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Friday's Miscellany 11-06-2009

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU)
· VOTING TOGETHER: Why Afghanistan’s 2009 Elections were (and were not) a Disaster [talks about the August elections]

Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
· The Kurdish Question

Atlantic Council
· Common Sense and COIN in Afghanistan

· US-EU Cooperation Toward Smart Grid Deployment

Belfer Center
· Afghans on the Taliban

· Beyond Optimism and Pessimism: The Differential Effects of Nuclear Proliferation
· Climate Finance

Bonn International Center for Conversion
· The Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan: Role Model for Civil-Military Relations?

Brookings Institution
· The Opportunity of the Obama Era: Can Civil Society Help Bridge Divides between the United States and a Diverse Muslim World?

· A Revolution Once More: Unmanned Systems and the Middle East

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· Five Alternatives that Make More Sense than Offshore Oil

· The Impact of the Doha Round on Kenya
· The United States and India 3.0

Case Western Reserve University School of Law
· After Guantanamo: The Way Forward

Center for American Progress
· China’s New Engagement in the International System: In the Ring, but Punching Below its Weight

· Cooperation Is the Key: Proposal for U.S.-China Collaboration on Climate Technology

Center for Immigration Studies
· The 287(g) Program: Protecting Home Towns and Homeland

Center for Security Policy
· Obama Doctrine 'Coup'

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· The Afghan Decision: The Defining Test of Obama's Leadership

· Afghan National Security Forces: Shaping Host Country Forces as Part of Armed Nation Building
· DIIG Current Issues No. 16: Wrestling with Complexity in Defense Programs

· DIIG Current Issues No. 17: Contracting for Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

· Issues & Insights, November 2009, v. 9, no. 20

o Challenges that could Disrupt the Sino-American Relations
o Stability of the Sino-U.S. Relationship
o Achieving Stability in Sino-American Nuclear Affairs
o Future Crisis in the U.S.-China Relationship

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute (CACI)
· Central Asia-Caucasus (CACI) Analyst, v. 11, no. 20, 28 October 2009

o Managed Versus Electoral Political Change: Lessons from Asia
o Afghanistan: War by Metrics?
o Central Asian Women Migrants Deal with Global Economic Crisis
o Mongolia to Become Central Asia's Mining El Dorado?

Century Foundation
· Soft Targets and Great Games in Afghanistan

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
· Hearings

o Iraq and Afghanistan: Perspectives on U.S. Strategy, Part II [November 5, 2009]

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee
· Copenhagen and Beyond: Is There a Successor to the Kyoto Protocol?

Congress. Senate. Judiciary Committee
· The First Line of Defense: Reducing Recidivism at the Local Level

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
· OIG-10-01 - CBP's Ability to Detect Biological and Chemical Threats in Maritime Cargo Containers (Redacted)

Department of Justice Inspector General
· A Review of the FBI's Involvement in and Observations of Detainee Interrogations in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, and Iraq, October 2009 (Revised)

Department of the Navy (DoN)
· Final EIS for West Coast Basing of MV-22 (Osprey)

Diversity Spectrum
· The Aynak Copper Tender: Implications for Afghanistan and the West

European Commission Directorate-General for Research
· A More Research-Intensive and Integrated European Research Area: Science, Technology and Competitiveness Key Figures Report 2008/2009

European Council on Foreign Relations
· Towards a Post-American Europe: A Power Audit of EU-US Relations

European Union Institute for Security Studies
· Chaillot Paper 118: Global Security in a Multipolar World

· The Obama Moment: European and American Perspectives
· What Ambitions for European Defence in 2020?

Federation of American Scientists
· Nuclear Notebook: Pakistani Nuclear Forces, 2009

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· What Afghans Want

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Afghanistan's Security Environment, GAO-10-178R

· Contingency Contracting: Further Improvements Needed in Agency Tracking of Contractor Personnel and Contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, GAO-10-187

· Defense Infrastructure: The Army Needs to Establish Priorities, Goals, and Performance Measures for Its Arsenal Support Program Initiative, GAO-10-167R
· Defense Logistics: Department of Defense's Annual Report on the Status of Prepositioned Materiel and Equipment Can Be Further Enhanced to Better Inform Congress, GAO-10-172R

· Information Technology: Agencies Need to Improve the Implementation and Use of Earned Value Techniques to Help Manage Major System Acquisitions, GAO-10-2
· Millennium Challenge Corporation: MCC Has Addressed a Number of Implementation Challenges, but Needs to Improve Financial Controls and Infrastructure Planning, GAO-10-52

· Operation Iraqi Freedom: Preliminary Observations on DOD Planning for the Drawdown of U.S. Forces from Iraq, GAO-10-179
· Troubled Asset Relief Program: Continued Stewardship Needed as Treasury Develops Strategies for Monitoring and Divesting Financial Interests in Chrysler and GM, GAO-10-151

Heritage Foundation
· Bomb or Surrender: Not America's Only Options Regarding Iran

· Chemical Security: Separating Risk from Excessive Regulation
· Congress Wisely Acts to Bring Greater Independence to Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review Process

· Copenhagen Consequences: What You Need To Know

· The Pakistan-Britain Terror Connection: Lessons and Warnings for the United States
· Russia's Economic Crisis and U.S.-Russia Relations: Troubled Times Ahead

· Ten Things about China and Climate Change

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
· Satellite Imagery Narrows Qom Enrichment Facility Construction Start Date

International Crisis Group
· Shades of Red: China’s Debate over North Korea

· Venezuela: Accelerating the Bolivarian Revolution

International Relations and Security Network
· America Dips Toe in Burmese Waters

· Another Go at India-Pakistan Dialogue
· Bosnian Impasse Over ‘Dayton Two’
· Germany Beyond the Wall
· Remembering the Tak Bai Massacre
· Somaliland Stuck in International Wilderness

· Swine Flu Fears Spread

Jamestown Foundation
· China Brief, v. 9, no. 22, November 4, 2009

o Chongqing’s mafias expose grave woes in China’s legal apparatus
o PLA exercises march toward trans-regional joint training
o China’s 11th Ambassadorial conference signals continuity and change in foreign policy
o Maritime multilateralism: China’s strategy for the Indian ocean
Terrorism Monitor, v.7, no. 33, November 6, 2009
o Interview with Amir of Jihad in Afghanistan's Balkh Province
o Karzai Claims Mystery Helicopters Ferrying Taliban to North Afghanistan
o Terrorism's Trojan Horse: Vehicle-Borne Suicide Attacks Give Taliban Upper Hand in Pakistan
o Is Iran Supporting the Insurgency in Afghanistan?

Lowry Institute for International Policy
The Global Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences
· The Gulf States and Iran: Robust Competitors or Interested Bystanders?

Mission Readiness
· Ready, Willing, And Unable To Serve

Mitre Corporation
· Rare Events (catastrophic terrorist events)

National Academies Press
· Technology, Policy, Law, and Ethics Regarding U.S. Acquisition and Use of Cyberattack Capabilities

National Bureau of Asian Research
· China’s Peaceful Development Doctrine: Views from China

· Managing Unmet Expectations in the U.S.-Japan Alliance

National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA)
· Afghanistan Environment 2008

National Institute of Justice
· Learning from 9/11: Organizational Change in the New York City and Arlington County, Va., Police Departments

National Security Archive
· Afghanistan Déjà vu? Lessons from the Soviet Experience

· Fall of Berlin Wall Caused Anxiety More than Joy at Highest Levels: Secret Documents Show Opposition to German Unification

· Know Thine Enemy: Why The Taliban Cannot Be Flipped

Pacific Research Institute
· Top Ten Energy Myths

Pew Global Attitudes
· Public Opinion Two Decades After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
· Public Divided Over Afghan Troop Requests, But Still Sees Rationale for War

· The Day After... in Jerusalem: A Strategic Planning Exercise on the Path to Achieving Peace in the Middle East

· Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Modernizing the KC-10 to Meet Global Air Traffic Management Mandates
· RAND's Portfolio Analysis Tool (PAT): Theory, Methods, and Reference Manual

· U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: Basic Questions -- Strategic Choices

Small Wars Journal
· Afghanistan Trip Report

· Crime and Terrorism

Strategic Studies Institute
· A Case Study in Security Sector Reform: Learning from Security Sector Reform/Building in Afghanistan (October 2002-September 2003

· India's Strategic Defense Transformation: Expanding Global Relationships

Transnational Institute
· Repairing the Weakest Links: A New Agenda for Fragile States

· The World Crisis - and Beyond

Transportation Research Board
· How Proposed ARFF Standards Would Impact Airports (ARFF - Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting)

UK House of Commons: Defence Committee
· Russia: A New Confrontation?

US Institute of Peace (USIP)
· Conflict-Business Dynamics in the Democratic Republic of Congo

· Guiding Principles for Stabilization and Reconstruction

· Looking for Justice: Liberian Experiences with and Perceptions of Local Justice Options

US Treasury Department
· U.S. Portfolio Holdings of Foreign Securities at End-Year 2008 Source

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Iran's Nuclear Program: Deciphering Israel's Signals

· Iranian Missiles and U.S. Missile Defense

World Public
· People in 17 of 21 Nations Say Governments Should Put International Law Ahead of National Interest

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