Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday's Miscellany 01-28-2011

Afghanistan Analysts Network
· Peace Offerings: Theories of Conflict Resolution and Their Applicability to Afghanistan

Afghanistan NGO Safety Office
· ANSO Quarterly Data Report, Q.4 2010

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit [AREU]
· Running Out of Options: Tracing Rural Afghan Livelihoods

Al Jazeera
· Palestine Papers

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
· The Demographic Risks to China’s Long-Term Economic Outlook

· Dissent from the Majority Report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
· Middle East Outlook, January 2011, no. 1 (Brigadier General Qassem Suleimani: A Biography)
· The US Should Not Fear Egypt Regime Change

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS)
· The Benefits of Reviving Transatlantic Armaments Cooperation

· The Financial Outlook in 2011

· To Rule the Euro Zone

Asian Development Bank Institute
· The Effect of Exchange Rate Changes on Trade in East Asia

ASUA Institute of Land Warfare
· The French-British Defense Treaty: Setting History Aside?

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
· Critical Foundations: Australia’s Infrastructure and National Resilience

Baker Institute
· How Well as Latin America Faired During the Global Financial Crisis?

· Nine Years Later: The Problem with Mission Accomplished
· Preemptive and Preventive War: A Preliminary Taxonomy
· Report from the Cairo Colloquium: Lessons Learned from a Student-led Diplomacy Program and Recommendations for the Future

Belfer Center for a Science and International Affairs
· "Africa Can Feed Itself in a Generation"

British American Security Information Council (BASIC)
· Iran Update: Number 148

o Talks in Istanbul fail to break impasse
o Sanctions and economic impact on Iran
o Speculation intensifies over Iranian nuclear capabilities
o Foreign Minister Mottaki replaced with nuclear chief Salehi
o Revelations in the WikiLeaks cables

Brookings Institute
· After Tunisia: Obama's Impossible Dilemma in Egypt

· Boosting Exports, Delivering Jobs and Economic Growth
· Defense Budget
· Don't Fear Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
· Governance in Africa: Monitoring the Pulse of the Continent
· Haiti: One Year After the Earthquake
· How Obama Got Egypt Wrong
· How will Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution Affect the Arab World?
· IASC Operational Guidelines on the Protection of Persons in Situations of Natural Disasters
· In Egypt, the Time Has Come for Mubarak to Go

· Investing in Education at Home and Abroad Will Reap Big Returns for the U.S.
· Middle East Unrest
· Poverty in Numbers: The Changing State of Global Poverty from 2005 to 2015
· Tunisia, Egypt, Arab World Need Bold U.S. Support for Democracy, Not Mixed Messages
· We Are Witnessing An Arab People's Revolution
· What Secretary Clinton Does Not Recognize About Egypt’s Anti-Regime Protests

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· Dogfight! India’s Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Decision

· Media Reform in Lebanon: New Media, New Politics?

CATO Institute
· The Case for Gridlock

Center for American Progress
· Local Immigration Enforcement Costs by the Numbers

· Unconstitutional and Costly: The High Price of Local Immigration

Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security
· CIP Report, January 2011, v. 9, no. 7 - Cybersecurity

Center for Security Studies
· EU Civilian Crisis Management: A Crisis in the Making?

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
· Afghan Peace Talks as an Opportunity for Governance Reform

· Assessing Impact Across Policy Domains
· Defense Contract Trends
· Does China's New J-20 Stealth Fighter Have American Technology?
· Environmental Issues of a Unified Korea
· Events in Egypt
· Hemisphere Focus: Mexico's 2011 Gubernatorial Elections and their Impact on Drug Policy
· Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship 2010
· The Moscow Airport Bombing
· PacNet #5 – Transparency with Chinese Characteristics
· Significant Cyber Events Since 2006

· Transitional Justice in North Korea: Accountability for Human Rights Atrocities
· Turmoil in the Middle East
· U.S.-Japan-ASEAN Trilateral Strategic Dialogue

Centre for Eastern Studies
· The Reaction of the Russian State to the Terrorist Attack on Domodedovo Airport

Centre for Military and Strategic Studies
· Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, Fall 2010, v. 13, no. 1

o Military Strategy in War and Peace: Introduction
o Strategy, Strategic Leadership and Strategic Control in Ancient Greece
o The Battle of Tannenberg in 1410: Strategic Interests and Tactical Implementation
o Bismarck, Wilhelm II., and German Military Leadership
o Offense, Defence or the Worst of Both Worlds? Soviet Strategy in May-June 1941
o Thoughts on Grand Strategy and the United States in the Twenty-first Century
o Strategic Thinking: The French Case in 1914 (& 1940)
o The Significance of the Balkans as a Strategic-Operational Area for the Bundeswehr
o Military Strategy in War and Peace: Some Conclusions

Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
· 2010 Disasters in Numbers

Centre for Social Cohesion
· Control Orders: Strengthening National Security

Chatham House
· Future Prospects for EU Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy

· Leading Through Civilian Power: The Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review
· Trying to Read the New ‘Assertive’ China Right

Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC)
· Fragile States, Conflict, and Chronic Poverty

Civil Society Institute
· Benefits of Beyond BAU: Human, Social, and Environmental Damages Avoided Through the Retirement of the US Coal Fleet

Conficker Working Group
· Conficker Working Group: Lessons Learned [regarding Malware]

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
· Proposed Department of Defense Budget Reductions and Efficiencies Initiatives

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
· The United Nations: Urgent Problems that Need Congressional Action

Congress. House. Judiciary Committee
· Data Retention as a Tool for Investigating Internet Child Pornography and Other Internet Crimes

· ICE Worksite Enforcement - Up to the Job?

Congress. House. Veterans Affairs
· Roundtable on Meeting the Unique Health Care Needs of Rural Veterans

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee
· Results of the Investigation by the Department of Defense and the Department of the Air Force Into the Release of Proprietary Data in the KC-X Competition

Congress. Senate. Energy & Natural Resources Committee
· FULL COMMITTEE HEARING: to review the report and recommendations, including any recommendations for legislative action, issued by the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling (SR-325)

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations Committee
· Crackdown in Belarus: Responding to the Lukashenko Regime

Congress. Senate. Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs
· Gulf Coast Recovery: An Examination of Claims and Social Services in the Aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2011 Through 2021

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
· The Arab World's 'Unprecedented' Protests

· Egypt's Widening Discontent
· Issue Guide: Arab World Protests

Crisis States Research Centre
· Cities, Conflict and State Fragility

Department of Defense
· Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

· Piracy Challenges Maritime Security Off Somalia
· Strengthening Our Military Families: Meeting America's Commitment [website]

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
· SPO-2011-002 Evaluation of DoD Contracts Regarding Combating Trafficking in Persons: U.S. Central Command

· U.S. Central Command Headquarters' Use of the Government Purchase Card

Department of Homeland Security
· National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS)

· Secretary Napolitano Announces New National Terrorism Advisory System to More Effectively Communicate Information about Terrorist Threats to the American Public
· OIG-11-23 - Management Advisory Report: FEMA's Disaster Assistance Employee Payroll and Deployment Data
· State of America's Homeland Security Address

Department of State
· 2009 Digest of United States Practice in International Law

· Background Notes: Slovakia

Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security
· Cyber Awareness Bulletin

Department of the Army Inspector General
· Inspection of the Warrior Care and Transition Program

Disaster Resistant Communities Group
· Formidable Footprint - A National Neighborhood Exercise Series

Egmont Institute Royal Institute for International Relations
· A New Geography of European Power?

Energy Information Administration (EIA)
· Country Analysis Brief: Brazil

EU Institute for Security Studies
· Some Lessons from Tunisia and Other Revolutions

· Tunisia: A Chance for Democracy
· Tunisia: The End of the Beginning

European Policy Centre
· The EU's External Action Service: New Actor on the Scene

· In Danger of Breakdown: Is the EU Approaching Budget Stalemate?

· The Turkey-EU Deadlock
· Upgrading the EU's Role as Global Actor
· Why Does the EU Fear Change In Its Neighbourhood?

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
· The Evolving Organized Crime Threat [Director Mueller speech]

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
· Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report

Foreign Policy
· The Arab World's Youth Army

· Binging on Purging [Russia]

· Can Governments Really 'Block' Twitter?
· Days of Rage [Egypt]
· The Great Invention Race

· NastyLeaks
· Unconventional Wisdom

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· EGYPT: What the U.S. Should Do

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Afghanistan Security: Afghan Army Growing, but Additional Trainers Needed; Long-term Costs Not Determined GAO-11-66

· Ballistic Missile Defense: DOD Needs to Address Planning and Implementation Challenges for Future Capabilities in Europe, GAO-11-220
· Defense Business Transformation: DOD Needs to Take Additional Actions to Further Define Key Management Roles, Develop Measurable Goals, and Align Planning Efforts, GAO-11-181R
· Defense Infrastructure: Further Actions Needed to Support Air Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator Relocation Plans, GAO-11-123R
· Payday Lending: Federal Law Enforcement Uses a Multilayered Approach to Identify Employees in Financial Distress, GAO-11-147

Harvard Business School Working Papers Creativity
· The Dark Side of Creativity: Original Thinkers Can Be More Dishonest

Heritage Foundation
· Bringing Freedom and Stability to Egypt

· Congress Has Time and Options on Debt Limit
· Five “Hard Truths” about Obama’s SOTU Immigration Remarks
· Funding Defense Through a Yearlong Continuing Resolution Is “a Disaster”
· Secretary Clinton Should Sustain U.S. Attention to Mexico After Her Visit
· How Western Environmental Policies Are Stunting Economic Growth in Developing Countries
· Maintain Momentum in Afghanistan

· National Internet ID: Calls for Caution
· New CBO Budget Baseline Reveals Permanent Trillion-Dollar Deficits
· New START: Clarification on Russia’s Proposed Ratification Law Needed
· Obama’s State of the Union Address: Top Five Commitments for a Free, Secure, and Prosperous America
· Rolling Back Red Tape: 20 Regulations to Eliminate

Hudson Institute
· The New American Fans of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

· Policymaking at the Edge of Chaos: Musing on Political Ideology Through the Lens of Complexity

Human Rights Watch
· World Report 2011

ICC Commercial Crime Services
· Hostage-Taking at Sea Rises to Record Levels, says IMB

· IMB Piracy Map 2010

Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)
· A Critical Review of Defence Procurement Procedure 2011

· Forging India’s Hard Power in the New Century
· India and Indonesia: Trade and Investment Complementarities

Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS)
· Strategic Forum #261 Getting Beyond Taiwan? Chinese Foreign Policy and PLA Modernization

· Russia’s Revival: Ambitions, Limitations, and Opportunities for the United States

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
· Keeping U.S. Dual-Use Goods out of India’s Nuclear Weapons Program

Institute for the Study of War
· Afghanistan - Order of Battle (updated January 18, 2011)

· Defining Success in Afghanistan – ISW January 2011 Newsletter Feature
· Iraq - Order of Battle (updated January 18, 2011)
· ISW on the State of Our Forces

· Uzbek Militancy in Pakistan's Tribal Region

International Crisis Group
· China and Inter-Korean Clashes in the Yellow Sea

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
· Eastern Caribbean Currency Union: Selected Issues

· To Fire or to Hoard? Explaining Japan’s Labor Market Response in the Great Recession
· The Gambia: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper—Progress Report
· Government Debt Issuance in the Euro Area: The Impact of the Financial Crisis
· India: Report on Observance of Standards and Codes—FATF Recommendations for Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism
· Investment Objectives of Sovereign Wealth Funds - A Shifting Paradigm
· Israel: Selected Issues
· Strengthening Chile's Rule-Based Fiscal Framework
· Trade and Trade Finance in the 2008-09 Financial Crisis
· World Economic Outlook Update: Global Recovery Advances but Remains Uneven

International Relations and Security Network
· China and the Realities of Power in Asia

· Domodevo and the Chechen Conflict

· Encouraging Emerging Economies
· GOP Congress Takes On UN
· Is Burma Finally Poised for Change?
· Libya - Succession and Reform
· Looking Ahead: The State of Diplomacy in 2011
· Missile Defense: Game-Changer in NATO-Russia Relations
· Tunisia and the World: Roots of Turmoil

· UN Accused of Caving in to Khartoum Over Darfur

International Republican Institute (IRI)
· Survey of Cambodian Public Opinion

International Security Assistance Force/US Forces Afghanistan
· COMISAF Assessment - Petraeus letter

Jamestown Foundation
· China Brief, January 28, 2011, v. 11, no. 2

o Hu’s State Visit Exposes Rift in Chinese Foreign Policy
o Turning a New Leaf in Relations: Russia’s Renewed Arms Sale to China
o 2011 PLA Military Training: Toward Greater Interoperability
o The Snow Dragon Moves into the Arctic Ocean Basin
· Terrorism Monitor, January 28, 2011, v. 9, no. 4

o Is the Islamic State of Iraq Going Global?
o Hostage Killings Raise Tension between France and Niger
o Defeating the Forces of Paganism: Former Military Intelligence Chief Hamid Gul Blends Pakistani Nationalism and Islamic Revolution

Knowledge @ Wharton
· On the Move: Adapting to a New Global Economy

Lowy Institute for International Policy
· Between the Clawing Eagle and the Ascendant Dragon: The Demise of the Philippines' Policy of Hedging

· The Quiet Achiever: Australia-Japan Security Relations

Maritime Information Sharing Task (MIST)
· 2010 Global Maritime Information Sharing Symposium (GMISS) Proceedings

· 2009 Global Maritime Information Sharing Symposium (GMISS) Summary Report
· MIST Report on Industry and Public Sector Cooperation for Information Sharing: Port of Honolulu, 2010

· MIST Report on Industry and Public Sector Cooperation for Information Sharing: Ports of Puget Sound, 2009
· MIST Report on Industry and Public Sector Cooperation for Information Sharing: Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, 2008

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism
· Background Report: Suicide Attack at Moscow Airport

National Priorities Project
· The Numbers Behind President Obama's “State of the Union” Address

National Security Cyberspace Institute (NSCI)
· Federal Government Cybersecurity Progress: Obama Administration Report Card 2009-Present

Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability
· Time to Shift from Tension to Talks

New York State Health Foundation
· A Needs Assessment of New York State Veterans

Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre
· Pakistan: The Rising Dangers

Observer Research Foundation
· Collapsing Muslim Dictatorships

· Rural Development & Energy Policy: Lessons from Agricultural Mechanisation in South Asia
· Understanding Jihadism in Pakistan

OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
· PISA 2009 Results

Pak Institute for Peace Studies
· Internal Security Strategy for Pakistan

Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU)
· Brief # 63. Why Karachi is a Major Source of Instability in Pakistan?

· Brief # 62. Getting Afghanistan Right

Peace Training and Research Organisation (PTRO)
· CPAU Human Security Project: Quarterly Report: Kandahar, April - June 2010

· CPAU Human Security Project: Quarterly Report: Helmand Province April - June 2010, January 2011
· CPAU Human Security Project: Quarterly Report: Kunduz Province April - June 2010, January 2011
· CPAU Human Security Project: Quarterly Report: Nangarhar Province April - June 2010, January 2011

· CPAU Human Security Project: Quarterly Report: Kabul Province April - June 2010, January 2011

Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute
· Peace & Stability Operations Journal Online, January 2011, v. 1, no. 2

o Training and Education: Teaming Challenges and Best Practices
o Challenges Forum Conference Report
o PKSOI Approach to Leader Development in Peace & Stability Operations
o The Strategic Adviser - 9 Rules from Providing the Best Advice
o Peace-gaming with the Green Country Model
· SOLLIMS Sampler __ Economic Stabilization

Peterson Institute for International Economics
· Chinese Mercantilism: The Long View

· Too Big to Fail: The Transatlantic Debate

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
· The Future of the Global Muslim Population: Projections for 2010-2030 [site includes report, interactive maps and sortable data tables]

Portuguese Institute of International Relations and Security
· IPRIS Viewpoints 36 - Aid for Legitimacy: São Tomé and Príncipe Hand in Hand with Taiwan

· Jose Luis Rocha, "Cape Verde and ECOWAS: The Challenges of Regional Integration" (Portuguese Journal of International Affairs, No. 4, Autumn/Winter 2010): 3-7.

Project for Excellence in Journalism
· How the U.S. Media Cover China

· Alternative Fuels for Military Applications

· Early Observations on Possible Defenses by the Emerging Threat Agent Project
· Industry and Infrastructure for Future Submarines: An International Perspective

Seton Hall University School of Law, Center for Policy and Research
· Drug Abuse—An Exploration of the Government’s Use of Mefloquine at Guantanamo

Security & Defense Agenda
· Pandemics: Lessons Learnt and Future Threats

Small Wars Journal
· Counterinsurgency as a Whole of Government Approach: Notes on the British Army Field Manual Weltanschauung: An Interview with Colonel Alexander Alderson

· Glory Restored?: The Implications of the 2008-2009 Gaza War in Times of Extended Conflict
· Strategy for Military Counter Drug Operations

Spearhead Research
· 2010, the Year of Assassination by Drones

· North Waziristan: The Death Trap
· Too Cold to Start

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR)
· Inadequate Planning for ANSF Facilities Increases Risks for $11.4 Billion Program

Stanley Foundation
· Making Sense of Multilateralism

Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)
· Civil-Military Relations in Medvedev's Russia

· The Conflicts in Yemen and U.S. National Security

UK House of Commons Library
· UK Defence and Security Policy: A New Approach?

University of PA Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program
· The Global "Go-To-Think Tanks" (2010 Think Tank Index)

U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission
· China's Active Defense Strategy and its Regional Impact [hearing]

US Institute for Peace (USIP)
· Bleak Outlook for 2011 Conference on Disarmament

· The EU’s Experience with Security Sector Governance
· Obama's State of the Union Address: A World Wrap-Up
· On the Issues: Afghanistan's New Parliament
· On the Issues: Egypt
· On the Issues: Egypt's Current Situation
· On the Issues: Egypt's Protests
· On the Issues: Iran and P5+1 Talks
· On the Issues: Science Diplomacy
· Peace Watch, Winter 2011
o Conflict-Sensitive Reporting in Iraq
o Peacebuilding Goes Mobile in Afghanistan
o Beyond the Beltway Peacebuilding
o USIP Extranets: Building Global Communities
o Virtual Games for Real World Peace
o PeaceMedia: Find, Engage, Share Online
o How Will the Revolution Be Blogged and Tweeted?
o Grants at Work Around the World
o Engaging the World
o Convening Power
· Salam Shabab: Views and Voices of Iraqi Youth

· Toxic Legacy: Hunger, Oppression, Migration, and Health in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea · UPDATE: Eye on Egypt

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Army and Politics in Mubarak's Egypt [1988 document that might be of background interest]

· Egypt's Fragile Stability
· Egypt's Security Forces: A Key Factor in the Crisis
· Troubled Engagement
· Turkish Foreign Policy under the AKP: The Rift with Washington
· Turkish-Iranian Ties Flourish in New Era
· Will Egypt's 'Day of Rage' Become a Revolution?

White House
· 2011 State of the Union
o Information website

o video
o transcript
· Remarks by the President on the Situation in Egypt
· Remarks by the President, Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden on the Presidential Studies Directive: Strengthening Our Military Families
· Sharing the Responsibility for Our Collective Security
· Strengthening Our Military Families: Meeting America's Commitment