Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday's Miscellany 10-22-2010

Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN)
The Ex-Taleban on the High Peace Council: A Renewed Role for the Khuddam ul-Furqan?

Afghanistan NGO Safety Office
Afghanistan: ANSO Quarterly Data Report Quarter 3 2010 [01 January - 30 September]

ANSO Quarterly Data Reports

Air University Library
Recent Bibliographies

WMD: Chemical, Biological, & Radiological
Somalia Piracy
Cyberspace and National Security
Iraq Reconstruction

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Network Neutrality 101 - Why the Government Must Act to Preserve the Free And Open Internet

Amnesty International
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Briefing to the UN Committee Against Torture

Atlantic Council
Triple Crown 2010: Can the Transatlantic Alliance be Strategic?

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Analysis of Financial Incentives for Early CCS Deployment
How Good Politics Results in Bad Policy: The Case of Biofuel Mandates
Transportation Revenue Options: Infrastructure, Emissions, and Congestion

British American Security Information Council(BASIC)
Iran Update, no. 146

Brookings Institute
Afghanistan Index: Tracking Progress and Security in Post-9/11 Afghanistan [updated October 19, 2010 and archive]
Civil Society in the Arab World and the Dilemma of Funding
Empirical Performance of a Decentralized Civil Violence Model
Financial Sector Regulation and Reforms in Emerging Markets: An Overview
Reset Reloaded: The Second Phase of Obama’s Russia Policy Should Now Have a Major European Component
The Role of Religious Leaders and Religious Communities in Diplomacy
Systemic Risk in the Financial System: Insights from Network Science
(Un?)Happiness and Gasoline Prices in the United States

Bureau of Justice Statistics
Background Checks for Firearm Transfers, 2009 Statistical Tables

Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI)
Broken Promises: The Fragility Gap and the Millennium Development Goals
China’s Strategic Behaviour

CARE Canada
Looking for Leadership: Women’s Empowerment and Canada’s New Role in Afghanistan

CATO Institute
A Free Trade Agreement with South Korea Would Promote Both Prosperity and Security

Center for a New American Security
America’s Interests in India
India, The United States and the Global Commons
Natural Allies: A Blueprint for the Future of US-India Relations
The Strategic Implications of Indo-US Private Sector Ties
The United States and India 10 Years Out
Unleashing US-India Defense Trade

Center for American Progress
A New Approach to the Russia-Georgia Conflict

Center for Immigration Studies
A Gift to the Drug Cartels: Will New Mexico Become the New Arizona?

Centre for Military and Strategic Studies
Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, Summer 2010, v. 12, no. 4
• Germany and Sea Power in the 20th Century
• Inexpensive Leadership: On Canada’s Global Normative Position and Its Potentials
• Conference Proceedings: Canadian Reserves on Operations
• Conference Powerpoints: Canadian Reserves on Operations

Center for Security Policy
National Security Scorecard

Center for Security Studies
Intelligence Agencies: Adapting to New Threats
Switzerland and the EU: Challenges and Uncertainties of Bilateralism

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
Cyber Events Since 2006
Doing Less with Less? Assessing the Impact of the UK Strategic Defense and Security Review
Issues & Insights Vol. 10 - No. 24
Middle Eastern Perspectives on the United States
PacNet #50 - Enhancing Japan's position in the Senkaku Dispute
The US Transition in Iraq: Iraqi Forces and US and Military Aid

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)
The Caribbean Papers: Caribbean Economic Governance Project
Security Sector Reform Monitor: Burundi [4th ed]

Chatham House
Evaluating the 2010 Strategy Review
Hong Kong in the Global Economy: How the Special Administrative Region Rises to the Challenges Posed by China
Managing Energy: Rethinking the Fundamentals - Managing Energy Technology
Strategy in Austerity: The Security and Defence of the United Kingdom
Yemen and Somalia: Terrorism, Shadow Networks and the Limitations of State-Building

Combat Studies Institute (CSI)
War Termination: The Proceedings of the War Termination Conference United States Military Academy West Point 21 June 2010

Council on Foreign Relations
Midterm Elections 2010: Spending Wars

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
The Russo-Chinese Energy Relationship

Deloitte’s Global Energy & Resources Group
Energy Predictions 2011 report

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
OIG-10-124 - The Performance of 287(g) Agreements Report Update
OIG-10-122 - Age Determination Practices for Unaccompanied Alien Children - Update
OIG-10-121 - FEMA’s Implementation of Recommendations from Top Officials 4
OIG-10-97 - DHS' Counterintelligence Activities (Summary)

Department of State
Briefing on Pending Major Arms Sale

Department of the Navy
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) 2011 Guidance

Elcano Royal Institute of International and Strategic Studies
China in Ghana: Easing the Shift from Aid Dependency to Oil Economy?

European Environment Agency
Tracking Progress Towards Kyoto and 2020 Targets in Europe

European Policy Centre
Skills and Education for Growth and Well-Being in Europe 2020: Are We on the Right Path?

Federal Reserve Board
Report to the Congress on Risk Retention

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
Identity Theft – Trends, Patterns, and Typologies Reported in Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) Filed by Depository Institutions

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Strengthen Management and Oversight of Its Prime Contractor, GAO-11-6
Servicemember Reemployment: Agencies Are Generally Timely in Processing Redress Complaints, but Improvements Needed in Maintaining Data and Reporting, GAO-11-55
Southwest Border: More Timely Border Patrol Access and Training Could Improve Security Operations and Natural Resource Protection on Federal Land, GAO-11-38

Heritage Foundation
America’s Founders and the Principles of Foreign Policy: Sovereign Independence, National Interests, and the Cause of Liberty in the World
Protective Agreement to Limit Missile Defense and Space Systems Should Delay New START
Spending Cuts in British Defense Review: Less Than Expected, but Still Damaging
The U.S. Takes “New Europe” for Granted at its Own Peril

Human Rights Watch
Afraid and Forgotten: Lawlessness, Rape, and Impunity in Western Côte d’Ivoire
Development Without Freedom: How Aid Underwrites Repression in Ethiopia
The Price of Independence: Silencing Labor and Student Unions in Tunisia

Institute for Homeland Security Solutions
Building on Clues: Examining Successes and Failures in Detecting U.S. Terrorist Plots, 1999-2009

Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
A Contentious New START: A Snapshot of the Debate over the New START Treaty
Strategic Forum # 260 Private Contractors in Conflict Zones: The Good, the Bad, and the Strategic Impact

Institute for Security Studies (ISS)
Burundi: Overview of the 2010 Elections and Observations on the way Forward
A Critical Assessment of Security Challenges in West Africa
Illegal Fishing and the Rising Threat of Piracy

Institute for the Study of War
Iraq – Order of Battle (Dec 09 – Oct 10)

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Bank Lending in Turkey: Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policies
Deconstructing The International Business Cycle: Why Does A U.S. Sneeze Give The Rest Of The World A Cold?
Financial Contagion through Bank Deleveraging: Stylized Facts and Simulations Applied to the Financial Crisis
Financial Frictions, Investment, and Institutions
The Impact of the Great Recession on Emerging Markets
International Capital Flows and Development: Financial Openness Matters
Is Social Spending Procyclical?
Regional Economic Outlook: Europe
Regional Economic Outlook: Western Hemisphere
Restoring Debt Sustainability After Crises: Implications for the Fiscal Mix
Spillovers from Europe into Morocco and Tunisia

International Relations and Security Network
Azerbaijan: Should the Learned be Elected in Baku?

Bahrain on the Edge
The Broken US-Mexican Border
China's Demographic Dilemma
Drone Attacks Stoke Debate in Pakistan
German Defense Reform and Conscription
Regional Military Force Established to Crack Down on Lord’s Resistance Army

Turkey's Referendum: Revenge à la Turca?
Wen Jiabao: The Verdict of History

IRIS Independent Research
9 Secrets of the Tanker War: Replacing America’s Aerial Refueling Tankers with KC-X

Jamestown Foundation
China Brief, October 22, 2010, v. 10, no. 21

o PLA Gains Clout: Xi Jinping Elevated to CMC Vice-Chairman
o Letter from Taiwan: Taipei and the New, Assertive China
o New Strains Emerge in the Sino-Russian Military Relationship
o Growing Nationalism and Maritime Jurisdiction in the East China Sea
Terrorism Monitor, October 21, 2010, v. 8, no. 38

o Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Strategy of "Encircling" India
o The New Ideologues of the North Caucasus Jihadists
o Can Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Maintain its Operational Capability in a Sanctions Regime?

Joseph Rowntree Foundation
How Globalisation is Changing Patterns of Marginalisation and Inclusion in the UK

McKinsey Global Institute
Beyond Austerity: A Path to Economic Growth and Renewal in Europe

Miller Center of Public Affairs
Well Within Reach: America’s New Transportation Agenda

Monterey Institute for International Studies
Islam, Islamism and Politics in Eurasia Reports

National Academies Press
Building Community Disaster Resilience through Private-Public Collaboration
Near-Earth Object Surveys and Hazard Mitigation Strategies: Interim Report
Sequence-Based Classification of Select Agents: A Brighter Line
Severe Space Weather Events--Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts: A Workshop Report
Understanding the Demand for Illegal Drugs

National Library of Medicine
Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC) website
NN/LM Emergency Preparedness & Response Toolkit
Maritime Homeland Security: Are Duties & Responsibilities Changing?

Parliamentary Library of Australia
Multiculturalism: A Review of Australian Policy Statements and Recent Debates in Australia and Overseas

Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)
The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Development Thinking
Prospects for Implementing the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement
A Role for the G-20 in Addressing Climate Change?

Pew Global Attitudes Project
Indians See Threat From Pakistan, Extremist Groups

Residential Insurance on the U.S. Gulf Coast in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: A Framework for Evaluating Potential Reforms
Retention of Military Physicians: The Differential Effects of Practice Opportunities Across the Three Services
Three Essays on Obstacles to Improving Demographic Representation in the Armed Forces

Russian and Eurasian Security Network
Russian Analytical Digest No. 84: Police Reform

Small Wars Journal
Afghanistan: It Never Hurts to Talk
In Afghanistan, Less is More
Design and the Prospects for Critical Dialogue
Governance in the Raw: A Primer on Tribal Political Systems
Planning a Military Campaign to Support Negotiations in Afghanistan
Southern Sudan - the Four Theses
Team Ninewa Models Successful Civilian-Military Unity of Effort

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Military Spending and Arms Procurement in the Gulf States

Transnational Institute
Assumptions in the European Union Biofuels Policy: Frictions with Experiences in Germany, Brazil and Mozambique
The Second Conquest: The EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru

United Kingdom
A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The National Security Strategy
Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The Strategic Defence and Security Review

UK National Audit Office
Ministry of Defence: The Major Projects Report 2010

United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)
Disarmament Forum - Arms Control Verification, 2010, no. 3
o Arms Control Verification (full text)
o Verification: To Detect, to Deter and to Build Confidence
o The Verification Debate in the BTWC in 2011
o Monitoring and Verification of the Arms Trade and Arms Embargoes
o Verification in Space: Theories, Realities and Possibilities
o Verification and Security in a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Elements and Framework of a Nuclear Weapons Convention
o The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Verification of International Agreements

United Nations Office in Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Guide for the Development of Forensic Document Examination Capacity

Uppsala Conflict Data Program // Peace Research Institute Oslo
UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset: Version 4-2010, 1946 – 2009

U.S. Census Bureau
Foreign-Born Population of the United States: 2009

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
“Children of War” Screening at United Nations Spotlights Efforts to Aid Child Soldiers
Dangerous Liaisons with the Afghan Taliban: The Feasibility and Risks of Negotiations
On the Issues: Lebanon
Persistent Challenges to Long-Term Peace in Côte d’Ivoire
Realism and Pragmatism in Security Sector Development
Social Media Amplify Concerns in India’s Jammu and Kashmir State
Transparency is the Key to Legitimate Afghan Parliamentary Elections

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Balancing Rights in Bahrain
Iran's Influence in Iraq: Game, Set, but Not Match to Tehran
Turkey under the AKP: Neither a European nor a Regional Power (Part 3)

World Economic Forum
Global Gender Gap Index 2010