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Friday's Miscellany 01-22-2010

Afghan Center for Socio-Economic and Opinion Research (ACSOR)
· Afghanistan: National Poll for the BBC, ABC News and ARD of Germany

· Press release

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU)
· Building a Viable Microfinance Sector in Afghanistan

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS)
· Finding Security in an Age of Uncertainty

· Looking Ahead: The United States, Germany, and Europe in 2020

· Germany's Electoral System at 60: Trends and Reforms for the 21st Century
· Transatlantic Counterterrorism Policy: Cultural, Economic, and Financial Aspects

· The United States and the "Unity of Europe"

Amnesty International
· Somalia: International Military and Policing Assistance Should Be Reviewed

· Standing Up For Justice and Dignity: Human Rights Defenders in Mexico

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
· Let's Test That Idea - Contestability of Advice in the Department of Defence

Brookings Institution
· Beyond Emergency Relief for Haiti: The Challenge of Effective Development Assistance

· "Build Back Better" in Haiti: Lessons from the Indonesian Tsunami

· Completing a New Arms Control Agreement with Russia

· The Emerging Law of Detention: The Guant√°namo Habeas Cases as Lawmaking

· Obama and the Hemispheric Partnership: A Missed Opportunity?

Center for a New American Security
· Engaging the Private Sector for the Public Good: The Power of Network Diplomacy

· Learning From Experience: Lessons From The QDR for the QDDR

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· Guantanamo's Impact on U.S. National Security

Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)
· Fixing Flores: Assuring Adequate Penalties for Identity Theft and Fraud

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· Cyber Events Since 2006

· Homegrown Terrorism Fact Sheet
· Iran’s Evolving Threat

· The Ingenuity Gap: Officer Management for the 21st Century

· Transnational Threats Update November-December 2009 – Vol. 7, No. 9

Center for Strategic Leadership (CSL)
· Understanding Africa: A Geographic Approach

Center on Law and Security
· The Terrorist Trial Report Card, 2001-2009

Chatham House
· Controlling Illegal Logging: Consumer-Country Measures

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
· Hearings

o Status of the Air Force Nuclear Security Roadmap [January 21, 2010]
o Issues Affecting Naval Force Structure [January 20, 2010]
o Threat Posed by al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula and Other Regions [January 20, 2010]
o Findings of the Department of Defense Independent Review Relating to Fort Hood [January 20, 2010]

Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee
· 'The United States Secret Service and Presidential Protection: An Examination of a System Failure' Part 2

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee
· Findings and Recommendations of the Department of Defense Independent Review Relating to Fort Hood

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations Committee
· al Qaeda in Yemen and Somalia: A Ticking Time Bomb

· Civilian Strategy for Afghanistan: A Status Report in Advance of the London Conference

· Following The Money in Yemen and Lebanon: Maximizing the Effectivness of U.S. Security Assistance and International Financial Institution Lending

· Principles of U.S. Engagement in Asia

· Yemen: Confronting al-Qaeda, Preventing State Failure

Congress. Senate. Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs
· Intelligence Reform: The Lessons and Implications of the Christmas Day Attack, Part I

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· The Long-Term Outlook for the US Navy’s Fleet

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
· The Russian Chronologies: October – December 2009

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
· D-2010-035 Defense Logistics Agency Contracts for M2 Machine Gun Spare Parts in Support of Operations in Southwest Asia

· IE-2010-001 Evaluation of DOD Contracts Regarding Combating Trafficking in Persons

Department of Homeland Security Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
· Haiti Social Media Disaster Monitoring Initiative

Department of State
· Afghanistan and Pakistan Regional Stabilization Strategy

European Union Institute for Security Studies
· Command and Control?: Planning for EU Military Operations

· Strength in Numbers? Comparing EU Military Capabilities in 2009 with 1999

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· Abdurrahman Wahid, The Indonesian Republic, and Dynamics in Islam

· Islam and Islamism Today: The Case of Yusuf al-Qaradawi
· What’s So Important About the Abdulmutallab Affair?

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Defense Acquisitions: Managing Risk to Achieve Better Outcomes, GAO-10-374T [testimony]

· Financial Management: Improvements Needed in National Flood Insurance Program's Financial Controls and Oversight, GAO-10-66

· Information Sharing: Federal Agencies Are Sharing Border and Terrorism Information with Local and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies, but Additional Efforts Are Needed, GAO-10-41

· Rural Water Infrastructure: Improved Coordination and Funding Processes Could Enhance Federal Efforts to Meet Needs in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region, GAO-10-126

Heritage Foundation
· Arms Control: One Year Later, the Obama Administration Needs a New Strategy

· The Copenhagen Conference: A Setback for Bad Climate Policy in 2010
· Military Base Dispute Strains US-Japan Alliance

· State Sponsors of Terrorism: Time to Add Venezuela to the List

Hudson Institute
· National Security and the Social Sector in Georgia

Human Rights Watch
· World Report 2010

Human Security Report Project
· The Shrinking Costs of War

Institute for the Study of War
· Sunni Politicians Barred from Candidacy

International Monetary Fund
· Inflation in Tajikistan: Forecasting Analysis and Monetary Policy Challenges

International Relations and Security Network
· Bosnia Back on International Agendas

· Countering the Internet Jihad
· DEA Uncovers Drug-Terror Nexus
· Devastating Opportunities in Haiti
· Dire Straits for Pakistan
· Good Year for Private Security
· Guantanamo, Tip of the Iceberg

Jamestown Foundation
· China Brief, v. 10, no. 2, January 21, 2010

o Hu’s “New Deal” with Tibet: Chinese Characteristics and Tibetan Traits?
o The PLA’s Multiple Military Tasks: Prioritizing Combat Operations and Developing MOOTW Capabilities
o Chinese Infrastructure Projects Trouble India
o Managing the Chiang-Chen Talks in Cross-Strait Relations
· Terrorism Monitor, v.8, no. 3, January 21, 2010

o Mystery Persists in Assassination of Iranian "Nuclear Scientist" in Tehran
o Ban on U.K. Radical Islamist Group al-Muhajiroun Raises Free Speech Questions
o The Politics Behind Iraq's Second Parliamentary Election
o Hybrid, Homegrown and Transnational: The Indian Mujahideen and the Islamist Terror Matrix

Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)
· Joint Publication 3-13.2, Psychological Operations

Middle East Fact Project
· Religious Perceptions in America: An In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Attitudes Towards Muslims and Islam

National Academies Press
· Choosing the Nation’s Fiscal Future [free download but registration required]

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
· NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards, Release 1.0

Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre
· An Anvil of Clay: Pakistan’s Military Balks at Obama’s Afghan Surge

· Reluctant Ally: Islamabad, the Pakistani Media and Public Response to President Obama’s Afghan Surge

Petersons Institute for International Economics
· Estimation of De Facto Flexibility Parameter and Basket Weights in Evolving Exchange Rate Regimes
· Notes on Equilibrium Exchange Rates: January 2010

Pew Global Attitudes Project
· The Post-Communist Generation in the Former Eastern Bloc

Project on Defense Alternatives
· An Undisciplined Defense: Understanding the $2 Trillion Surge in US Defense Spending

· The President's Dilemma: Debt, Deficits, and Defense Spending

Project for Excellence in Journalism
· Social Media Provide First-Hand Accounts, Direct Action on Haiti

· Determining When Competition Is a Reasonable Strategy for the Production Phase of Defense Acquisition

· Dollar Value and Risk Levels: Changing How Weapon System Programs Are Managed
· Improving Acquisition Outcomes: Organizational and Management Issues

· Shining a Spotlight on the Defense Acquisition Workforce -- Again
· Towards a Digital Europe, Serving Its Citizens: The EUReGOV Synthesis Report

· Untying Gulliver: Taking Risks to Acquire Novel Weapon Systems

Small Wars Journal
· Don’t Call it CMOC

· Some Advice for Military Humanitarians

· Spitting Cobra
· Winning the Ground Battles but Losing the Information War

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR)
· Afghanistan Energy Supply Has Increased but An Updated Master Plan Is Needed and Delays and Sustainability Concerns Remain

· Contract Delays Led to Cost Overruns for the Kabul Power Plant and Sustainability Remains a Key Challenge

Strategic Studies Institute
· Pakistan's Nuclear Future: Reining in the Risk

· Security and Stability in Africa: A Development Approach

Transnational Institute
· Civil Society in European-Chinese Relations: Challenges of Cooperation

UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
· Corruption in Afghanistan: Bribery as Reported by the Victims

US Institute of Peace (USIP)
· Haiti After the Earthquake

· In Pursuit of Democracy and Security in the Greater Middle East: A USIP Study Group Report

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Dangerous Alliance: Escalating Ties between Terrorist Groups and Criminal Activity

· Much Traction from Measured Steps: The Iranian Opposition, the Nuclear Issue, and the West

· Prospects for the Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

· Terrorist Dropouts: Learning from Those Who Have Left

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