Monday, September 5, 2016

Friday's Miscellany 09-03-2016

38 North

Al Jazeera Center for Studies

Amnesty International

Armament Research Services

Army Combined Arms Center
·         Military Review, September-October 2016, v. 96, no. 5
o    North Korean Collapse or Korean Reunification: The Importance of Preparation over Prediction
o    Strategic Acquisition for  Effective Innovation
o    How America Will Be Attacked: Irregular Warfare, the Islamic State, Russia, and China
o    The Global Spread of Arms: The Link between State Collapse, Small Arms Proliferation, and Global Conflict
o    Strategic Assessment of Bolivia’s Defense Policy
o    Commanding the Right: Islamic Morality and Why It Matters
o    The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Terrorism Threat from the Islamic State
o    Growing Army Professionals: Closing the Values Gap
o    How the Army’s Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback Program Could Become a Catalyst for Leader Development
o    Ten Lessons Learned about Host-Nation Construction in Afghanistan
o    Training for Decisive Action
o    A Financial Comparison of the Blended (New) Retirement System and the Current (Soon to Be Old) Defined Benefit System
o    Constructive Effects Focus on Capabilities
o    Rebuttal: The CIA Responds to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Study of Its Detention and Interrogation Program

Asian Development Bank
·         Water: Securing Bhutan's Future

Atlantic Council

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)

Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
·         Cyberspace, the Final Frontier
·         The Oslo Disaster

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Berghof Conflict Research


Canada Department of Public Safety

Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI)

CATO Institute

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)

Center for Cyber and Homeland Security (CCHS)

Center for Infrastructure Protection & Homeland Security
·         CIP Report, July/August2016
o    Teaching Homeland Security: A European Approach
o    Resilience Index: An Alternative in Resilience Measurement
o    Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience of the Republic of Croatia
o    NATO Article 5 and Cyber Warfare: NATO’s Ambiguous and Outdated Procedure for Determining When Cyber Aggression Qualifies as an Armed Attack
o    Lessons and Needs for Improving Critical Infrastructures’ Resilience

Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies (ORSAM)

Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS)
·         Who is Afraid of Consensus?

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
·         PacNet #64 - The Story of the 2020 Olympics is Already Taking Shape

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

Chatham House

Clingendael - Netherlands Institute of International Relations

Cluster Munition Coalition
·         Cluster Munition Monitor 2016

Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee

Congress. Senate. Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
·         Can Malaria Be Eradicated?

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
·         DODIG-2016-127 DoD Officials Did Not Take Appropriate Action When Notified of Potential Travel Card Misuse at Casinos and Adult Entertainment Establishments
·         DODIG-2016-131 Designation of Contracting Officer’s Representatives and Oversight Framework Could Be Improved for Contracts in Afghanistan

Department of the Air Force

Dudley Knox Library
·         Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG): A Brief Bibliography [updated August 2016]

East Asia Institute

Enough Project

European Policy Centre (EPC)

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)

Foundation for International Development Study and Research (FERDI)

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
·         Export-Import Bank: Status of Dual-Use Exports as of August 2016. GAO-16-844R
·         Federal Hiring: OPM Needs to Improve Management and Oversight of Hiring Authorities. GAO-16-521


Heritage Foundation

Hoover Institute
·         China Leadership Monitor, Fall 2016, no, 51
o    Chinese Views on the South China Sea Arbitration Case between the People’s Republic of China and the Philippines
o    The First 100 Days: Crossing the River While Feeling the Stones
o    The Road To The 19th Party Congress
o    Supply-Side Structural Reform at Mid-year: Compliance, Initiative, and Unintended Consequences Supply-Side Structural Reform at Mid-year: Compliance, Initiative, and Unintended Consequences
o    Xi Jinping Has a Cool New Nickname: “Commander-in-Chief”

Human Rights Watch

Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT)

Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA)

Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA)
·         Africa Watch, September 1, 2016, v. 12 

o    Somali Refugees in Dadaab: There To Stay?
o    East African Oil and Gas: The Future Is Not Now
o    Securing the Virtual Savannah: Global Implications of African Cybercrime

Institute for Economics and Peace
·         Positive Peace 2016

Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC)

Institute for Science and International Security
·         JCPOA Exemptions Revealed

Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

Institute for the Study of War
·         Iraq Situation Report: August 23-30, 2016
·         ISIS's Campaign in Europe: July 16-August 18, 2016
·         Russian Airstrikes in Syria: July 28 – August 29, 2016
·         Syria Situation Report: August 25 - September 1, 2016

Institute of Development Studies  (IDS)

Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS)

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)

Joint Special Operations University (JSOU)

·         Lawfare Research Paper Series, v. 4, no. 3,September 2016
o    Presidential Elections: A Perilous Time for U.S. Intelligence

Lowy Institute for International Relations

Migration Policy Institute


National Academies Press

National Park Service

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

Oxford Research Group
·         A World after ISIS – Part II

Peacekeeping &  Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI)
·         Peace and Stability Journal, August 2016, v. 6, no. 4
o    Work Group 1: Develop a Training Strategy for Humanitarian Assistance
o    Work Group 2: Preparing Senior Leaders to Succeed in Peace Operations
o    Work Group 3: Analyzing and Mitigating Transnational Organized Crime in UN Peacekeeping Operations
o    Work Group 4: Organizing the Generating Function of a Security Force Institution
o    Work Group 5: Developing a Common Curriculum to Improve Interagency Planning and Collaboration
o    Work Group 6: Lessons Learned for Developing a Civilian-Military Relations Course

Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)


Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

Small Wars Journal
·         Processing Leader Development

Stanford University, One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence

Stimson Center

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC)

US Institute of Peace (USIP)
·         Prisons and Detention in Libya

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

White House
·         FACT SHEET: U.S.-China Cooperation on Climate Change
·         Fact Sheet: U.S.-China Economic Relations