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Friday's Miscellany 09-11-2009

Afghanistan Analysts Network
Polling Day Fraud in the Afghan Elections

American Security Project
Climate Security Index

Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
Securing Cyberspace: Guarding the New Frontier

Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS)
9/11 Plus 8: Is Bin Laden a Failure?

Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management
Rethinking Conflict Transformation from a Human Rights Perspective

Climate Change Policy: Recommendations to Reach Consensus
Four Ways to Help Africa?
How Computer Modeling Can Stem the Spread of Influenza
Monetary Policy Challenges for Emerging Market Economies
Simulating the Effect of the “Great Recession” on Poverty

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP)
Arab Reform Bulletin, September 2009, v. 7, no. 7
*Obama Administration Policy on Democracy and the Arab World
*Iraq: National Implications of the Kurdish Elections
*Ending Jihadism? The Transformation of Armed Islamist Movements
*Impact of the Arab Human Development Reports
*Rebellions and the Existential Crisis
Deterring Safeguards Violations
Recovery: The Global Financial Crisis and Middle-Income Countries
Yemen: Avoiding a Downward Spiral
What's Really Happening in Afghanistan: A Report from the Front

CATO Institute
Halfway to Where? Answering the Key Questions of Health Care Reform
A Harsh Climate for Trade: How Climate Change Proposals Threaten Global Commerce
High-Speed Rail Is Not “Interstate 2.0”
Myth v. Fact: Afghanistan
Nuclear Proliferation Update, September 2009
*Negotiating with North Korea: Who’s In Charge?
*Engaging China to Solve the North Korea Problem
Center for American Progress
Waste Not, Watt Not: The American Clean Energy and Security Act Funds State Energy Efficiency Programs

Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)
Illegal Immigrants and HR 3200: Estimate of Potential Costs to Taxpayers

Center for Security Policy
America's Exceptional Ally
Betraying Our Dead
EMP and You
Is Ecuador's Lawsuit Against Chevron 'Messianic' Justice?
Time's Up on Iran
Understanding 9/11: Allen West & Walid Phares
Would Obama Really Fight the War?

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA)
The F-22 Program in Retrospect

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
The 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review—A+, F, or Dead on Arrival?
Policy Brief Number 3: Supporting Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship Agenda

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
HIV Prevention in the United States: At a Critical Crossroads

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) Task Force on Developing Countries
The Effect of the World Financial Crisis on Developing Countries: An Initial Assessment

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Measuring the Effects of the Business Cycle on the Federal Budget: An Update
Will the Demand for Assets Fall When the Baby Boomers Retire?

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Afghanistan's Troop Deficit Problem
Is New York a Counterterrorism Model?
Talks on Nuclear Issue Unlikely with 'Unsettled' Iran
Understanding the Armed Groups of the Niger Delta
Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
OIG-09-92 - Evaluation of DHS' Security Program and Practices For Its Intelligence Systems for Fiscal Year 2009 (Unclassified Summary)

Department of Homeland Security Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
e-Law Enforcement Officer Logbook Program

Department of Justice
Privacy and Civil Liberties Policy Development guide and Implementation Templates

Department of State Inspector General
Audit of Procurement Competition for the New Embassy Compound at Baghdad, Iraq (AUD/IQO-09-04) Dec 08
Report on Indirect Cost Rates Proposed by the National Committee on United States-China Relations, Inc. (AUD/CG-09-23) Aug 09

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
FCC Preparedness for Major Public Emergencies

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
DHS/DOJ Fusion Process Technical Assistance Program and Services: Considerations for Fusion Center and Emergency Operations Center Coordination Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 502 – Draft

German Marshall Fund of the United States
Transatlantic Trends Topline Data 2009

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
Afghanistan and Pakistan: Oversight of U.S. Interagency Efforts, GAO-09-1015T [testimony]
Homeland Defense: U.S. Northern Command Has a Strong Exercise Program, but Involvement of Interagency Partners and States Can Be Improved, GAO-09-849
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Transportation Impact of Personnel Increases Will Be Significant, but Long-Term Costs Are Uncertain and Direct Federal Support Is Limited, GAO-09-750
Recovery Act: States' and Localities' Current and Planned Uses of Funds While Facing Fiscal Stresses, GAO-09-908T [testimony]
Wildland Fire Management: Federal Agencies Have Taken Important Steps Forward, but Additional, Strategic Action is Needed to Capitalize on Those Steps, GAO-09-877

Heritage Foundation
Alaska’s Strategic Role in the Defense of the US and the Vital Role of Missile Defense
Critical Reforms Required for U.N. Peacekeeping
Eight Years after 9/11: Analyzing Congress's Homeland Security Agenda
Maintaining Full-Spectrum Capabilities in an Operating Environment of Hybrid Threats: The Army’s Future Requirements
President Obama Must Not Surrender to Russian on Missile Defense
Swine Flu: What Every American Should Know

Huffington Post
Afghanistan by the Numbers

Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)
Caretaking Democracy: Political Process in Bangladesh, 2006-08
Monthly News Digest on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir [Sept 2009 ed]
*Empowerment & Self-governance Package or Governor’s Rule in Gilgit-Baltistan - Senge Hasnan Sering
*Political Developments Pak Renames the Northern Areas as Gilgit-Baltistan PML-Q Rejects New Package Religious Extremism in NWFP, Swat and Chitral: Impact on Gilgit-Baltistan Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir in the Line of Fire
*Economic Developments Prices Soar in Gilgit 4,500 MW Bhasha Dam Cleared by Ecnec LoC-trade Hits Roadblock
*International Developments China's Growing Role in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir
*Other Developments Govt to Promote Solar Water Heaters to Cut Gas Consumption

Institute for Security Studies
ISS Paper 197: The AU and the Challenge of Unconstitutional Changes of Government in Africa
The Regional Dimensions of the War in Northern Uganda
ISS Paper 198: The Somalia Conflict, Implications for Peacemaking and Peacekeeping Efforts
ISS Paper 199: Providing Security and Justice for the People Security Sector Reform in Zimbabwe

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
No Reconstruction at the Yongbyon Reactor Site

Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU)
The Costs and Requirements of Engaging the Muslim World
Death by Culture?: How Not to Talk about Islam and Domestic Violence
Helping Pakistan Defeat the Taliban: A Joint Action Agenda for the United States & Pakistan
The United States and Political Islam: The Dialectic of Hegemony and Resistance

International Council on Security and Development (ICOS)
Taliban Presence Map: January-September 2009

International Crisis Group
CrisisWatch #73, 1 September 2009

International Energy Administration (IEA)
Monthly Natural Gas Survey, June 2009
Monthly Oil Survey, June 2009

International Relations and Security Network
Assessing an Afghanistan Withdrawal
Clouds of War Over Burma
Democracy: A Problematic Panacea
Costs of War: Elusive Afghan Goals
Filtering the War
Mongolia: Desert Boom
The Question Russians Are Afraid To Ask
The Three-Headed Dragon
World: Thirst for Water

Iran's September
The King is Dead, Long Live the King: Hakimullah Mehsud Takes Power in the TTP

Islamabad Policy Research Institute
IPRI Journal, Summer 2009, v. 9, no. 2
*The Role of Observers in SAARC
*Pakistan Jihad: The Making of Religious Terrorism
*United States’ Attempt to Balance the Rise of China in Asia
*Analyzing Domestic Terrorism as a Threat to Pakistan’s Security and the Policy Response
*Geopolitics of the Persian Gulf Security: Iran and the United States
*Borderland Interaction: The Case of Pak-Iranian Baloch
*Joint Declaration Pakistan and Afghanistan
*National Assembly’s Resolution on Swat
*MoU for Gift of Used Power Plants by UAE
*Statement of Foreign Minister at the Munich Young Leaders Round Table on Security Policy
*Prime Minister’s Speech on Reinstatement of Judges
*Statement of Foreign Minister at the International Conference on Afghanistan
*Joint Statement of Afghanistan, Turkey and Pakistan
*Resolution on Shariah Nizam-e-Adl Regulation 2009
*Text of the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation 2009
*Chair’s Statement at the Ministerial Meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan, Tokyo
*Joint Statement First Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan on Trilateral Cooperation
*President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari’s Interview by Wolf Blitzer, CNN
*President Asif Ali Zardari and President Hamid Karzai’s Interview by Charlie Rose, NBC News
*President Asif Ali Zardari and President Hamid Karzai’s Interview by David Gregory, NBC News
*Prime Minister’s Address at the Third Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA)
*Joint Statement of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Asif Ali Zardari
*Text of Tehran Declaration of Tri-lateral Summit
*President Obama’s Speech in Cairo
*Text of Budget Speech 2009

Jamestown Foundation
China Brief, September 10, 2009, v. 9, no. 18
*Sea-change in Japanese Politics Offers Hopes for Better Ties with China by Willy Lam
*Emerging Fault Lines in Sino-Burmese Relations: The Kokang Incident by Ian Storey
*Military Buildup Across the Himalayas: A Shaky Balance by Vijay Sakhuja
*The Geopolitics of Cross-Strait Disaster Relief by Drew Thompson
Terrorism Monitor, v. 7, no. 27, September 11, 2009
*The Implications of Abdul Aziz al-Hakim's Death for Iraqi Security by Babak Rahimi
*Did Somalia's al-Shabaab Plan to Attack the Australian Military? by Raffaello Pantucci
*The Concept of Safe Havens in Salafi-Jihadi Strategy by Murad Batal al-Shishani
*At the Center of the Storm: An Interview with Afghanistan's Lieutenant General Hadi Khalid - Part One by Derek Henry Flood

Lexington Institute
Raulonomics: Though Diagnosis and Partial Prescriptions in Raul Castro’s Economic Policies
Reversing Industrial Decline: A Role for the Defense Budget

Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP)
Middle East Report Online, September 11, 2009
Dismantling the Matrix of Control

Migration Policy Institute (MPI)
Immigrant Detention: Can ICE Meet Its Legal Imperatives and Case Management Responsibilities?

National Academies Press
Respiratory Protection for Healthcare Workers in the Workplace Against Novel H1N1 Influenza A: A Letter Report [free download but registration is required]
The Swine Flu Affair: Decision-Making on a Slippery Disease [free download but registration is required]

National Security Archive
The Nuclear Vault - Previously Classified Interviews with Former Soviet Officials Reveal U.S. Strategic Intelligence Failure Over Decades

Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU) [Uni of Bradford]
• The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan: Ideology and Beliefs

Peterson Institute for International Economics
The Future of the Dollar

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
Views of Religious Similarities and Differences: Muslims Widely Seen as Facing Discrimination

Pew Global Attitudes Project
Declining Support for bin Laden and Suicide Bombing

Pew Internet & American Life Project
• The Internet as a Diversion

New Tools for Assessing State and Local Capabilities for Countermeasure Delivery
Recruiting Minorities: What Explains Recent Trends in the Army and Navy?

Small Wars Journal
Tactical Strategic Communication!: Placing Informational Effect at the Centre of Command

Southwest Asia Joint Planning Group
Comprehensive Oversight Plan: Afghanistan–Pakistan Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year 2009 Through Fiscal Year 2010
April 2009 plan
November 2008 plan

Stimson Center
Fifteen Forty or Fight: This Bush Initiative is Worth Keeping
Violence in Southern Thailand: More than Just Religion

UC Davis Health System Violence Prevention Research Program
Inside Gun Shows: What Gon When Everybody Thinks Nobody's Watching

UN Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo/Office of the High Commission for Human Rights
Consolidated Investigation Report of the United Nations Joint Human Right Office (UNJHRO) Following Widespread Looting and Grave Violations of Human Rights by the Congolese National Armed Forces in Goma and Kanyabayonga in October and November 2008
Consolidated Report on Investigations Conducted by the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO) into Grave Human Rights Abuses Committed in Kiwanja, North Kivu, in November 2008

US Institute of Peace (USIP)
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Parsing the Options
Promoting Cross-LoC Trade in Kashmir: An Analysis of the Joint Chamber
Six Important Issues for Sudan and Its Future

US Joint Forces Command
Pre-Deployment Afghanistan Reading List

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
After the Crackdown: The Iran Democracy Fund
Countering Today's Enduring and Adaptive Terrorist Threats
Facing Homegrown Radicalization
What Next for Syria?

World Public
World Publics Strongly Favor International Observers for Elections, Including Their Own

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