Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday's Miscellany 09-19-2008

Brookings Institution
· From Georgia to Taiwan
· The Looming Crisis: Displacement and Security in Iraq
· Strengthening the Ability of Public Transportation to Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil
Business Executive for National Security (BENS)
· Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) - Cooperative Review

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· Iran Says “No”—Now What?
Key Resources - U.S. Nonproliferation Policy and Programs

CATO Institute
· Economic Freedom of the World 2008
· Trade, Protectionism, and the U.S. Economy: Examining the Evidence

Center for American Progress
· Iraq's Booming Budget Surplus

Center for Budgetary and Strategic Assessments (CBSA)
· Comparison of the FY 2009 Senate and House Defense Authorization Bills
Center for Defense Information
· Missile Defense Update #7: Sept. 16, 2008
· Space Security Update #6: Sept. 5, 2008

Center for Immigration Studies
· Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote in the United States? Why Not

Center for a New American Policy (CNAS)
· The Case for Game-Changing Diplomacy with Iran

Center for Security Policy
· Shari'ah's Black Box

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· Closing Guantánamo: From Bumper Sticker to Blueprint
· Homeland Security 3.0: Building a National Enterprise to Keep America Free, Safe, and Prosperous
· How Soon is Safe? Iraqi Force Development and Conditions-Based US Withdrawals
· Global Water Futures: A Roadmap for Future U.S. Policy
· Losing the Afghan-Pakistan War? The Rising Threat
· Promoting Confidence Building across the Taiwan Strait

Century Foundation
· Reinventing Transparent Government

Central Intelligence Agency
Studies in Intelligence, v. 52, no. 3, September 2008
· In Memory of Thomas Francis Troy: CIA Teacher, historian, 1919-2008 - by Hayden Peake and Nicholas Dujmovic
· Amnesia to Anamnesis: Commemoration of the Dead at CIA - by Nicholas Dujmovic
· Unraveling a Cold War Mystery: The ALFA SSN: Challenging Paradigms,
· Finding New Truths, 1969-79 - by Gerhardt Thamm
· The Youngest Operative: A Tale of Initiative Behind Enemy Lines During WWII - by Bob Bergin

Combating Terrorism Center (CTC)
CTC Sentinel, v. 1, no. 9, September 2008
· “Seven Years After 9/11: More is Not Always Better” by Ambassador Michael Sheehan
· “From FATA to the NWFP: The Taliban Spread their Grip in Pakistan” by Hassan Abbas
· “Preparing the Mujahidin: The Taliban’s Military Field Manual” by Imtiaz Ali
· “The Current State of Al-Qa`ida in Saudi Arabia” by Michael Knights
· “Assessing the Strength of Al-Qa`ida in Yemen” by Gregory Johnsen
· “The 2008 U.S. Elections and Sunni Insurgent Dynamics in Iraq” by Michael Gabbay
· “Learning from Adel Hammouda’s Work on Militant Islamic Groups” by Commander Youssef Aboul-Einen
· “After Action Report: Working With the Awakening in Central Anbar” by Captain Elliot Press

Congress. Committee on Homeland Security
· Cybersecurity Recommendations for the Next Administration - hearings

Congress. House Committee on Foreign Affairs
· Documents from the White House related to the US-India civilian nuclear cooperation agreement

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· A Federal Perspective on Health Care Policy and Costs
· Issues in Designing a Cap-and-Trade Program for Carbon Dioxide Emissions
· U.S. Policy Regarding Pandemic-Influenza Vaccines

Council on Foreign Relations
· China, Space Weapons, and U.S. Security

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
· D-2008-130 Approval Process, Tracking, and Financial Management of DoD Disaster Relief Efforts, September 17, 2008

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
· One Team, One Mission, Securing Our Homeland: U.S. Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2008-2013

Department of Justice Office of Inspector General
· Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ Controls Over Its Weapons, Laptop Computers, and Other Sensitive Property

Director of National Intelligence
· Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 610 - Competency Directories for the Intelligence Community Workforce

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
· Crime in the United States, 2007

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· How We Misunderstand Terrorism
· Terrorism Assumptions and Reality

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Needs to Fully Address Lessons Learned from Its First Cyber Storm Exercise. GAO-08-825.
· Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Needs to Better Address Its Cybersecurity Responsibilities, by David A. Powner, director, information technology management issues, before the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology, House Committee on Homeland Security. GAO-08-1157T
· Cyber Analysis and Warning: DHS Faces Challenges in Establishing a Comprehensive National Capability. GAO-08-588.
· Defense Budget: Independent Review Is Needed to Ensure DOD's Use of Cost Estimating Tool for Contingency Operations Follows Best Practices. GAO-08-982.
· Defense Infrastructure: Opportunity to Improve the Timeliness of Future Overseas Planning Reports and Factors Affecting the Master Planning Effort for the Military Buildup on Guam. GAO-08-1005.
· Defense Infrastructure: NORAD and USNORTHCOM Need to Reevaluate Vulnerabilities Associated with Moving the NORAD Command Center from Cheyenne Mountain to Peterson Air Force Base, and to Acknowledge Acceptance of the Risks. GAO-08-1054R
· Department of Homeland Security: Progress and Continuing Concerns with Acquisition Management, by John P. Hutton, director, acquisition and sourcing management, before the Subcommittee on Management, Investigations, and Oversight, House Committee on Homeland Security. GAO-08-1164T
· Diversity at GAO: Sustained Attention Needed to Build on Gains in SES and Managers. GAO-08-1098.
· Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Iraqi Revenues, Expenditures, and Surplus, by Joseph A. Christoff, director, international affairs and trade, before the House Committee on the Budget. GAO-08-1144T.
· Electronic Waste: EPA Needs to Better Control Harmful U.S. Exports through Stronger Enforcement and More Comprehensive Regulation. GAO-08-1044. 67 pp.
· Electronic Waste: Harmful U.S. Exports Flow Virtually Unrestricted Because of Minimal EPA Enforcement and Narrow Regulation, by John B. Stephenson, director, natural resources and environment, before the Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and the Global Environment, House Committee on Foreign Affairs. GAO-08-1166T
· Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense. GAO-08-1128R.
· Health Information Technology: HHS Has Taken Important Steps to Address Privacy Principles and Challenges, Although More Work Remains. GAO-08-1138
· Information Technology: Federal Laws, Regulations, and Mandatory Standards for Securing Private Sector Information Technology Systems and Data in Critical Infrastructure Sectors. GAO-08-1075R.
· Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Iraqi Revenues, Expenditures, and Surplus, by Joseph A. Christoff, director, international affairs and trade, before the House Committee on the Budget. GAO-08-1144T
· Terrorism Insurance: Status of Efforts by Policyholders to Obtain Coverage. GAO-08-1057.
· Transportation Security: Transportation Worker Identification Credential: A Status Update, by Stephen M. Lord, acting director, homeland security and justice issues, before the Subcommittee on Border, Maritime, and Global Counterterrorism, House Committee on Homeland Security. GAO-08-1151T
· United Nations Peacekeeping: Lines of Authority for Field Procurement Remain Unclear, but Reforms Have Addressed Some Issues. GAO-08-1094
· Visa Waiver Program: Actions Are Needed to Improve Management of the Expansion Process, and to Assess and Mitigate Program Risks. GAO-08-967.
· Voluntary Organizations: FEMA Should More Fully Assess Organizations’ Mass Care Capabilities and Update the Red Cross Role in Catastrophic Events GAO-08-823

Heritage Foundation
· Chávez, Venezuela, and Russia: A New Cuban Missile Crisis?
· Congress Should Establish EMP Recognition Day
· High Corporate Taxes Undermine U.S. Global Competitiveness
· Homeland Security 3.0: Building a National Enterprise to Keep America Safe, Free and Prosperous
· Mongolia's Current Political Situation: Implications for the OSCE
· New CBO Budget Baseline Shows Entitlements Driving Budget Deficits Higher
· Pathways to Economic Mobility: Key Indicators [Economic Mobility Project]
· Reflecting on 9/11: What the Next Administration Should Do About Terrorism
· United Nations Peacekeeping: The U.S. Must Press for Reform

Homeland Security Advisory Council
· Top Ten Challenges Facing the Next Secretary of Homeland Security

Human Rights Watch
· A Decade Under Chávez: Political Intolerance and Lost Opportunities for Advancing Human Rights in Venezuela.
· Iran: Rights Crisis Escalates: Faces and Cases from Ahmadinejad’s Crackdown.
· "These Fellows Must Be Eliminated": Relentless Violence and Impunity in Manipur
· Venezuela: Rights Suffer Under Chávez
· Waiting for Justice: Unpunished Crimes from Nepal’s Armed Conflict

Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution
· Securing the Non-Proliferation Capability of the Department of State

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
· Indian Nuclear Export Controls and Information Security: More Words Than Actions: Are Indian export controls and information security congruent with the promises and cheerleading?
· Second Khushab Plutonium Production Reactor Nears Completion
· Time to reenergize negotiations for a Verified Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty

Institute for Security Studies (ISS)
· Situation Report: Angolan Legislative Elections: Analysing the MPLA’s Triumph
· Situation Report: The Eritrea - Djibouti Border Dispute
· Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Agreement Between ZANU-PF and the Two MDC Factions

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
· Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement and relevant provisions of Security Council resolutions 1737 (2006), 1747 (2007) and 1803 (2008) in the Islamic Republic of Iran" and
· Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

International Crisis Group
· Nigeria: Ogoni Land after Shell
· Reforming Haiti’s Security Sector

International Relations and Security Network
· Caucasus Crisis: Implications and Options for the West
· Costs of War: Conceptual Confusion
· The Evolution of Terrorism: Terror, Control and the Future of the Nation State
· Women Officers Hired to Thwart Female Bombers

Japan Ministry of Defense
· Defense of Japan 2008 [English language version]

Lexington Institute
· Decaying Air Power Reflects Larger Problems
· Netting the Navy
· Plan to Stop Buying Strategic Missile Motors is a Mistake
· Technology Readiness for a New Long-Range Bomber

Long War Journal
· Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle (OOB)

National Academies Press
· Disrupting Improvised Explosive Device Terror Campaigns: Basic Research Opportunities: A Workshop Report
· The "1,000-Ship Navy": Maritime Security Partnerships

National Defense Intelligence College (NDIC)
· Imperial Secrets: Remapping the Mind of Empire

National Governors Association
· Pandemic Preparedness in the States: An Assessment of Progress and Opportunity

National Security Archive
· Out of the Black: The Declassification of the NRO

Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
· Georgia Parliamentary Elections

Pew Global Attitudes Project
· Unfavorable Views of Jews and Muslims on the Increase in Europe

Pew Hispanic Center
· 2008 National Survey of Latinos

· Defeating Terrorist Groups -- Seth Jones, Testimony presented before the House Armed Services Committee, Subcommittee on Terrorism and Unconventional Threats and Capabilities on September 18, 2008
· An Economic Model to Estimate the Profits Resulting from the Employment of Illegal Aliens -- Report and Decision-Support Tool
· Effects of Deployments on Spouses of Military Personnel
· Meeting America's Security Challenges Beyond Iraq: A Conference Report

Strategic Studies Institute
· The "People" in the PLA: Recruitment, Training, and Education in China's Military

UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
· Armed Conflict and Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan, January 1-August 31

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Rethinking the Two-State Solution
· Terrorist Threat and U.S. Response: A Changing Landscape

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