Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Friday's Miscellany 12-05-2014

38 North

Amnesty International

Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center (AFHSC)
·         Medical Surveillance Monthly Report (MSMR), November 2014, v. 21, no. 11 
o    Transfusion-transmissible infections among U.S. military recipients of emergently transfused blood products, June 2006–December 2012
o    Evaluation of extragenital screening for gonorrhea and chlamydia in HIV-infected active duty Air Force members
o    An outbreak of Campylobacter enteritis associated with a community water supply on a U.S. military installation

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)

Baker Institute for Public Policy
·         Transit Migration in Mexico 
·         U.S.-Mexico Academic Mobility 

Barcelona Centre for International Affairs

Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

·         Profiling the Islamic State 

Canadian Defense & Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI)

Carnegie Moscow Center

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)

Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security (CIP/HS)
·         CIP Report, November 2014, v. 14, no. 4
o    Education 
o    Special Edition 

Center for Security Studies (CSS)
·         How to Use Climate Finance 

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
·         Issues and Insights Vol. 14, No. 16 - Respond and Restrain: Deterrence and Reassurance in Northeast Asia 
·         Korean Unification in a New Era 
·         PacNet #85 - Building Nuclear Governance in the Asia Pacific: The Next Big Project 
·         PacNet #84 - A Tale of Two Tales: Competing Narratives in the Asia Pacific 

Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)

Centre for European Reform (CER)

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

Centre for Security Governance

Chatham House

Clarion Project
·         The Islamic State 
·         Who's Who in the Syrian Civil War 

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
·         Hong Kong: A Broken Promise? 

Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee

Congress. House. Judiciary Committee

Congress. House. Oversight & Government Reform Committee

Congress. House. Science, Space and Technology Committee
·         The Future of Nuclear Energy 

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations Committee

Congress. Senate. Veteran's Affairs Committee
·         Hepatitis C in Veterans 

Council on Foreign Relations

·         Operation Cleaver [cybersecurity] 

Department of Defense (DOD)

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
·         DODIG-2015-045 DoD Cloud Computing Strategy Needs Implementation Plan and Detailed Waiver Process 

Department of State

East-West Center

Egmont Institute Royal Institute for International Relations

Energy Information Administration (EIA)
·         Oman Country Analysis Brief - December 2014 

EU Institute for Security Studies

European Parliamentary Research Service

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
·         Is the Whole World on Fire? 

Foundation for International Development Study and Research (FERDI)

German Development Institute

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
·         Broadband Internet: FCC Should Track the Application of Fixed Internet Usage-Based Pricing and Help Improve Consumer Education. GAO-15-108 
·         Federal Data Transparency: Effective Implementation of the DATA Act Would Help Address Government-wide Management Challenges and Improve Oversight. GAO-15-241T [testimony]  
·         Regional Missile Defense: DOD's 2014 Report Generally Addressed Required Reporting Elements, but Excluded Additional Key Details. GAO-15-32 

Heritage Foundation

Human Rights Watch

Institut français des relations internationals (Ifri)

Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA)
·         Africa Watch, December 4,2014 
o    Women's Political Participation in Africa—An Upside to Conflict?
o    In the Midst of Protests, will Togo Follow Burkina Faso?

Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA)

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)

Institute for Security & Development Policy

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Institute for the Study of War
·         Iraq Situation Report
o    December 1, 2014 
o    December 2-3, 2014 
o    December 4-5, 2014 
·         ISIS Sanctuary Map: December 5, 2014 
·         Syria Update: November 25 - December 02, 2014 
·         Winning Battles, Losing Wars 

Institute of International Relations (IIR)

Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS)

Instituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)

International Campaign to Ban Land Mines
·         Landmine Monitor 2014 

International Centre for Defense Studies

International Crisis Group

International Republican Institute (IRI)

Jamestown Foundation
·         China Brief, December 5, 2014, v. 14, no. 23 
o    China’s Espionage Against Taiwan (Part II): Chinese Intelligence Collectors
o    China’s Soft-Power Deficit Widens as Xi Tightens Screws Over Ideology
o    Xi’s Military Reform Plan: Accelerating Construction of a Strong PLA
o    Assessing China’s Afghan Peace Play
·         Terrorism Monitor, December 5, 2014, v. 12, no. 23 
o    Lashkar-e-Zil: Al-Qaeda’s ‘Shock and Awe’ Force
o    Islamist Radicalization: A New Challenge for Kenya
o    From Obscurity to Dominance: The Continuing Rise of Yemen’s al-Houthi Movement

Kennedy Center for International Studies
·         Journal of International Organization Studies, Fall 2014, v. 5, no. 2 
o    International Organization in International Society: UN Reform from an English School Perspective
o    Democratic Inputs versus Output-Oriented Governance: The ECB's Evolving Role and the New Architecture of Legitimacy in the EU
o    Change in IMF Policy Advice to North Africa after the Arab Uprisings
o    The Autonomy of Bureaucratic Organizations: An Organization Theory Argument
o    How Are Parliamentarians of States Involved in Global Governance, and How Should They Be
o    The Life-Cycle of Regimes: Temporality and Exclusive Forms of International Cooperation

Korea Institute for National Unification

Lowy Institute for International Policy

Middle East Studies (MES)
·         MES Insights, November 2014, v. 5, no. 6 
o    Houthi Advances in Yemen Pose Security Dilemma for the U.S.
o    Why ISIS is More Dangerous than al-Qaeda

National Academies Press

National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)

National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS)

National Network for Safe Communities

NATO Defense College

NATO Communications and Information Agency
·         NATO’s First Step to the Cloud: Overview and Business Drivers [ITM White Paper No. 1] 

Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre

Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)


Oxford Martin School

Political Economy Research Institute (PERI)

Quilliam Foundation

·         Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military

Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
·         UK Home Secretary Theresa May [new policy on counter-terrorism and extremism] 

S. Ragaratnam School of International Studies
·         Navigating the Indo-Pacific Arc 

Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) & Roubini Global Economics (RGE)

Small Wars Journal

Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)

Transparency International
·         Corruption Perceptions Index 2014 

Ubiquity Press
·         Stability: International Journal of Security and Development, 2014, v. 3, no, 1  

UK Government Home Office

UK Parliament

US Africa Command

US Institute of Peace (USIP)

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

White House
·         FACT SHEET: Strengthening Community Policing 
·         FACT SHEET: Update on the Ebola Response 

World Bank
·         World Development Report 2015