Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday's Miscellany 10-10-2008

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

· High Resolution Satellite Imagery and the Conflict in South Ossetia

American Enterprise Institute

· "Third Neighbor" Strategy for Asia

· United States Foreign Policy and Strategic Dimensions

Amnesty International

· No Going Home—Tens of Thousands Unable to Return to Homes in Georgia

Association of the U.S. Army

· Logistics and the Combatant Commander: Meeting the Challenge

· Planning for Employment of the Reserve Components: Army Practice, Past and Present

· The War on Terror and the War for Officer Talent: Linked Challenges for the U.S. Army

Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS)

· Grim Prospects in Afghanistan

Brookings Institution

· Arts and Culture in the U.S.-Muslim World Relationship

· Making the Rescue Package Work: Asset and Equity Purchases

· Reform the IMF or Create a New Global Agency, But Do Something

· Top 10 Global Economic Challenges Facing America's 44th President

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

· Are New Nuclear Bargains Attainable?

· Turkey’s Middle East Policies: Between Neo-Ottomanism and Kemalism

Center for Defense Information (CDI)

· Afghanistan Update: September 2008

· The Defense Monitor, Volume XXXVII, No. 5 - September/October 2008

Center for European Reform

· Pipelines, Politics and Power: The Future of EU-Russia Energy Relations

Center for Security Studies (CSS)

· No. 41: "US Foreign Policy under Bush: Balance Sheet and Outlook"

Center for Security Policy

· The Other Debate: Frank Gaffney vs. Suhail Khan

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)

· A Road Map from Conflict to Peace: A Discussion on the Army’s New Doctrine for Stability Operations and the Implications for Foreign Policy

· Security and Governance in Afghanistan: Needed Actions and Foreign Limitations

· The US, Israel, the Arab States and a Nuclear Iran

· Winning the War in Afghanistan

Congress. Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

· Report on Challenges and Recommendations for United States Overhead Architecture

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

· The Effects of Recent Turmoil in Financial Markets on Retirement Security

· Monthly Budget Review

Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

· Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 704 - Personnel Security

· Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG) 704.1 - Investigative Standards

· Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG) 704.2 - Adjudicative Guidelines

· Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG) 704.3 -Denials or Revocation of Access to SCI

· Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG) 704.4 - Reciprocity

· Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG) 704.5 - IC Database

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)

· The Georgia Crisis and Continuing Democratic Erosion in Europe/Eurasia

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

· Department of Defense: A Departmentwide Framework to Identify and Report Gaps in the Defense Supplier Base Is Needed GAO-09-5

· Highway Safety: Foresight Issues Challenge DOT's Efforts to Assess and Respond to New Technology-Based Trends GAO-09-56

· Information Technology: Management Improvements Needed on the Department of Homeland Security's Next Generation Information Sharing System GAO-09-40

· Private Equity: Recent Growth in Leveraged Buyouts Exposed Risks That Warrant Continued Attention GAO-08-885

· Sovereign Wealth Funds: Publicly Available Data on Sizes and Investments for Some Funds Are Limited GAO-08-946

· Veterans' Disability Benefits: Better Accountability and Access Would Improve the Benefits Delivery at Discharge Program GAO-08-901

Heritage Foundation

· Changing Course on Navy Shipbuilding: Questions Congress Should Ask Before Funding

· Securing Global Supply Chains: 10 Plus 2 Container Security Ruling Needed

· Shaping the NATO—EU Relationship: What the U.S. Must Do

· Taiwan Arms Sales: Less Than Meets the Eye

Hudson Institute

· America's Challenges in the Middle East

Human Rights Watch

· Torture and Impunity in Jordan’s Prisons: Reforms Fail to Tackle Widespread Abuse

Human Security Report Project

· miniAtlas of Human Security

Information Sharing Environment (ISE)

· Inclusion of Information Sharing Performance Evaluation Element in Employee Performance Appraisals

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis

· Reforming Military Support for Foreign Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Assistance

· The U.S. Foreign Disaster Response Process: How It Works and How It Could Work Better

International Relations and Security Network

· The Coming Revolution in Intelligence Affairs

· Shia-Sunni Rift Overstated

International Security

v. 32,no. 4, Spring 2008

· What Terrorists Really Want: Terrorist Motives and Counterterrorism Strategy by Max Abrahms

Joint Chiefs of Staff

· Joint Publication 3-04: Joint Shipboard Helicopter Operations, 30 September 2008

Lexington Institute

· Future Security: Keeping TSAT on Track Is Essential

National Academies Press

· Antivirals for Pandemic Influenza: Guidance on Developing a Distribution and Dispensing Program [free download available]

· English-Chinese, Chinese-English Nuclear Security Glossary [free download available]

· Protecting Individual Privacy in the Struggle Against Terrorists: A Framework for Assessment

National Security Archive

· Trujillo Declassified: Documenting Colombia's 'Tragedy Without End'

Naval War College, Newport Papers

· Major Naval Operations

Pew Global Attitudes Project

· Trickle-Down Global Economics: World Already Saw U.S. Influence as Negative


· Final Report of the Panel on the Department of Defense Human Capital Strategy

· Recommended Infrastructure Standards for Mass Antibiotic Dispensing

· Unconventional Fossil-Based Fuels: Economic and Environmental Trade-Offs

Stanley Foundation

· Strategic Deterrence and US Nuclear Weapons Policy

UK Parliament

· The Treaty of Lisbon: An Uncertain Future

US Institute of Peace (USIP)

· Abrahamic Alternatives to War: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives on Just Peacemaking

· Haiti: Confronting the Gangs of Port-au-Prince

· Making Borders Irrelevant in Kashmir

· Media, Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding: Mapping the Edges

· Reconciliation Strategies in Iraq

· USIP Contributes to New Stability Ops Doctrine

· Would You Fight Again?: Understanding Liberian Ex-Combatant Reintegration

US Treasury Department

· Terrorist Assets Report

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

· Al-Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Threatened

· The Future of U.S. Military Aid to Lebanon

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