Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friday's 07-30-2010

Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN)
· How Tribal Are the Taleban? Afghanistan’s Largest Insurgent Movement Between its Tribal Roots and Islamist Ideology

· The Northern Front: The Afghan Insurgency Spreading Beyond the Pashtuns

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU)
· Afghanistan Research Newsletter 26

Amnesty International
· Greece Must Stop Treating Migrants as Criminals

Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect
· Indonesia and Post-New Order Reforms: Challenges and Opportunities for Promoting the Responsibility to Protect

· The Responsibility to Prevent: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies for Operationalisation

Asian Development Bank Institute
· Fiscal Policy Coordination in Asia: East Asian Infrastructure Investment Fund

Brookings Institute
· Export Nation: How US Metros Lead National Export Growth and Boost Competitiveness

· How to Think About the US Budget Challenge
· The Importance of Research and Development for US Competitiveness and a Clean Energy Future

· Improving the U.S. Response to Internal Displacement: Recommendations to the Obama Administration and the Congress
· Surveying for Dollars: The Role of the American Community Survey in the Geographic Distribution of Federal Funds
· Towards More Effective Protection for IDPs in Southern Afghanistan

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· The Arab State: Assisting or Obstructing Development?

· Why Go Strategic? The Value of a Truly Strategic Dialogue Between the US and China

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)
· Perspectives on Reconciliation Options in Afghanistan

Center for American Progress
· Better, Not Smaller : What Americans Want from Their Federal Government

· The Generation Gap on Government

Center for Army Analysis
· Nation-building, Stability Operations and Prophylactic COIN?

Center for Naval Analysis (CNA)
· Powering America's Economy: Energy Innovation at the Crossroads of National Security

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· 10th French-American Defense Symposium

· Afghan and Iraqi Metrics and the IED Threat
· The Coming Challenges in Defense Planning, Programming and Budgeting

· The Macroeconomics of US Defense Spending: Problems in Federal Spending, and Their Impact on National Security
· National Security and the Commercial Space Sector
· Refocusing Afghan Metrics on Key Local Areas and Population Centers

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)
· Chinese Traditional Culture and Foreign Policy

· Obama's New "Af-Pak" Strategy: Can "Clear, Hold, Build, Transfer" Work?

Combat Studies Institute (CSI)
· An Ever Present Danger: A Concise History of British Military Operations on the North-West Frontier, 1849-1947, Occasional Paper 33

· Long War against Piracy: Historical Trends, Occasional Paper 32

· Searching for Stability: The U.S. Development of Constabulary Forces in Latin America and the Philippines. Occasional Paper 30

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
· Hearings

o Final Report of the Independent Panel's Assessment of the Quadrennial Defense Review [July 29, 2010]
o Harnessing Small Business Innovation for National Security Cyber Needs [July 28, 2010]
o Transformation in Progress: The Services’ Enlisted Professional Military Education Programs [July 28, 2010]
o Surface Fleet Readiness [July 28, 2010]
o Japan: Recent Security Developments [July 27, 2010]

Congress. House. Energy and Commerce Committee
· H.R. 5820, the “Toxic Chemicals Safety Act of 2010”

· The BP Oil Spill and Gulf Coast Tourism: Assessing the Impact

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
· Achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals: Progress through Partnerships

· Climate Change Finance: Providing Assistance for Vulnerable Countries
· The Crisis in Haiti: Are We Moving Fast Enough?
· Turkey’s New Foreign Policy Direction: Implications for U.S.-Turkish Relations

Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee
· Interoperable Emergency Communications: Does the National Broadband Plan Meet the Needs of First Responders?

· Lost in the Shuffle: Examining TSA’s Management of Surface Transportation Security Inspectors

Congress. House. Judiciary Committee
· American Dream Part III: Advancing and Improving the Fair Housing Act on the 5-year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

· Online Privacy, Social Networking, and Crime Victimization

Congress. House. Oversight and Government Reform Committee
· Implementation of Iran Sanctions

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee
· Department of Defense Strategic Force Structure Options Under the New START


Congress. Senate. Caucus on International Narcotics Control
· U.S. Counternarcotics Strategy in Afghanistan

Congress. Senate. Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee
· Consumer Online Privacy

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations Committee
· Perspectives on Reconciliation Options in Afghanistan

Congress. Senate. Homeland Security and Government Affairs
· Closing the Language Gap: Improving the Federal Government’s Foreign Language Capabilities

· Mismanagement of Contracts at Arlington National Cemetery
· Flood Preparedness and Mitigation: Map Modernization, Levee Inspection, and Levee Repairs

· High-Risk Logistics Planning: Progress on Improving Department of Defense Supply Chain Management

Congress. Senate. Judiciary Committee
· Exxon Valdez to Deepwater Horizon: Protecting Victims of Major Oil Spills

· Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· Federal Debt and the Risk of a Fiscal Crisis

· The Role of Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market: An Update

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
· The ISI and Terrorism: Behind the Accusations

· The Lengthening List of Iran Sanctions

· War Games on the Korean Peninsula

· WikiLeaks' Fallout for U.S.-Pak Ties

Department of Defense. Personnel and Readiness
· Population Representation In the Military Services FY 2008

Department of the Army
· Army Health Promotion Risk Reduction Suicide Prevention Report 2010

Department of State
· Adherence to and Compliance with Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Coast Guard: Deepwater Requirements, Quantities, and Cost Require Revalidation to Reflect Knowledge Gained, GAO-10-790

· Defense Acquisitions: DOD Needs to Develop Performance Criteria to Gauge Impact of Reform Act Changes and Address Workforce Issues, GAO-10-774
· Defense Acquisitions: Guidance Needed on Navy's Use of Investment Incentives at Private Shipyards, GAO-10-686

· Defense Infrastructure: Army's Privatized Lodging Program Could Benefit from More Effective Planning, GAO-10-771
· Defense Management: Improved Planning, Training, and Interagency Collaboration Could Strengthen DOD's Efforts in Africa, GAO-10-794
· Defense Management: U.S. Southern Command Demonstrates Interagency Collaboration, but Its Haiti Disaster Response Revealed Challenges Conducting a Large Military Operation, GAO-10-801

· Department of Defense: Additional Actions Needed to Improve Financial Management of Military Equipment, GAO-10-695
· Department of Homeland Security: DHS Needs to Comprehensively Assess Its Foreign Language Needs and Capabilities and Identify Shortfalls, GAO-10-714

· DOD's High Risk Areas: Observations on DOD's Progress and Challenges in Strategic Planning for Supply Chain Management, GAO-10-929T [testimony]
· Foreign Language Capabilities: Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, and State Could Better Assess Their Foreign Language Needs and Capabilities and Address Shortfalls, GAO-10-715T [testimony]
· Iran Sanctions: New Act Underscores Importance of Comprehensive Assessment of Sanctions' Effectiveness, GAO-10-928T [testimony]

· Military Naturalizations: USCIS Generally Met Mandated Processing Deadlines, but Processing Applicants Deployed Overseas Is a Challenge, GAO-10-865
· Military Personnel: Enhanced Collaboration and Process Improvements Needed for Determining Military Treatment Facility Medical Personnel Requirements, GAO-10-696

· National Security: Interagency Collaboration Practices and Challenges at DOD's Southern and Africa Commands, GAO-10-962T [testimony]
· State Department: Undercover Tests Show Passport Issuance Process Remains Vulnerable to Fraud, GAO-10-922T [testimony]
· Technology Assessment: Explosives Detection Technologies to Protect Passenger Rail, GAO-10-898
· U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Security Fencing, Infrastructure and Technology Fiscal Year 2010 Expenditure Plan, GAO-10-877R

Government Accountability Project (GAP)
· The Foundation for the Future: What FOIA Documents Reveal

o Full report

o Executive Summary

o Key FOIA Documents

o Appendix I

Heritage Foundation
· The “Beijing Consensus” in Energy and the Environment

· Colombia and Obama’s Latin America Policy: Time to Close Ranks and Support a Friend
· Countering Turkey’s Strategic Drift

· Drawbacks of Dutch-Style Health Care Rules: Lessons for Americans
· Expand NORAD to Improve Security in North America
· The Manas Base and Challenges to the US Presence in Kyrgyzstan
· Nuclear Games II: An Exercise in Examining the Dynamic of Missile Defenses and Arms Control in a Proliferated World

· Panama and Obama’s Latin America Policy: Time to Close Ranks and Support a Friend

· US Long-Term Debt Situation is One of the World’s Worst

Human Rights Watch
· Back to the Future: India's 2008 Counterterrorism Laws

· Deportation by Default: Mental Disability, Unfair Hearings, and Indefinite Detention in the US Immigration System

Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU)
· The Next War? The Danger of the Lebanese-Israeli Border Igniting

Institute for the Study of War
· Disposition of Forces: Afghanistan

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)
· Displacement and Worsening Humanitarian Situation as a Result of Ongoing Violence and Conflict

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
· Democracy and Reforms: Evidence from a New Dataset

· The Cross-Country Incidence of the Global Crisis
· Kuwait: Financial System Stability Assessment - Update
· Public Capital and Growth

· United States: Publication of Financial Sector Assessment Program Documentation - Technical Note on Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
· Assessing Basic Socio-Economic Indicators in Northern Lebanon: RAP for Planning the Development of Vulnerable Communities

International Peace Institute (IPI)
· Power, Politics, and Change: How International Actors Assess Local Context

International Relations and Security Network
· Has Moscow Had Enough Of Lukashenka?

· Justice, Security and Wikileaks

· Restive Iraqi Province to Censor Clerics

· Social Networking in Iran

· Tbilisi Seeks To Lure Back Its Separatists

· Turkey Steps Up Support for Azerbaijani Exclave

· US-China Economic Conflict: Not Dead, but Asleep

· US Muslims Under Microscope

Jamestown Foundation
· Terrorism Monitor July 29, 2010, v. 8, no. 30

o Al-Zawahiri Releases New Message with Focus on the Levant and Iraq
o Iranian Naval Capabilities and the Security of the Hormuz Strait
o Lashkar-e-Taiba's Growing International Focus and its Links with al-Qaeda

Lowry Institute
· How Do We Know When We are at War?

Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO) Project
· Mass Atrocity Response Operations: A Military Planning Handbook

National Research Council
· Nuclear Forensics: A Capability at Risk

Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability
· Response to “Rush to Judgment: Inconsistencies in South Korea’s Cheonan Report”

· Rush to Judgment—Inconsistencies in South Korea’s Cheonan Report

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
· 2009 “Report to Congress on the Security Inspection Program for Commercial Power Reactor and Category I Fuel Cycle Facilities: Results and Status Update

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
· Piracy Analysis and Warning Weekly (PAWW)

Parliamentary Library of Australia
· Australia’s Military Involvement in Afghanistan Since 2001: A Chronology

Peterson Institute for International Economics
· Revisiting the NAFTA Agenda on Climate Change

Pew Global Attitudes Project
· Concern About Extremist Threat Slips in Pakistan: America's Image Remains Poor

· Afghanistan's Local War: Building Local Defense Forces

· Best Practices in Developing Proactive Supply Strategies for Air Force Low-Demand Service Parts

· Harnessing Full Value from the DoD Serum Repository and the Defense Medical Surveillance System · Whither Al-Anbar Province?: Five Scenarios Through 2011

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS)
· Asia Rising and the Maritime Decline of the West: A Review of the Issues: IQPC/Asia Rising

· From Empire to the War on Terror: The 1915 Indian Sepoy Mutiny in Singapore as a Case Study of the Impact of Profiling of Religious and Ethnic Minorities
· Swords to Ploughshares: China's Defence-Conversion Policy

Small Wars Journal
· COIN in Absurdistan: Saving the COIN Baby from the Afghan Bathwater (and Vice-Versa)

· Gun Control in Counterinsurgency: A Game Theory Analysis
· No, Really: Is the US Military Cut Out For Courageous Restraint?
· Recruiting, Development, and Retention of Cyber Warriors Despite an Inhospitable Culture

Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR)
· SIGIR Quarterly Report To Congress July 2010

· SIGIR-10-019 - Iraq Reconstruction Funds: Forensic Audits Identifying Fraud, Waste and Abuse (Interim report #4)
· SIGIR-10-020 - Development Fund for Iraq: Department of Defense Needs to Improve Financial and Management Controls
· SIGIR-10-021 - Plans To Preserve Iraq Reconstruction Program and Contract Records Need To Be Improved

· SIGIR-10-022 - Improved Oversight Needed for State Department Grant to the International Republican Institute

Strategic Studies Institute (ISS)
· Project on National Security Reform: Vision Working Group Report and Scenarios

· U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Issues, Vol I: Theory of War and Strategy, 4th Edition
· U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Issues, Vol II: National Security Policy and Strategy, 4th Edition

Taxpayers for Common Sense and The Hill
· Fiscal Year 2011 Earmark Databases (Updated 7/30/10)

· FY2011 Military Construction-Veterans Affairs
o Disclosure chart

o Databases [excel file]

UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDR)
· UNIDIR Forum 2010, no. 2, - Maritime security

o Security threats and challenges to maritime supply chains
o Sea piracy: some inconvenient truths
o Maritime security and nuclear cargoes
o The Proliferation Security Initiative
o Building awareness of sea-dumped chemical weapons

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
· The QDR in Perspective: Meetings America’s National Security Needs in the 21st Century

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Education and Conflict in Haiti

· Haiti After the Quake: Six Months and Counting

· ICJ Advisory Opinion on Kosovo Independence Declaration

· Israel: Not Just a Strategic Asset, but a Strategic Bonanza

· Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010