Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Friday's Miscellany 06-30-2017

38 North

Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN)
·         Ideology in the Afghan Taliban

Africa Center for Strategic Studies

African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes

Air Force STSC
·         CrossTalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering,  July/August 2017, v. 30, no.4
o    Testing in O&M: Software Does Not Wear Out, It Degrades
o    Software Estimates that Work
o    Principles of Software Testing
o    Combining Agile Practices with CMMI Process Areas: A Case Study
o    Using Contracts to Reduce Cybersecurity Risks
o    Integration of Big Data: Misconceptions, Problems, and Needed Capabilities
o    Getting to Understand Some of the Operations and Maintenance Drivers of Cost

American Enterprise Institute

Amnesty International

Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center (AFHSC)
·         Medical Surveillance Monthly Report, June 2017, v. 4, no. 6
o    Incidence of Campylobacter intestinal infections, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2007–2016
o    Incidence of nontyphoidal Salmonella intestinal infections, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2007–2016
o    Incidence of Shigella intestinal infections, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2007–2016
o    Using records of diagnoses from healthcare encounters and laboratory test results to estimate the incidence of norovirus infections, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2007–2016: limitations to this approach
o    Incidence of Escherichia coli intestinal infections, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2007–2016
o    Surveillance snapshot: Annual incidence rates and monthly distribution of cases of gastrointestinal infection, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2007–2016

Asan Institute for Policy Studies

Atlantic Council
·         Chinese FDI in Latin America

Australian National University – Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs

Baker Institute for Public Policy
·         The Winter of Our Discontent

Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
·         From Osirak to Yongbyon
·         Modi Is Coming to Jerusalem
·         On the Future of Jerusalem
·         The Qatar Crisis and China
·         Shalom, Modi!

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
·         The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy             

Brennan Center for Justice

British American Security Information Council (BASIC)
·         Negative Security Assurances (June 2017 Briefing)


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

CATO Institute

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)

Center for Climate Security (CCS)

Center for Homeland Defense and Security
·         Homeland Security Affairs Journal, v. 13, June 2017

Center for Security Studies (CSS)
·         Russian Analytical Digest, no. 204: Russian Agriculture and Fisheries

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
·         Impacts of Onshore Oil and Gas Development  [interactive]
·         PacNet #47 - Breaking the Frame
·         PacNet #48 - Why Panama Matters
·         PacNet #48R - Response to PacNet #48 “Why Panama Matters

Center for Terrorism and Security Studies
·         Perspectives on Terrorism, June 2017, v. 11, no. 3  
o    A Pedigree of Terror: The Myth of the Ba’athist Influence in the Islamic State Movement
o    IS Penetration in Afghanistan-Pakistan: Assessment, Impact and Implications
o    Cracks in the Online “Caliphate”: How the Islamic State is Losing Ground in the Battle for Cyberspace
o    Ethnicity and Politics in Contextualising Far Right and Islamist Extremism
o    Who are the British Jihadists? Identifying Salient Biographical Factors in the Radicalisation Process
o    Why the U.S. Military Should Support Domestic CVE
o    Counterterrorism Bookshelf: 40 Books on Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism-Related Subjects
o    Bibliography: Islamic State (Part 3)
o    Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects

Center on Global Energy Policy

Centre for European Reform (CER)

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
·         CIA Analysis of the Soviet Navy

Chatham House

Combatting Terrorism Center (CTC)
·         CTC Sentinel, June/July 2017, v. 10, no.6
o    Terror in Tehran: The Islamic State Goes to War with the Islamic Republic
o    Crossing the Canal: Why Egypt Faces a Creeping Insurgency
o    Differential Association Explaining Jihadi Radicalization in Spain: A Quantitative Study
o    The Battle for Raqqa and the Challenges after Liberation

Congress. House. Energy & Commerce Committee

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee

Congress. House. Judiciary Committee

Congress. House. Oversight & Government Reform Committee

Congress. House. Science, Space & Technology Committee

Congress. Senate. Judiciary Committee

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Defense Intelligence Ballistic Missile Analysis Committee

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
·         DODIG 2016-129 The National Security Agency Should Take Additional Steps to Effectively Implement Its Privileged Access-Related Secure-the-Net Initiatives [redacted]

Department of State

Department of the Army
·         ATP 5-0.6 Network Engagement

Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
·         ICPG 404.1 - Federal Partner Access to IC Information Technology Systems

East West Center
European Policy Centre

European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center

European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS)

Feinstein International Center

Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
·         Islam in America

French Institute of International Relations (Institut Français des Relations Internationales)

German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

German Marshall Fund of the United States

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
·         Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Has Fully Implemented Its Chemical Security Expedited Approval Program, and Participation to Date Has Been Limited. GAO-17-502
·         Defense Science and Technology: Adopting Best Practices Can Improve Innovation Investments and Management. GAO-17-499
·         Defense-Wide Working Capital Fund: Action Needed to Maintain Cash Balances within Required Levels. GAO-17-465
·         FBI Laboratory: Chemistry and Trace Evidence Units Generally Adhere to Quality Standards, but Could Review More Examiner Testimonies. GAO-17-516
·         Operational Support Airlift: Fleet Sufficiency is Assessed Annually. GAO-17-582
·         Telecommunications: Additional Action Needed to Address Significant Risks in FCC's Lifeline Program. GAO-17-538
·         Weapon Systems: Prototyping Has Benefited Acquisition Programs, but More Can Be Done to Support Innovation Initiatives. GAO-17-309

Heritage Foundation

Hudson Institute

Human Rights Watch

Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA)
·         Africa Watch, June 29, 2017
o    African Debt: How Much Is Too Much?
o    Mutinies in Ivory Coast Reveal Deep Military Divides

Institute for Strategic, Political, Security and Economic Consultancy (ISPSW)

Institute of International Affairs (Istituto Affari Internazionali)

Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS)

International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT)

International Crisis Group

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

International Peace Institute (IPI)

Jamestown Foundation
·         Terrorism Monitor, July 1, 2017, v. 15, no. 13
o    Yemen’s Houthi Missiles Keep Saudi Arabia Mired in Conflict
o    Haiat Tahrir al-Sham Ascendant in Northwest Syria
o    Yemen’s Houthi Missiles Keep Saudi Arabia Mired in Conflict

Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)
·         Joint Pub 5-0, Joint Planning, 16 June 2017

Manhattan Institute

Marine Corps University Middle East Studies
·         MES Insights, v. 8, no.  3, June 2017
o    Houthi Expansionism, Internal War, Geopolitics, and the Yemen Quagmire

Marine Corps University Press
·         Marine Corps University Journal, Spring 2017, v. 8, no. 1
o    Anticipating and Understanding the Rebalance:  Exercise Nine Innings
o    A Pivot of Their Own: China Reassesses the Rebalance  to Asia Policy, and What that Means for the  Trump Administration’s Asia Policy
o    Identity Crisis between the Wars: How Doctrine  Shaped the Marine Corps after World War I and Vietnam
o    Expeditionary Operations in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Martens Centre for European Studies

Mitchell Institute of Aerospace Studies


Nautilus Institute

New America Foundation

Notre Europe - Institut Jacques Delors

Observer Research Foundation
·         India-ASEAN Partnership at 25

Overseas Development Institute

Oxford Research Group

Pew Research Center Global Attitudes & Trends

Pew Research Center Hispanic Trends

Polish Institute of International Affairs

Project 2049 Institute


Small Wars Journal
·         Normandy: An Observation

Stanley Foundation

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

Strategic Studies Institute

United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Wilson Center

World Bank