Sunday, June 5, 2016

Friday's Miscellany 06-03-2016

38 North

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU)

Al Jazeera Centre for Studies

Amnesty International

Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center (AFHSC)
·         Medical Surveillance Monthly Report, May 2016, v. 23, no. 4 
o    Post-refractive surgery complications and eye disease, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2005-2014
o    Update: Urinary stones, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2011-2015
o    Surveillance snapshot: Zika virus infection among Military Health System beneficiaries following introduction of the virus into the Western Hemisphere, 20 May 2016
o    Surveillance snapshot: Department of Defense Global, Laboratory-Based Influenza Surveillance Program, 2014-2015 season

Army War College
·         Parameters, Spring 2016, v. 46, no. 1 
o    Making Sense of the "Long Wars" – Advice to the US Army
o    Balancing Priorities in America's European Strategy
o    Revisiting the Principles of NATO Burden-Sharing
o    Modifying America's Forward Presence in Eastern Europe
o    The United States as the Reluctant Ally
o    State-Building: America's Foreign Policy Challenge
o    Nation-Building is an Oxymoron
o    Lessons from the Air Campaigns over Libya, Syria, and Yemen
o    Does Russia Have a Gerasimov Doctrine?
o    Measuring the Effectiveness of America's War on Terror

Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

ASUA Institute of Land Warfare
·         Delivering Materiel Readiness 

Atlantic Council

Australian National University – Strategic & Defence Studies Centre

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)

Baker Institute for Public Policy
·         Mexican Armed Forces & Security 

Barcelona Centre for International Affairs

Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies

·         India's Energy and Climate Policy 

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Cato Institute

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)

Center for Homeland Defense and Security
·         Homeland Security Affairs. May 2016 
·         The Fortress Problem 

Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)

Center for Security Studies (CSS)
·         Libya – in the Eye of the Storm 
·         Russian Analytical Digest, no. 184: Russian Food Policy 

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA)

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
·         PacNet #48 - The Bilateral and Regional Significance of Obama’s visit in Vietnam 

Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

Clingendael - Netherlands Institute of International Relations

Congress. House. Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

Council on Foreign Relations
·         China’s G20 Challenge 

Deep Cuts Project
·         Anticipatory Arms Control 

Department of State
·         2015 Country Reports on Terrorism     

Department of the Air Force

Department of the Navy
·         OPNAV 3440.16E Navy Defense Support of Civil Authorities Program 

Dudley Knox Library
·         Lone Wolf Terrorism - A Brief Bibliography [Updated May 30, 2016

East-West Center

Economic Research Forum (ERF)

Egmont Institute Royal Institute for International Relations

Energy Information Administration (EIA)

EU Institute for Security Studies

European Parliament

European Union Agency for Network and Information Security  (ENISA)
·         Exploring Cloud Incidents 

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
·         2016 National Preparedness Report 

Foundation for International Development Study and Research (FERDI)

French Institute of International Relations (Institut Français des Relations Internationales)

German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

Global Center on Cooperative Security

Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
·         Aviation Security: Airport Perimeter and Access Control Security Would Benefit from Risk Assessment and Strategy Updates. GAO-16-632 
·         Federal Air Marshal Service: Actions Needed to Better Incorporate Risk in Deployment Strategy. GAO-16-582 
·         IT Dashboard: Agencies Need to Fully Consider Risks When Rating Their Major Investments. GAO-16-494 
·         Midway Atoll: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Faces Many Competing Priorities. GAO-16-382 

Heritage Foundation

Human Rights Watch

Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)

Institute for Science and International Security

Institute for the Study of War
·         Fallujah Control of Terrain Map: May 31, 2016 
·         Fallujah Control of Terrain Map (animated ): May 23-31, 2016 
·         Iraq Situation Report: May 24 - June 1, 2016 
·         ISIS Forecast: Ramadan 2016 
·         ISIS's Regional Campaign: May 2016 
·         Russian Airstrikes in Syria: May 13 - June 2, 2016 

Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS)

International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT)

International Crisis Group

International Peace Institute (IPI)


Long War Journal
·         Charting the Data for US Air Strikes in Yemen, 2002 - 2016 [updated June3, 2016

Jamestown Foundation
·         China Brief, June 2, 2016, v. 16, no. 9 
o    Team Tsai Ing-wen: a Who’s Who of the New Cabinet
o    The Courage to Fight and Win: The PLA Cultivates Xuexing for the Wars of the Future
o    China Dictates Terms for Sino-Japanese Relations During First Japanese Foreign Minister Visit in Four Years
o    Growing Overlap Between Counter-Terrorism and Overseas Interest Protection Acts As New Driver of Chinese Strategy

Lowy Institute for International Policy

Marine Corps University Middle East Studies
·         MES Insights, March 2016,v. 7, no. 3 
o    Democracy, Autocracy, and US Policy in the Arab World: The Return of Realism?"


National Academies Press

National Alliance on Mental Illness
·         Preparing for the Unimaginable 

Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)
·         Investigative Dashboard search 

Open Society Foundation
·         Tackling Corruption in Uzbekistan 

Oxford Research Group


Political Economy Research Institute (PERI)


Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Small Arms Survey

Small Wars Journal

Transnational Institute
·         Tax Evasion and Weapon Production 

Walk Free Foundation
·         2015 Global Slavery Index 

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
·         Assessing the New AKP Cabinet 
·         Iraq's Imperiled Democracy 

White House