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Friday's Miscellany 09-12-2008

American Enterprise Institute

· The Revolutionary Guards' Role in Iranian Politics

· Situation Report, Russo-Georgian Conflict: Special Report

American Security Project

· Are We Winning? Measuring Progress in the Struggle Against Violent Jihadism


· Iran Update

Brookings Institution

· Fukuda's Resignation: A Pandora’s Box for the Japan-U.S. Alliance?

· Georgia's Lessons for Taiwan

· Muslims in Europe: A Short Introduction

· Tariq Ali: Pakistan: Foreign Policy Past Its Expiration Date

Canadian Defense & Foreign Affairs Institute

· International Issues for the Campaign

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

· Islam in Uzbekistan: Religious Education and State Ideology

Center for American Progress

· Iraq’s Political Transition After the Surge: Five Enduring Tensions and Ten Key Challenges

Center for Security Policy

· America's Commitment to Freedom

Center for Budgetary and Strategic Assessments (CBSA)

· Analysis of Proposals to Allocate Four Percent of GDP to Defense

· Integrating Disruptive Technologies in DoD … A Bridge Too Far?

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)

· Security Challenges and Threats in the Gulf: A Net Assessment

· Commentary: Turkey and the Crisis in the Caucasus

· Commentary: Where Should U.S. Policy toward Russia Go from Here?

Century Foundation

· Nation-Building and Counterinsurgency after Iraq

Congress. Committee on Homeland Security

· Giving a Voice to Open Source Stakeholders: A Survey of State, Local & Tribal Law Enforcement

Congress. House Committees on Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs

· Wasted Lessons of 9/11: How the Bush Administration Has Ignored the Law and Squandered Its Opportunities to Make Our Country Safer

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

· Budget and Economic Outlook: An Update

· Budgetary Issues Governing the Leasing of Oil and Gas Resources on the Outer Continental Shelf

· Updated Long-Term Projections for Social Security

Council on Foreign Relations

· Crisis in Kashmir

· The Muslim Insurgency in Southern Thailand

· Political Tea Leaves in Afghanistan

· U.S. Should Pay Greater Attention to Pakistani-Indian Rift Over Kashmir

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)

· D-2008-129 Acquisition of the Army Airborne Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Minefield Detection System, September 10, 2008

EU Institute for Security Studies

· Rethinking Iran: From Confrontation to Cooperation -- Chaillot Paper - n°110, August 2008


· Compilation of Usama Bin Laden Statements, 1994 - January 2004

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)

· The Importance of Early American Military History

· What Students Need to Know about World War I

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

· Assessment of the Explanation That Immigration and Customs Enforcement Provided for Its Subsequent Transfer from the Spectrum Relocation Fund

· Aviation Security: TSA Is Enhancing Its Oversight of Air Carrier Efforts to Identify Passengers on the No Fly and Selectee Lists, but Expects Ultimate Solution to Be Implementation of Secure Flight

· DCAA Audits: Allegations That Certain Audits at Three Locations Did Not Meet Professional Standards Were Substantiated

· DOD Business Systems Modernization: Important Management Controls Being Implemented on Major Navy Program, but Improvements Needed in Key Areas

· DOD Business Systems Modernization: Planned Investment in Navy Program to Create Cashless Shipboard Environment Needs to Be Justified and Better Managed

· DOD Systems Modernization: Maintaining Effective Communication Is Needed to Help Ensure the Army's Successful Deployment of the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System

· Highway Bridge Program: Clearer Goals and Performance Measures Needed for a More Focused and Sustainable Program

· Highway Public-Private Partnerships: More Rigorous Up-Front Analysis Could Better Secure Potential Benefits and Protect the Public Interest

· Human Capital: DOD Needs to Improve Implementation of and Address Employee Concerns about Its National Security Personnel System

· Military Personnel: Actions Needed to Strengthen Implementation and Oversight of DOD's and the Coast Guard's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs

· Next Generation Air Transportation System: Status of Key Issues Associated with the Transition to NextGen

· Next Generation Air Transportation System: Status of Systems Acquisition and the Transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System

· Operation Iraqi Freedom: Actions Needed to Enhance DOD Planning for Reposturing of U.S. Forces from Iraq

· Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Address Significant Risks in Delivering Key Technology Investment

· Secure Border Initiative: Observations on Deployment Challenges

· The Upcoming Transition: GAO's Efforts to Assist the 111th Congress and the Next Administration

Henry L. Stimson Center

· Peacekeeping Dues and Don’ts: A Checklist for the Next President

Heritage Foundation

· The Return of History: Confronting the Russian Bear after the Georgian War

Hudson Institute

· UK Counter-Radicalization Strategy: Accommodation to Confrontation?

Human Rights Watch

· Dangerous Duty: Children and the Chhattisgarh Conflict

· The Last Holdouts: Ending the Juvenile Death Penalty in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, and Yemen

· “Troops in Contact”: Airstrikes and Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan

Institute for the Study of War

· Expanding Security in Diyala

· September 2008 Order of Battle

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)

· Occupied Palestinian Territory: Forced Displacement Continues

International Crisis Group

· Indonesia: Pre-Election Anxieties in Aceh

· Round Two in Gaza

International Relations and Security Network

· The Evolution of Terrorism

· The State of Terror [podcast]

· US Detentions: Reform Needed

Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies

· The Durability of Constitutions in Changing Environments: Explaining Constitutional Replacements in Latin America

· Inequality, Institutions, and the Rule of Law: The Social and Institutional Bases of Rights

National Security Archive

· New Kissinger ‘Telcons’ Reveal Chile Plotting at Highest Levels of U.S. Government

Nuclear Threat Initiative

· Securing the Bomb 2007

· Secrecy Report Card 2008

Partnership for a Secure America

· The main page for the report and the components

· The full report card

· The nuclear report -- Nuclear Terrorism: US Policies to Reduce the Threat of Nuclear Terror i

· The biological report -- Biological Terrorism: US Policies to Reduce Global Biothreats

· The chemical report -- Chemical Terrorism: US Policies to Reduce the Chemical Terror Threat

Proteus [Army War College]

· Proteus Futures Digest [2nd ed.] -- A Compilation of Selected Works Derived from the 2007 Proteus Workshop, edited by John Auger and William Wimbish

· Proteus Futures Workshop: 14-16 August, 2007 report -- "Creative Strategic Intelligence Analysis and Decision Making Within the Elements of National Power"

· 2007 Workshop Panels and Presentations Recordings

· Transformation from the Outside In or the Inside Out? by Christine A.R. MacNulty, v. 2, no.1 (September 2008)


· After the War: Nation-Building from FDR to George W. Bush

· Institute for Civil Justice Annotated Bibliography 2008

Secretary of Defense Task Force on DoD Nuclear Weapons Management

· Report of the Secretary of Defense Task Force on DoD Nuclear Weapons Management – Phase I: The Air Force’s Nuclear Mission

· The transcript of the special briefing related to the report

Universities of Greenwich, Ulster and Liverpool

· World Trade Center Evacuation Study

US Institute of Peace

· Thwarting Afghanistan’s Insurgency: A Pragmatic Approach toward Peace and Reconciliation

· Would You Fight Again?: Understanding Liberian Ex-Combatant Reintegration

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

· Iran's Asymmetric Naval Warfare

· The Persian Gulf's 'Occupied Territory': The Three-Island Dispute

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