Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Military Leadership Diversity Commission final report

FYI - the Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC), led by Lester Lyles (UASF GEN ret.) released its final report and recommendations yesterday. The report "From Representation to Inclusion: Diversity Leadership for the 21st Century Military" is a result of the The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009, Section 596, Public Law 110-417 which established the Commission and required the report.

The Commission's website
also contains other related reports and resources. According to the press release, twenty recommendations were proposed by the MLDC in support of their two main objectives.
1) "...the Armed Forces systematically develop a demographically diverse leadership that reflects the forces it leads and the public it serves."
2) "...the Services pursue a broader diversity that includes the range of backgrounds, skills, and personal attributes that are necessary to enhance military performance."

Subcommittees addressed ten substantive categories and produced related Issue Papers
and Decision Papers
*Definition of Diversity
*Legal Implications
*Outreach and Recruiting
*Branching and Assignments
*Implementation and Accountability
*National Guard and Reserve