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Friday's Miscellany 02-12-2010

Afghanistan Analysts Network (ANA)
· Governance in Afghanistan in a Regional Perspective

Brookings Institution
· Five Years of Kyoto

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· A London Fog on Afghanistan
· China and the United States—A Difficult Year Ahead
· Iran's Political Stock—A Short Sell
· Ukraine’s Presidential Election—The End of the Orange Revolution
· Yemen Faces Grave and Growing Domestic Challenges

Center for Biosecurity of UPMC
· The Next Challenge in Healthcare Preparedness: Catastrophic Health Events

Center for Cryptologic History (CCH)
· Historical Publications

Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine (CDHAM)
· Guide to Nongovernmental Organizations for the Military: A Primer for the Military About Private, Voluntary, and Nongovernmental Organizations Operating in Humanitarian Emergencies Globally

Center for European Reform (CER)
· Can Turkey Combine EU Accession and Regional Leadership?
· The New Commission’s Economic Philosophy

Center for Security Studies
· Strategic Trends 2010: Key Developments in Global Affairs
o Global Overview 2010
o Financial Crisis: Geoeconomic Twist, Geopolitical Stick
o US Foreign Policy: New Approaches and Old Problems in Afghanistan and the Middle East
o Non-Proliferation: Brining Back Disarmament
o Energy Security: Oil Price Volatility and Pervasive Resource Nationalism
o The Crisis of Crisis Management

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· Defense Department PAS Positions [updated February 12, 2010]

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute
· China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, 2009, v. 7, no. 4
o Spain and Central Asia: Prospects for 2010
o Notes on the Chinese Government’s Handling of the Urumqi Riot in Xinjiang
o Reassessing the SCO Economic Security in the Context of the “Afghan Factor”
o Competition for Water Resources in Central Asia and its Impact on China
o Peeling the Waziristan Onion: Central Asians in Armed Islamist Movements in Afghanistan and Pakistan
o Central Asia and the European Union: Prospects of an Energy Partnership
o Between Russia and the West: Turkey as an Emerging Power and the Case of Abkhazia
o Turkey in the Eurasian Energy Security Melting Pot
o The Three Blind Spots of Afghanistan: Water Flow, Irrigation Development, and the Impact of Climate Change

Centre for Eastern Studies (CES)
· Jihad Vs. the New Great Game: Paradoxes of Militant Islamic Threats in Central Asia

Chatham House
· No Painless Solution to Greece’s Debt Crisis

Department of Defense
· Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq - December 2009
· Previous reports

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
· IPO-2010-E001 Evaluation of DoD Sexual Assault Response in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom Areas of Operation

Executive Office of the President and the Council of Economic Advisors
· 2010 Economic Report of the President
· 1996-2009
· 1947-2009

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
· Is the International Role of the Dollar Changing?

Foreign Policy
· The Ultimate AfPak Reading List

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· The ‘Mega-Eights’: Urban Leviathans and International Instability

Geothermal Energy Association
· U.S. Geothermal Power Production and Development Update: January 2010

Heritage Foundation
· After Ukraine Elections: What Is Next for U.S. Policy?
· Arms Control: The Heritage Foundation Recommendations
· Ballistic Missile Defense: The Heritage Foundation Recommendations
· National Export Initiative Falls Short as a Winning U.S. Trade Policy
· U.S. Military Base Not a Reasonable Option for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trial

Human Rights Watch
· Torture Redux: The Revival of Physical Coercion during Interrogations in Bahrain

Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR)
· January 30, 2010 Quarterly Report to Congress
· Previous reports

Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses
· Cross-LoC Confidence Building Measures between India and Pakistan: A Giant Leap or a Small Step towards Peace?

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
· Iran’s Enrichment for the Tehran Research Reactor: Update
· Iran’s Gas Centrifuge Program: Taking Stock
· Iran’s Recent Statements about Production of Fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor: A Quick Review

Institute for Security Studies
· Command and Control?: Planning for EU Military Operations

Institute for the Study of War
· Afghanistan - Order of Battle
· Iraq - Order of Battle [February 2010]
· Operation Moshtarak: Preparing for the Battle of Marjah

International Assessment and Strategy Center
· Ecuador at Risk: Drugs, Thugs, Guerrillas and the Citizens Revolution

International Crisis Group
· Burundi: Ensuring Credible Elections

International Institute for Counter-Terrorism
· On the Mission and Concept of Roles of Gatekeepers in Intelligence Organizations: The Case of the Israeli Security Agency
· Pakistan, the Radicalization of the Jihadist Movement and the Challenge to China

International Relations and Security Network
· Afghanistan: Propaganda of the Deed
· All Quiet on the Missiles for Romania Front
· Costs of War: The Sexual Orientation of Defense
· France, Brazil Defensive Dedication
· Ignoring Iran
· Tehran’s Pyrrhic Victory

Jamestown Foundation
· Terrorism Monitor, v. 8, no.6 February 12, 2010
o The Insurgent Rationale in Iraq
o The People of Righteousness: Iraq's Shi'a Insurgents Issue Demands for Hostages
o Jihad and Islamism in the Maldive Islands
o Bajaur Agency: The New Landscape of Insurgency in FATA

Levy Economics Institute of Bard College
· The Global Crisis and the Future of the Dollar: Toward Bretton Woods III?

National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH)
· Winter Homeless Services: Bringing Our Neighbors in from the Cold

National Security Archive
· Project Azorian: The CIA's Declassified History of the Glomar Explorer
· Seeing Human Rights in the "Proper Manner": The Reagan-Chun Summit of February 1981

Office of Immigration Statistics
· Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States: January 2009

Pew Charitable Trusts
· An Initial Estimate of the Cost of Lost Climate Regulation Services Due to Changes in the Arctic Cryosphere
· Full report

Project for Excellence in Journalism
· Surplus of Deficit Coverage

Project on Defense Alternatives
· Trillions to Burn? A Quick Guide to the Pentagon Budget Surge

· Global Combat Support Basing: Robust Prepositioning Strategies for Air Force War Reserve Materiel
· RAND in Southeast Asia: A History of the Vietnam War Era

Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS)
· Can the Open Source Intelligence Emerge as an Indispensable Discipline for the Intelligence Community in the 21st Century?
· The European Union Post 9/11 Counter-Terror Policy Response: An Overview

Small Wars Journal
· Operational Design: Promise and Problems
· Seven
· Special Delivery
· Tribal Engagement: The Way Forward in Afghanistan
· Unrest in Iran: A Test Case for Counterinsurgency Theory

Strategic Studies Institute
· Drug Trafficking, Violence, and Instability in Mexico, Colombia, and the Caribbean: Implications for U.S. National Security

Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program
· 2009 Global Rankings of Think Tanks

TRAC Immigration
· Detention of Criminal Aliens: What Has Congress Bought?

UN Children's Fund (UNICEF)
· 2010 Humanitarian Action Report

UN Development Programme (UNDP)
· Mumbai Human Development Report 2009

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Can Gaza Become a Somalia or Yemen?
· How to Assess Political Fissures in Iran
· Khamenei and the Politics of Indecision
· Setback for Iran's Opposition: Khamenei's Hardline Reinforced

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