Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friday's Miscellany 08-20-2010

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS)
Issue Brief #37: Transatlantic Relations After the Lisbon Treaty

Anti Defamation League (ADL)
Resurgence of the Sovereign Citizen Movement

Atlantic Council
Strategies for a Cybered World

British American Security Information Council (BASIC)
Iran Update, No. 145 – 18 August 2010
New Players in the Dispute over Iran's Nuclear Program: Brazilian, Turkish and Iranian Objectives

Brookings Institute
Crises No More: The Success of Obama’s Stimulus Program
Partnership, Strength and Presence: Converging Regional Interests and Opportunities in the Gulf
Reflections on the Evolution of the China Field in Political Science
A Statesman's Forum with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

CAC / COIN – Colloquium
Mitigation of Terrorist Effects on Victims‟ Motivation

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Nuclear Suppliers Group and the IAEA Additional Protocol

CATO Institute
Nuclear Proliferation Update: Exporting the Bomb

Center for Complex Operations
Prism, September 2010, v. 1, no. 4
o Diplomacy Before and After Conflict
o Afghanistan: Opportunities and Risks
o A "Net Shift" for Afghanistan?
o Analytics and Action in Afghanistan
o Afghanistan: Long-term Solutions and Perilous Shortcuts
o Recalibrating the Afghan Reconciliation Program
o Countering Taliban Information Operations in Afghanistan
o Afghanistan: The German Factor
o Stabilization Operations Beyond Government: Joint Venture Public-Private Partnerships in Iraq and Afghanistan
o Columbia: Learning Institutions Enable Integrated Response
o Blind Ambition: Lessons Learned and Not Learned in an Embedded PRT

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Cooperative Mexican-US Antinarcotics Efforts
Economic Transformation and the Future of Capitalism
Iraq: Strategic Partnership or Lose the "Unwon" War
Iraq After the Election: Meeting the Challenges of 2010
Iraq After the Election: Measuring the Course of the War
Iraq After the Election: Economy, Demographics, Budget and Trade
Iraq After the Election: Critical Impact on World Oil Supplies
Iraq After the Election: Economic and Military Aid and US Withdrawals
Strategic Competition with Iran: The Military Dimension

Centre for Policy Alternatives
Freedom of Expression and the Internet in Sri Lanka

Congress. House. Energy and Commerce Committee
The BP Oil Spill: Accounting for the Spilled Oil and Ensuring the Safety of Seafood from the Gulf

Congress. Senate. Environment & Public Works Committee
Failure of Leadership: President Obama and the Flawed Federal Response to the BP Disaster

Council on Foreign Relations
Afghanistan's National Security Forces
Conflicting Objectives for U.S. in Afghanistan - Interview with Col. Gian P. Gentile
Conflicting Objectives for U.S. in Afghanistan - Interview with Jack Kem: Long Road Ahead for Afghan Security Forces
U.S. Withdrawal Echoes in Iraq

Department of the Army
United States Army Operating Concept—2016-2028

Department of Defense
2010 DoD Report to Congress on the Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China
DoD Directive 5205.14, DoD Counter Threat Finance (CTF) Policy, August 19, 2010
Protecting the Force: Lessons Learned from Fort Hood - Final Recommendations of the Ft Hood Follow-on Review

Department of Defense Inspector General
D-2010-075 Foreign Allowances and Differentials Paid to DOD Civilian Employees Supporting Overseas Contingency Operations, August 17, 2010
D-2010-076 Recoupment of Advanced Education Costs from Disenrolled Air Force Academy Cadets, August 17, 2010)
D-2010-078 Air Force Use of Time-and-Materials Contracts in Southwest Asia, August 16, 2010

Department of Health and Human Services
The Public Health Emergency Countermeasures Enterprise Review

Department of Homeland Security
Data on Enforcement Actions
Immigration Enforcement Actions: 2009

Department of State
Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act 2010 [U.S. efforts on international water issues]
Pervious reports

Energy Information Administration
Country Analysis Brief: India

Foreign Policy and The Fund for Peace
2010 Failed States Index
2010 Global Cities Index

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
Anticipating and Meeting Accountability Challenges in a Dynamic Environment
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Key Private and Public Cyber Expectations Need to Be Consistently Addressed,GAO-10-628
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Federally Funded Programs Have Helped to Address the Needs of Gulf Coast Small Businesses, but Agency Data on Subcontracting Are Incomplete, GAO-10-723
Superfund: Interagency Agreements and Improved Project Management Needed to Achieve Cleanup Progress at Key Defense Installations, GAO-10-348

Heritage Foundation
The Building Blocks of a Strong National Defense
A Conservative Foreign Policy
Developing a Strong Border and Immigration Policy
Ensuring that Congress Follows the Constitution
The Federalization of Homeland Security
Getting the Small-Boat Threat Right
Holding Terrorists Accountable
New CBO Budget Baseline Shows that Soaring Spending—Not Falling Revenues—Risks Drowning America in Debt
Re-embracing Federalism
Reining in Runaway Spending and Deficits
Remember the Jay Treaty: START Behaving Like Senators
Restoring the US to a Free Economy
The Rising Tide of Red Tape
The Threat of Nuclear Weapons
The Unsustainable Growth of Welfare

Human Rights Watch
Everyone’s in on the Game: Corruption and Human Rights Abuses by the Nigeria Police Force
Where is the Justice? Interethnic Violence in Southern Kyrgyzstan and Its Aftermath

Common Defense Quarterly, Fall 2010
o Montenegro – a Reliable Defense Partner
o The NATO Summit in Lisbon: Charting NATO’s Future in a Resource Constrained Environment
o Building Resilient Critical Infrastructure through International and Domestic Partnerships
o The Force Multiplier: The Whole of Government In An Era of Resource Constraints and Mission Growth
o A Deployable Civilian Force for Reconstruction and Stabilization: S/CRS and the Civilian Response Corps
o Federated Identity: A Building Block Approach for Secure Collaboration
o Multidisciplinary Activities
o The Best and Brightest Enabling Technologies May Already Be Decades Old, and Just Waiting to be Rediscovered
o Industrial Partnerships Key To Patriot Modernization
o The Empire Test Pilots’ School Learn to test – test to learn
o Interview with Major General Tom H Knutsen, RNorAF, Defense Attache, Royal Norwegian Embassy
o Interview with Kent R. Schneider, President & CEO, AFCEA
o Interview with Brigadier General Michael M. Brogan, USMC, Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command
o Washington DC Embassy Defense Attachés
o Foreign Government Buyers in DC of U.S. Defense and Aerospace Equipment

Institute for Policy Studies
Report of the Task Force on A Unified Security Budget for the United States

Institute for the Study of War
Status Update: Shi’a Militias in Iraq

International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR)
ICSR Peace and Security Summit

International Crisis Group
Chad: Beyond Superficial Stability

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
The Dynamic Effects of Commodity Prices on Fiscal Performance in Latin America

International Relations and Security Network
Australian Poll: Quiet on the Foreign Policy Front
Azerbaijan Eyes Russian Missile System
Cambodia: Military, Inc.
China’s Next Elite: 2012 and Beyond
Iraq’s Future Hanging by a Thread
Kyrgyz Security Forces Implicated in Violence
Limits of Brazil-Iran Relationship Revealed
Taleban Justice 'Fairer' Than State Courts
Tempting Fate
US, Vietnam Tighten the Bond
US Disengages from Burma
Who Controls Sharia Law?

Jamestown Foundation
China Brief, August 19, 2010 v. 10, no. 17
o Hawks vs. Doves: Beijing Debates “Core Interests” and Sino-U.S. Relations
o PLA Amphibious Capabilities: Structured for Deterrence
o The Caspian Sea: China’s Silk Road Strategy Converges with Damascus
o China’s Secure Communications Quantum Leap
Terrorism Monitor, August 19, 2010, v. 8, no. 33
o Kurdish PKK Using PJAK to Isolate Turkey
o Al-Shabaab's Unavoidable Clash with Somaliland Democracy
o Round Seven? The Houthi Rebellion in Northern Yemen

Palm Center
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell—Detailing the Damage”

Partnership for Public Service
Closing the Gap: Seven Obstacles to a First-Class Federal Workforce

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
Growing Number of Americans Say Obama is a Muslim: Religion, Politics and the President

Pew Global Attitudes Project
Mexicans Continue Support for Drug War: But Sense of Progress and Support for U.S. Involvement Declines

Building a More Resilient Haitian State
Evaluating Navy’s Funded Graduate Education Program: A Return-on-Investment Framework
Multi-perspective Strategic Decision Making: Principles, Methods, and Tools
Reflecting Warfighter Needs in Air Force Programs: Prototype Analysis

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
The Asian and Global Financial Crises: Consequences for East Asian Regionalism
Enabling Security for the 21st Century: Intelligence & Strategic Foresight and Warning

Security Sector Reform (SSR)
Security Sector Reform Monitor: Burundi No. 3

Small Wars Journal
The Hezbollah Myth and Asymmetric Warfare
Identity, Insurgency & Healing
Primitive Violence, Culture, and the Path to Peace
Professional Military Education for United States Army Special Operations Forces
Reexamination of a Quintessential Joint Force Operation Case Study: Urgent Fury
The Ugly Truth: Insurgencies are Brutal
U.S. Efforts to Combat Terrorism Financing: Progress Made and Future Challenges

UK Parliament
Military Campaign in Afghanistan

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Pakistan Initial Floods Emergency Response Plan
Pakistan: Numbers of People Affected by Floods

University of Pennsylvania
Terrorism in Pakistan: Incident Patterns, Terrorists’ Characteristics, and the Impact of Terrorist Arrests on terrorism [dissertation]

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
The 2009 NGO Sustainability Index: For Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia

US Institute of Peace (USIP)
Flooding Challenges Pakistan's Government and the International Community
Improving High-Value Resource Contracting in Afghanistan
On the Issues: Iraq in Transition

US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG)
Chemical Insecurity - America’s Most Dangerous Companies and Multimillion Dollar Cmapaign Against Common Sense Solutions

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Arming Hizballah? U.S. Military Assistance to Lebanon
Going Critical: Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Reactor Starts Up
Reforming the Rogue: Lessons from the US-Libya Rapprochement

White House
Executive Order 13549 of August 18, 2010 - Classified National Security Information Program for State, Local, Tribal, and Private Sector Entities
Executive Order 13550 of August 18, 2010 - Establishment of Pakistan and Afghanistan Support Office
Report to the President on Reengineering the Influenza Vaccine Production Enterprise to Meet the Challenges of Pandemic Influenza