Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Friday's Miscellany 01-21-2011

Africa Center for Strategic Studies
· A Chronology of Terrorism in South Africa

· Playing Ostrich: Lessons Learned from South Africa’s Response to Terrorism

Air Force Research Institute (AFRI)
· Attitudes Aren't Free: Thinking Deeply About Diversity in the Armed Forces

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
· Political Report, January 2011

o Obama 2.0: Most want the President to be successful, but many doubt that he will be.
o Impressions and expectations: How have people’s views of Obama changed since 2009?
o Initial impressions of the 112th Congress and the new Republicans
o Health Care: A comprehensive look at attitudes about the bill and about repeal
o Michelle: How has the First Lady’s popularity changed over time?
o Trade Talk: General attitudes about trade and globalization, trade agreements and jobs
o Gas Prices: A growing concern
o The Distaff Side: Women in Congress and state legislatures
o Speaker of the House approval, the first presidential debates, presidential candidate announcements, party identification, and more.

Amnesty International
· I Demand Justice: Justice for Victims in Gaza and Southern Israel

Asian Human Rights Commission
· Pakistan: The Cases of Missing Children Continue to Rise in Karachi in 2010; 3090 Children Reported Missing in the City in a Year

Atlantic Council
· Eurasian Energy: Hot and Cold

Australian National Transport Commission
· National Ports Strategy: Infrastructure for an Economically, Socially, and Environmentally Sustainable Future

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
· PNG’s Golden Era: Political and Security Challenges in PNG and Their Implications for Australia

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
· China’s Fissile Material Production and Stocks

Brennan Center for Justice
· Domestic Intelligence: New Powers, New Risks

Brookings Institute
· Adjusting to China: A Challenge to the US Manufacturing Sector

· Creating a “Brain Gain” for US Employers: The Role of Immigration
· Indentifying and Regulating Systemically Important Financial Institutions: The Risks of Under and Over Identification and Regulation

· Job Creation on a Budget: How Regional Industry Clusters Can Add Jobs, Bolster Entrepreneurship, and Spark Innovation

Center for Global Development
· Advanced Economies Pose Three Financial Risks to Developing Countries in 2011

Center for Public Integrity
· The Truth Left Behind: Inside the Kidnapping and Murder of Daniel Pearl

Center for Science in the Public Interest
· Report Card Grades States on Reporting Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· Memorandum to President Hu Jintao

· US, Gulf and Israeli Perspectives of the Threat from Iran, Pt 1
· What's Next for Tunisia?

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Silk Road Studies Program
· Afghanistan Beyond the Fog of Nation Building: Giving Economic Strategy a Change

Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)
· 'Merchants of Death': The Problems of Landmines in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

· Red Footprints in Gilgit-Baltistan: China’s Expanding Presence in PoK

Combating Terrorism Center (CTC)
· CTC Sentinel, January 2011, v. 4, no. 1

o Terrorist Awakening in Sweden?
o British Universities Continue to Breed Extremists
o Improving Airline Security in the United States
o Al-Qa’ida’s Yemeni Expatriate Faction in Pakistan
o Understanding Al-Qa’ida’s Business Model
o Disengagement or Deradicalization: A Look at Prison Programs for Jailed Terrorists
o Recent Highlights in Terrorist Activity

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
· 112th Congress Oversight Plan

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
· Assessing China’s Behavior and its Impact on U.S. Interests

· Sudan at the Crossroads

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· Analysis of Federal Civilian and Military Compensation

Defence Research and Development Canada
· Canada in Afghanistan 2001-2010: A Military Chronology

· Who are the Millennials?

Department of Agriculture (Agricultural Research Service)
· 2010 Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Progress Report

Department of Defense
· DoD Directive 3300.03, DoD Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX), January 11, 2011

· DoD Instruction 1400.25, Vol. 351, DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Coordination and Clearance Requirements for Personnel Reductions, Closures of Installations and Reductions of Contract Operations in the United States, January 19, 2011
· Notice to DoD Employees and Contractors on Protecting Classified Information and the Integrity of Unclassified Government Information Technology (IT) Systems

Department of State
· Background Notes: Bahrain

· Background Notes: Nicaragua

· Background Notes: Senegal

Dudley Knox Library [NPS]
· Intelligence and Policy-Making: A Bibliography (updated)

Energy Information Administration (EIA)
· Country Analysis Brief: UAE

· World Oil Chokepoints

EU Institute for Security Studies
· ISSues - n°34, January 2011

o The Case for Conflict Prevention
o The EU and the Middle East: Non-Stick Diplomacy
o East Asia: Time to Step Up the EU’s Political Presence
· A New Farewell to Arms: Viewing Disarmament in a New Security Environment

· Tunisia: A Chance for Democracy

Feinstein International Center
· Linking Poor Rural Households to Microfinance and Markets in Ethiopia

Florida Department of Transportation
· Guidebook for Using Automatic Passenger Counter Data for National Transit Database (NTD) Reporting

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· The Elephant In The Room: Summitry And China's Challenging Relations With Great Powers In Asia

· Taiwan: Elections At Home, Economic Relations With The Mainland And U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations · Tunisia: Exemplar Or Exception?
· U.S. Civil-Military Relations After 9/11: Renegotiating The Civil-Military Bargain

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Defense Acquisitions: Further Action Needed to Better Implement Requirements for Conducting Inventory of Service Contract Activities, GAO-11-192

· Employment Verification: Federal Agencies Have Taken Steps to Improve E-Verify, but Significant Challenges Remain, GAO-11-146

· Maritime Security: Federal Agencies Have Taken Actions to Address Risks Posed by Seafarers, but Efforts Can Be Strengthened, GAO-11-195
· Military Personnel: Personnel and Cost Data Associated with Implementing DOD's Homosexual Conduct Policy, GAO-11-170

· Troubled Asset Relief Program: Third Quarter 2010 Update of Government Assistance Provided to AIG and Description of Recent Execution of Recapitalization Plan, GAO-11-46

Harvard Business School
· A Brief Postwar History of U.S. Consumer Finance

· Creating Leaders: An Ontological Model

Heritage Foundation
· 2011 Index of Economic Freedom

· China Grows 10 Percent Again: Is This Believable?
· EU’s Arms Embargo on China: David Cameron Must Continue to Back the Ban

· Why Provide for the Common Defense?

Hudson Institute
· China’s Great Leap Forward

· Common Defense, Spring 2011

o Albania will stay in Afghanistan until NATO’s Mission is over
o Enabling Coalition Conversations: The JTRS COALWNW Project
o Engineering Enterprise Architecture: Call to Action
o NETSAFA: U.S. Navy’s agent for managing international training and building partnerships
o Growing Foreign Sales Builds Partnerships
o V-22 Changes Typical Helicopter CONOPS
o Rapidly Fielding Warfighting Technologies: Recognizing Performance
o The Evolution of US Force Protection Systems
o The Math Works! NSM +JSM + $600M (R&D) = F-35
o STAR-TIDES: Sharing Sustainable Solutions
o The “Power for Peace”: Long Term Sustainable Economic and Environmental Development and Antidote for Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery
o The United States National Guard: Hurricane Katrina…Our Finest Hour
o Interview with Lieutenant General Kenneth R. Wykle
o Cyberspace

Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)
· Indonesia in India’s Look East Policy

· Mosaics of Cultures: Investigating the Role of Cultural Linkages in India-Indonesia Relations

· Why Indonesia is Important to India

Institute for the Study of War
· Government of Iraq vs. United States Contributions to Foreign Military Sales Cases, 2005 to Present

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
· Ethiopia: Monitoring of Conflict, Human Rights Violations and Resulting Displacement Still Problematic

International Institute For Strategic Studies (IISS)
· North Korea's Uranium Programme Heightens Concern

· WikiLeaks: The Price of Sharing Data

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
· Interpreting Currency Movements During the Crisis: What's the Role of Interest Rate Differentials?

International Panel on Fissile Materials
· Global Fissile Material Report 2010: Balancing the Books

· IPFM Research Report #9: The Uncertain Future of Nuclear Energy

· Visual Database

International Relations and Security Network
· Africa: Security and Development for the 21st Century

· Estonia on the March

· Human Rights Warning Over South Sudan
· Hungary's Media Law - Tip of the Iceberg
· Long-Range Question Mark
· New International Nuclear-Fuel Bank Likely To Find Few Customers
· Pakistan: Destination Terror or Tolerance?
· The 'Problem' with Côte d’Ivoire: How the Media Misrepresent the Causes of Conflict
· The Return of 'Afro-Optimism'

Jamestown Foundation
· Terrorism Monitor, January 20, 2011, v. 9, no. 3

o Islamist Militants of the TNSM Plan Return to Pakistan's Swat Valley
o Operation Neath: Is Somalia's al-Shabaab Movement Active in Australia?
o The Tribes of Yemen: An Asset or Impediment to Stability? Part Two

Joint Electronic Library
· JP 1-02, DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, 31 December 2010

· JP 4-03 Joint Bulk Petroleum and Water Doctrine 09 Dec 2010

Military Leadership Diversity Commission
· Decision papers

· From Representation to Inclusion: Diversity Leadership for the 21st-Century Military [draft]

Munich RE
· 2010 Natural Catastrophe Year in Review

National Academy of Sciences
· Evaluating Testing, Costs, and Benefits of Advanced Spectroscopic Portals: Final Report (Abbreviated Version)

National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2)
· T2 Virtual PTSD Experience [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder]

NATO Defense College
· How to Revitalize the Dialogue Between NATO and the Maghreb Countries

NATO Parliamentary Assembly
· Maritime Security: NATO and EU Roles and Co-Ordination

Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability
· DPRK “Collapse” Pathways: Implications for the Energy Sector and for Strategies Redevelopment/Support

New York City Police Department
· Active Shooter: Recommendations and Analysis for Risk Mitigation

New York State Assembly
· Emergency Preparedness in New York City's Theater District and its Impact on Workplace Safety

· Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risk

Pak Institute for Peace Studies
· Polarization of Social Studies in Textbooks in Pakistan

· Strategic Response to Suicide Terrorism in Pakistan

Panda Security
· The Cyber-Crime Black Market: Uncovered

Peterson Institute for International Economics
· Current Account Imbalances Coming Back

· An Update on EU Financial Reforms

Quilliam Foundation
· Islamism and Language - How Using the Wrong Words Reinforces Islamist Narratives

· Developing a Prototype Handbook for Monitoring and Evaluating Department of Defense Humanitarian Assistance Projects

· Views from the Homefront: The Experiences of Youth and Spouses from Military Families
· Views from the Homefront: How Military Youth and Spouses Are Coping with Deployment

Security Council Report
· Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: Institution Building

Small Wars Journal
· Counterinsurgency: Falling Short of the Comprehensive Approach in Afghanistan

· Discussions on the Complexity of Diverse Sunni Islamic Interpretations
· The Hizballah-North Korean Nexus
· The New Physics: Key to Strengthening COIN
· Philippine Counterinsurgency Strategy: Then and Now
· Reconceptualizing State Building in Africa (II): The Unbearable Lightness of Governing: Over-Centralized and Decentralized Governance
· US Cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Challenges and Opportunities
· Victory Has a Thousand Fathers: Evidence of Effective Approaches to Counterinsurgency, 1978-2008

Stimson Center
· Five Myths About Defense Spending

Transportation Research Board
· A Guide to Emergency Response Planning at State Transportation Agencies

· Guide to the Decision-Making Tool for Evaluating Passenger Self-Tagging (ACRP report # 41)
· Appendix A: Research Documentation to ACRP Report 41

UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
· Afghanistan Opium Survey 2010

US Geological Survey (USGS)
· Overview of the ARkStorm Scenario

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Diplomacy, Sanctions, and Sabotage: Putting Pressure on Iran

· Imagining the Border: Options for Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Territorial Issue
· Interactive Online Map

White House
· Press Conference with President Obama and President Hu of the People's Republic of China

· Remarks by the President on the Shootings in Tucson, Arizona
· Remarks by President Obama and President Hu of the People's Republic of China at Official Arrival Ceremony
· Remarks by President Obama and President Hu of the People's Republic of China in an Exchange of Toasts at State Dinner
· Remarks by the President at the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Inauguration

World Bank
· Developing Countries Are Driving Global Growth, but Risks Remain

· Egypt, Arab Republic of - Second Integrated Sanitation and Sewerage Infrastructure Project: Resettlement Plan
o V. 1 - resettlement policy framework executive summary
o v. 2 - resettlement policy framework report
o v. 3 - resettlement policy framework
o v. 4 - executive summary
· India - Sustainable Urban Transport Project: Restructuring

World Economic Forum
· Global Risks 2011