response Mission [March 17, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee
· Southern Command, United States Northern Command, United States Africa Command, and United States Transportation Command

· Incidence of Suicides of United States Servicemembers and Initiatives Within the Department of Defense to Prevent Military Suicides [March 18, 2009]

· United States Pacific Command, United States Strategic Command, and United States Forces Korea [March 18, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations
· Prospects for Engagement with Russia [March 19, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee
· A New Way Home: Findings from the Disaster Recovery Subcommittee Special Report and Working with the New Administration on a Way Forward [March 18, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Intelligence
· Report of the Select Committee on Intelligence United States Senate Covering the Period January 4, 2007 to January 2, 2009

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· A Preliminary Analysis of the President's Budget and an Update of CBO's Budget and Economic Outlook

Council for Foreign Relations
· Breaking the Stalemate in Afghanistan

· Cap and Trade's Economic Impact

· French Military Strategy and NATO Reintegration
· Iraq War Timeline [2003-Present]
· National Missile Defense: A Status Report

Defense Science Board (DSB)
· Understanding Human Dynamics

Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPR)
· Annual Reports

· Fiscal 2008 Report on Sexual Assault in the Military

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
· SPO-2009-003 Assessment of the Accountability of Night Vision Devices Provided to the Security Forces of Iraq

Department of Justice (DOJ)
· Respondents' Memorandum Regarding the Government's Detention Authority Relative to Detainees Held at Guantanamo Bay

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· Joint Warfare in the 21st Century

· Los Zetas and other Mexican Cartels Target Military Personnel
· Security Challenges Arising from the Global Economic Crisis
· What are We Fightin' For? Western Civilization, American Identity, and U.S. Foreign

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: GAO's Role in Helping to Ensure Accountability and Transparency for Science Funding GAO-09-515T

· Aviation Security: Preliminary Observations on TSA's Progress and Challenges in Meeting the Statutory Mandate for Screening Air Cargo on Passenger Aircraft GAO-09-422T

· Bank Secrecy Act: Federal Agencies Should Take Action to Further Improve Coordination and Information-Sharing Efforts GAO-09-227

· Defense Acquisitions: DOD Must Prioritize Its Weapon System Acquisitions and Balance Them with Available Resources GAO-09-501T

· Defense Acquisitions: Production and Fielding of Missile Defense Components Continue with Less Testing and Validation Than Planned GAO-09-338
· Department of State: Undercover Tests Reveal Significant Vulnerabilities in State's Passport Issuance Process GAO-09-447
· International Trade: Effective Export Programs Can Help In Achieving U.S. Economic Goals GAO-09-480T

· Emergency Management: Actions to Implement Select Provisions of the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act GAO-09-433T
· Federal Financial Assistance: Preliminary Observations on Assistance Provided to AIG GAO-09-490T
· Financial Regulation: Review of Regulators' Oversight of Risk Management Systems at a Limited Number of Large, Complex Financial Institutions GAO-09-499T

· Freedom of Information Act: DHS Has Taken Steps to Enhance Its Program, but Opportunities Exist to Improve Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness GAO-09-260

· Global War on Terrorism: DOD Needs to More Accurately Capture and Report the Costs of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom GAO-09-302
· Information Security: Securities and Exchange Commission Needs to Consistently Implement Effective Controls GAO-09-203

· Next Generation Air Transportation System: Status of Transformation and Issues Associated with Midterm Implementation of Capabilities GAO-09-479T

· Seafood Fraud: FDA Program Changes and Better Collaboration among Key Federal Agencies Could Improve Detection and Prevention GAO-09-258
· Tax Compliance: Offshore Financial Activity Creates Enforcement Issues for IRS GAO-09-478T

· Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues GAO-09-484T

Heritage Foundation
· The EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy: How It Threatens Transatlantic Security

· FMLN Wins in El Salvador: No Mandate for Revolutionary Change
· How the Obama Administration Should Engage Russia
· Why the United States Should Not Join the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Hudson Institute
· The Robertson v. Princeton Case: Too Important to Be Left to the Lawyers

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
· Nuclear Weapon Breakout Scenarios: Correcting the Record

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
· The Use of Mosques for Military and Political Purposes by Hamas and Other Terrorist Organizations and Islamic Groups

International Council on Security and Development [Formerly Senlis Council]
· Chronic Failures in the War on Terror – From Afghanistan to Somalia

· Iraq – Angry Hearts and Angry Minds

· Struggle for Kabul: The Taliban Advance

International Relations and Security Network
· Iran: Rafsanjani Not Down, Not Out

· Recession Puts Honduras at Risk

· Security Challenges from the Crisis
· Swiss Banking Laws 'Baffling'

· US: Full Speed Ahead with LCS
· US Cybersecurity Woes

Jamestown Foundation
· China Brief, March 18, 2009, v. 9, no. 6

*China Debates Forex Reserves; Boosts Strategic Petroleum Reserves
*Mixed Signals from 11th National People's Congress
*China’s Maturing Relationship with Latin America
* China's Inroads into East Timor
* China and the Artic [sic]: The Awakening Snow Dragon
· Terrorism Monitor, March 19, 2009, v. 7, no. 6

*Militants Ask Whether Jihad is Defeated in Iraq by Abdul Hameed Bakier
*Evidence of French Intelligence Agency Rejected in Appeal of Former Guantanamo Inmates by Pascale Combelles Siegel
*A Profile of Militant Groups in Bajaur Tribal Agency by Mukhtar A. Khan
*Sectarianism in Pakistan's Kurram Tribal Agency by Mariam Abou Zahab

Lexington Institute
· The Military Needs Many More C-17 Airlifters

National Academies Press
· Assessment of Explosive Destruction Technologies for Specific Munitions at the Blue Grass and Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plants [free download but registration required]

· Countering Terrorism: Biological Agents, Transportation Networks, and Energy Systems. Summary of a U.S.-Russian Workshop [free download but registration required]
· Informing Decisions in a Changing Climate
· Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency: Fourth Edition

· Review of Directed Energy Technology for Countering Rockets, Artillery, and Mortars (RAM): Abbreviated Version [free download but registration required]
· Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment
· Scientific Assessment of High-Power Free-Electron Laser Technology [free download but registration required]

National Security Archive
· Historical Archives Lead to Arrest of Police Officers in Guatemalan Disappearance

· New Attorney General Guidelines on FOIA Released

Oxfam International
· In Her Own Words: Iraqi Women Talk About Their Greatest Concerns and Challenges, a Survey

Peterson Institute
· The Stakes in Limiting Climate Change

Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
· Best Available Science

· US Taxation of Multinational Corporations: What Makes Sense, What Doesn’t

· Combat Support Execution Planning and Control: An Assessment of Initial Implementations in Air Force Exercises

· How Should Air Force Expeditionary Medical Capabilities Be Expressed?

· Is It Time to Rethink U.S. Entry and Exit Processes?

· Saudi-Iranian Relations Since the Fall of Saddam: Rivalry, Cooperation, and Implications for U.S. Policy

Republic of China (Taiwan)
· Republic of China (Taiwan) Quadrennial Defense Review

Stanley Foundation
· Realizing Nuclear Disarmament

Henry L. Stimson Center
· The High Price of Education Reform in Afghanistan

United Nations Secretary General
· UN Secretary-General's Database on Violence Against Women

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
· Conducting Elections in Darfur: Looking ahead to Sudan’s 2009 Elections

· Resolving the Crisis over Constitutional Interpretation in Afghanistan

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Hizballah and Iran in the Age of Engagement

· Iran's Ongoing Proxy War in Iraq
· The Washington-Beirut-Damascus Triangle (Part I)
· The Washington-Beirut-Damascus Triangle (Part II)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DSB Report - Understanding Human Dynamics

The Defense Science Board (DSB) has posted it latest report, "Understanding Human Dynamics"

This report looks at understanding human dynamics as an essential aspect of planning and necessary for success across the full spectrum of military and national security operations. The report focuses on the following areas:

*importance of human dynamics in future US military operations
*coordination and leadership
*interagency and civil interactions
*education, training, and career development
*human dynamics advisors
*science and technology investments
*data, tools and products

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday's Miscellany 03-13-2009

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Reclaiming Patriotism: A Call to Reconsider the Patriot Act

American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
It Is Time to Follow FDR and Suspend Mark-to-Market as a Destructive Regulation
Team Obama's Anti-Israel Turn
U.S. Foreign Economic Policy in the Global Crisis

Amnesty International
Challenging Repression: Human Rights Defenders in the Middle East and North Africa

Association of the U.S. Army
Soft Skills for 21st Century Land Dominance

Atlantic Council of the U.S.
Beyond Closing Guantanamo: Rebuilding a Transatlantic Partnership in International Law

Beyond Reconstruction: What Lies Ahead for Young Palestinians?
Refining Immigration Law’s Role in Counterterrorism
Taiwan and China Make Strides: Can America Respond?
The Violent Drug Market in Mexico and Lessons from Colombia

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP)
Averting Crisis: A Path Forward for China's Healthcare System
Iranian Political and Nuclear Realities and U.S. Policy Options
Reforming the Intelligence Agencies in Pakistan’s Transitional Democracy
Resurgent Protectionism: Risks and Possible Remedies
The U.S.-China Spat at Sea
· Will the Chinese Communist Party Survive the Crisis?

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)
The United States and the Asia-Pacific Region: Security Strategy for the Obama Administration

Center for American Progress
New Progressive America: Twenty Years of Demographic, Geographic, and Attitudinal Changes Across the Country Herald a New Progressive Majority
The United States and Brazil: Two Perspectives on Dealing with Partnership and Rivalry

Center for Defense Information (CDI)
Iran Space Chronology
Missile Defense Update #2: March 13, 2009
Proliferation Security Initiative: Background, History and Prospects for the Future
Space Security Update #1: March 11, 2009

Center for National Policy
Briefing on JSF for Dutch Parliament Members
Rewriting the Narrative: An Integrated Strategy for Counterradicalization

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
Chinese Soft Power and Its Implications for the United States: Competition and Cooperation in the Developing World
Commentary: Foreign Policy Opportunities for NASA
· Critical Questions: Meeting Between President Barack Obama and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil
Critical Questions: Presidential Election in El Salvador
Democracy in U.S. Security Strategy: From Promotion to Support
Hemisphere Highlights, Volume VIII, Issue 2 - February 2009
Reforming Defense Decisionmaking: Taking Responsibility and Making Meaningful Plans
U.S.-Japan-India Strategic Dialogue
Winning in Afghanistan: Creating Effective Afghan Security Forces

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Freedom of Information Act Office (FOIA)
Vietnam Histories
CIA and the Generals [Covert Support to Military Government in South Vietnam]
CIA and the House of Ngo [Covert Action in South Vietnam, 1954-63]
CIA and Rural Pacification
Good Questions, Wrong Answers [CIA's Estimates of Arms Traffic through Sihanoukville, Cambodia, During the Vietnam War]
The Way We Do Things [Black Entry Operations into Northern Vietnam]
Undercover Armies [CIA and Surrogate Warfare in Laos]

Centre for Social Cohesion
The BETH DIN: Jewish Law in the UK

Century Foundation
Re-Imagining the Lebanon Track: Toward a New U.S. Policy

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
HASC Hearings for March 9-13, 2009
*Littoral Combat Ship program Update [March 10, 2009]
*Security Challenges Arising from the Global Financial Crisis [March 11, 2009]
*Tracking and Disrupting Terrorist Financial Networks: A Potential Model for Inter-agency Success? [March 11, 2009]
*The Department of Defense at High Risk: Recommendations of the Comptroller General for Improving Departmental Management [March 11, 2009]

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
The Summit of the Americas: A New Beginning for U.S. Policy in the Region? [March 11, 2009]
U.S. Foreign Economic Policy in the Global Crisis [March 12, 2009]

Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee
Border Violence: An Examination of DHS Strategies and Resources [March 12, 2009] · The Mumbai Attacks: A Wake-Up Call for America’s Private Sector [March 11, 2009]
Reviewing the Federal Cybersecurity Mission [March 10, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee
Current and Future Worldwide Threats to the National Security of the United States [March 10, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee
Violent Islamist Extremism: al-Shabaab Recruitment in America [March 11, 2009]

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
The Distributional Consequences of a Cap-and-Trade Program for CO2 Emissions
Federal Assets That Could Be Sold or Leased to Raise Revenue
Options for Controlling the Cost and Increasing the Efficiency of Health Care
Using Pricing to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Council for Foreign Relations
Pakistan's Fragile Foundations

Department of Defense
Compensation & Benefits Handbook for Seriously Ill and Injured members of the Armed Forces

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
D-2009-061 Controls Over Reporting Transportation Costs in Support of the Global War on Terror, March 12, 2009

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
OIG-09-33 - The State of California's Management of State Homeland Security Program Grants Awarded During Fiscal Years 2004 through 2006
· OIG-09-32 - Internal Controls in the FEMA Disaster Acquisition Process
· OIG-09-31 - FEMA's Implementation of Best Practices in the Acquisition Process
OIG-08-90 (A) - TSA's Management of Aviation Security Activities at Jackson-Evers International and Other Selected Airports (Redacted)

Department of the Navy
SECNAV Directive 3052.2 Cyberspace Policy and Administration Within the Department of the Navy

The Dialogue
A Second Chance: U.S. Policy in the Americas

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
America’s Broken Interagency
Defense Showstoppers: National Security Challenges for the Obama Administration
Joint Warfare in the 21st Century
Towards a Balanced *and* Sustainable Defense

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
Afghanistan Security: U.S. Programs to Further Reform Ministry of Interior and National Police Challenged by Lack of Military Personnel and Afghan Cooperation GAO-09-280
Clean Coal: DOE's Decision to Restructure FutureGen Should Be Based on a Comprehensive Analysis of Costs, Benefits, and Risks GAO-09-248
Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center: Clarifying Rationale for the Research and Development Funding Decisions Would Increase Accountability. GAO-09-339R
Defense Acquisitions: Decisions Needed to Shape Army's Combat Systems for the Future. GAO-09-288
DOD's High Risk Areas: Actions Needed to Reduce Vulnerabilities and Improve Business Outcomes, by Gene L. Dodaro, acting comptroller general of the United States, before the House Committee on Armed Services. GAO-09-460T
Information Technology: Challenges Remain for VA's Sharing of Electronic Health Records with DOD, by Valerie C. Melvin, director, information management and human capital issues, before the Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies, House Committee on Appropriations. GAO-09-427T
Joint Strike Fighter: Accelerating Procurement before Completing Development Increases the Government's Financial Risk. GAO-09-303 pdf
National Cybersecurity Strategy: Key Improvements Are Needed to Strengthen the Nation's Posture GAO-09-432T
Transportation Programs: Challenges Facing the Department of Transportation and Congress GAO-09-435T
Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues GAO-09-474T

Heritage Foundation
How the Obama Administration Should Deal with Russia's Revisionist Foreign Policy
Why President Obama Should Not Attend the Alliance of Civilizations Forum

Hudson Institute
Strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement 1928-2007

Institute for Science and International Security
Issue Brief on Official Statements regarding Iran

International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence
Countering Online Radicalisation: A Strategy for Action

International Crisis Group
Afghanistan: New U.S. Administration, New Directions
Bosnia’s Incomplete Transition: Between Dayton and Europe
· Pakistan: The Militant Jihadi Challenge

International Relations and Security Network
Medvedev, Putin: Rift But No Split
N Ireland: The Time Warp
Power Sharing: Africa's Quest
Somalia: Pirates of the Gulf
Space: Final Frontier or Financial Folly?
Understanding Bosnia, Part Four

Jamestown Foundation
Terrorism Monitor, v. 7, no. 5, March 13, 2009
*Jihadis Question al-Qaeda's Relationship with Israel by Abdul Hameed Bakier
*Does Cairo Bombing Mark a Return to Terrorist Violence in Egypt? by Chris Zambelis
*Insurgent Attacks on the Iraqi Energy Sector by Fadhil Ali
*Scandinavian Trials Demonstrate Difficulty of Obtaining Terrorist Financing Convictions by Michael Jonsson and Christian Nils Larson

Lexington Institute
Navy Will Offer Up Carrier & Air Wing In Quadrennial Review
Performance-Based Logistics Limits Government Waste

Markle Foundation Task Force on National Security in the Information Age
Nation at Risk: Policy Makers Need Better Information to Protect the Country

National Academies Press
Countering Biological Threats: Challenges for the Department of Defense's Nonproliferation Program Beyond the Former Soviet Union
Evaluation of Quantification of Margins and Uncertainties Methodology for Assessing and Certifying the Reliability of the Nuclear Stockpile [free download but registration required] · Global Security Engagement: A New Model for Cooperative Threat Reduction (prepublication) [free download but registration required]

National Governors Association
2008 State Homeland Security Directors Survey

Pew Global Attitudes Project
Few in Pakistan Support Extremists -- But Few Favor Military Confrontation

Pew Research Center
Why Surveys of Muslim Americans Differ

Policy Exchange
Choosing Our Friends Wisely: Criteria for Engagement with Muslim Groups

Building Partner Capacity to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction
The Cost-Effectiveness of Military Advertising: Evidence from 2002-2004
· Enhancing Interoperability Among Enlisted Medical Personnel: A Case Study of Military Surgical Technologists
Integrating U.S. Climate, Energy, and Transportation Policies: Proceedings of Three Workshops

Southern Poverty Law Center
Active U.S. Hate Groups map
Year in Hate article and

The Stimson Center and the Stanley Foundation
The Next 100 Project: Leveraging National Security Assistance to Meet Developing World Needs

Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)
Russia and Arms Control: Are There Opportunities for the Obama Administration?

Transportation Research Board
An Airport Guide for Regional Emergency Planning for CBRNE Events
Public-Sector Decision Making for Public-Private Partnerships

Trust for America's Health
Shortchanging America’s Health '09: A State-By-State Look at How Federal Public Health Dollars are Spent and Key State Health Facts

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
Building Blocks for Citizenship and a Peaceful Transition in Sudan
· Reconstructing Gaza – Lessons from Lebanon

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Buying Time with Iran: The F-22 Fighter
High Stakes, High Anxiety: Campaigning in Lebanon
Palestinian Perspectives on a Unity Government
Preventing a Cascade of Instability: U.S. Engagement to Check Iranian Nuclear Progress