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Friday's Miscellany 04-24-2009

American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

· The Problems and Potential of China's Pharmaceutical Industry

Amnesty International

· Turkey Fails to Protect Asylum-Seekers

Asian Law Caucus of San Francisco

· Returning Home: How U.S. Government Practices Undermine Civil Rights at Our Nation's Doorstep

Asia Society

· Back From the Brink?: A Strategy for Stabilizing Afghanistan-Pakistan

Atlantic Council

· Afghanistan Report: A Ten-Year Framework for the Future

British American Security Information Council (BASIC)

· NATO Nuclear Burden Sharing and NPT Obligations

· Obama's Nuclear Diplomacy

Brookings Institution

· Civil-Military Relations, Fostering Development, and Expanding Civilian Capacity

· Drugs and Democracy: Toward a Paradigm Shift

· Early Prospects of the Obama Administration's Strategic Agenda with China

· Know Thy Neighbor: What Canada Can Tell Us About Financial Regulation

· What Europe Can Do for Iraq: A Blueprint for Action

Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI)

· Why Canada Needs a Robust Arctic Air Rescue Capability

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP)

· Rule of Law Temptations


· Bright Lines and Bailouts: To Bail or Not To Bail, That Is the Question

Center for American Progress

· We Must Seize the Energy Opportunity or Slip Further Behind

Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

· Hospitals Rising to the Challenge: The First Five Years of the U.S. Hospital Preparedness Program and Priorities Going Forward

Center for National Policy

· Economic Crisis: Impact on Chinese Military Modernization

· F-22: Necessary or Not?

Center for Nonproliferation Studies

· Engaging China and Russia on Nuclear Disarmament

Center for Security Policy

· 'The Enemy is Us'

· An Ideological Crusade Against Alberto Fujimori

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

· ABC News/Washington Post Poll on US Views of Islam

· China's Long March to Retirement Reform

· Civil-Military Relations, Fostering Development, and Expanding Civilian Capacity

· Cleansing the Poisoned Chalice?: The Obama Administration and the Challenge of National Security Planning, Programming, and Budgeting

· Critical Questions: Taliban Expansion in Pakistan: The Buner District Falls to Militants

· The Dramatic Expansion of University Engagement in Global Health

· The Dynamics of the "AfPak" Conflict: Metrics and Status Report

· Health in Latin America and the Caribbean

· How Soon Is Safe?: Iraqi Force Development and "Conditions-Based" Us Withdrawals

· Policies and Practices to Advance Global Health Technologies

· Public Health in Africa

· U.S. Global Health and National Security Policy

· U.S. National Security and Global Health: An Analysis of Global Health Engagement by the US Department of Defense

Center for Terrorism Law

· Terrorism Law Report, v. 1, no. 1, Spring 2009

*U.S. Must Remain Vigilant in War on Terror
*Premises Liability and Terrorism
*The Global Fundamental Islamic Terror: The Muslim Brotherhood as the Engine Behind This Campaign
*Houston and the Threat of Terrorism
*Legal and Security Benefits of the SAFETY Act

Center for the Study of Intelligence (CSI)

· Studies in Intelligence, v. 53, no. 1, December 2008

* NATO Intelligence: A Contradiction in Terms by Edward B. Atkeson
*Greek Intelligence and the Capture of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan in 1999 by Miron Varouhakis

Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP)

· Civilian Surge: Key to Complex Operations

· Operation Anaconda: Lessons for Joint Operations

· Social Software and National Security: An Initial 'Net Assessment'

Central Intelligence Agency FOIA Reading Room

· Air America: Upholding the Airmen's Bond Overview

Chatham House

· Moldova's Crisis: More than a Local Difficulty

· North Africa: The Hidden Risks to Regional Stability

· Pirates and How to Deal With Them

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee

· Hearings

*Effective Counterinsurgency: The Future of the U.S.-Pakistan Military Partnership [April 23, 2009]
*Army Aircraft Programs [April 23, 2009]
*Measuring Value and Risk in Services Contracts [April 23, 2009]
*Air Sovereignty Alert Operations [April 22, 2009]

Congress. House. Energy and Commerce Committee

· The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, Day 4 [April 24, 2009]

· The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, Day 3 [April 23, 2009]

· The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, Day 2 [April 22, 2009]

· The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, Day 1 [April 21, 2009]
· Communications Networks and Consumer Privacy: Recent Developments [April 23, 2009]
· Secrecy in the Response to Bayer's Fatal Chemical Plant Explosion [April 21, 2009]

Congress. House. Foreign Affairs Committee

· New Beginnings: Foreign Policy Priorities in the Obama Administration [April 22, 2009]

· U.S. Assistance to Africa: A Call for Foreign Aid Reform [April 23, 2009]

Congress. House. Oversight and Government Reform Committee

· "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: The Role of State and Local Governments" [April 21, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee

· Current Readiness of U.S. Ground Forces [April 22, 2009]

· Environmental Management Stimulus Funding [April 22, 2009]

· Inquiry into the Treatment of Detainees in U.S. Custody

Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations

· Global Climate Change: U.S. Leadership for a New Global Agreement [April 22, 2009]

· Strengthening U.S. Diplomatic Capacity in Africa [April 21, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Homeland Security and Government Affairs

· *Field Hearing* Southern Border Violence: State and Local Perspectives [April 20, 2009]

· Counternarcotics Enforcement: Coordination at the Federal, State, and Local Level [April 21, 2009]

· Improving the Ability of Inspectors General to Detect, Prevent, and Prosecute Contracting Fraud [April 21, 2009]

· Follow the Money: State and Local Oversight of Stimulus Funding [April 23, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Judiciary Committee

· Protecting National Security and Civil Liberties: Strategies for Terrorism Information Sharing [April 21, 2009]

Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Intelligence

· Declassified Narrative on DOJ Office of Legal Counsel's Opinions on the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

· Appropriation Request for Fiscal Year 2010 [testimony]

· Background Paper: How CBO Estimates the Costs of Reducing Greenhouse-Gas Emissions

· Federal Budget Challenges

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

· Afghan Defense Chief Unhappy with Obama Plan

· The Evolution and Future of Donor Assistance for HIV/AIDS

· From AfPak to PakAf: A Response to the New U.S. Strategy for South Asia

· New Perils in Iraq

· 'Positive Introduction' to Hemisphere for Obama but Caution, Too

· Sharia and Militancy

· Threading the Needle on Interrogation Reform

Critical Infrastructure Protection Program [George Mason University]

· CIP Report, v. 7, no. 9, April 2009
*Maritime and Port Security

Defense Science Board (DSB)

· Creating an Assured Joint DOD and Interagency Interoperable Net-Centric Enterprise
· Department of Defense Policies and Procedures for the Acquisition of Information Technology
· Operations Research Applications for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

· Unconventional Operational Concepts and the Homeland

Department of Defense

· Department of Defense Review of Department Compliance with President's Executive Order on Detainee Conditions of Confinement [Walsh Report]

Department of Defense Chemical and Biological Defense Program

· 2009 Annual Report to Congress

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)

· D-2009-070 Government Purchase Card Controls at United States Special Operations Command, April 16, 2009

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General

· OIG-09-51 - Federal Protective Service Contract Guard Procurement and Oversight Process

· OIG-09-49 - Compendium of Disaster Assistance Programs

· EMS Magazine, April 2009

* Mass-Casualty Response: The Vital First Few Minutes An Overview of the Principles Required to be Successful as the First-Due EMS Responder

European Law Enforcement Organisation (EUROPOL)

· EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report [TE-SAT] 2009

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

· Bird Strike Database

· Wildlife Strikes to Civil Aircraft in the United States 1990-2007

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)

· Early Prospects of the Obama Administration's Strategic Agenda with China

· Innovation and Economic Growth: Lessons from the Story of ENIAC

· U.S.-European Relations 2009

· What to do About Piracy?

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

· Afghanistan: Key Issues for Congressional Oversight GAO-09-473SP

· Afghanistan: U.S.- and Internationally-Funded Roads (GAO-09-626SP), an E-supplement to GAO-09-473SP

· Army Health Care: Progress Made in Staffing and Monitoring Units that Provide Outpatient Case Management, but Additional Steps Needed GAO-09-357

· Auto Industry: Summary of Government Efforts and Automakers' Restructuring to Date GAO-09-553

· Coast Guard: Update on Deepwater Program Management, Cost, and Acquisition Workforce GAO-09-620T [testimony]

· Commercial Aviation: Airline Industry Contraction Due to Volatile Fuel Prices and Falling Demand Affects Airports, Passengers, and Federal Government Revenues GAO-09-393

· Defense Acquisitions: Actions Needed to Ensure Value for Service Contracts GAO-09-643T [testimony]

· Defense Management: DOD Needs to Improve Program Management, Policy, and Testing to Enhance Ability to Field Operationally Useful Non-lethal Weapons GAO-09-344

· Drug Control: Better Coordination with the Department of Homeland Security and an Updated Accountability Framework can Further Enhance DEA's Efforts to Meet Post-9/11 Responsibilities GAO-09-63

· Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites: Acquisition Has Increased Costs, Reduced Capabilities, and Delayed Schedules GAO-09-596T [testimony]

· Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites: Acquisition Is Under Way, but Improvements Needed in Management and Oversight GAO-09-323

· Homeland Defense: Actions Needed to Address Management of Air Sovereignty Alert Operations to Protect U.S. Airspace GAO-09-612T [testimony]

· Human Capital: Sustained Attention to Strategic Human Capital Management Needed GAO-09-632T [testimony]

· Iraqi Refugee Assistance: Improvements Needed in Measuring Progress, Assessing Needs, Tracking Funds, and Developing an International Strategic Plan GAO-09-120

· Recovery Act: As Initial Implementation Unfolds in States and Localities, Continued Attention to Accountability Issues Is Essential GAO-09-580

· Recovery Act: As Initial Implementation Unfolds in States and Localities, Continued Attention to Accountability Issues Is Essential GAO-09-631T [testimony]

· Transportation Security: Comprehensive Risk Assessments and Stronger Internal Controls Needed to Help Inform TSA Resource Allocation GAO-09-492

Heritage Foundation

· Canada and the United States: Time for a Joint Threat Assessment

· Coming to Grips with an Expanding Extremist Threat in Pakistan

· The Fifth Summit of the Americas: Return of the Good Neighbor Policy?

· Incompatible Pronouncements on the Future of the U.S. Nuclear Force

· People and Platforms: An Agenda for Balanced Defense Forces

· Piracy: A Symptom of Somalia's Deeper Problems

· Set the Record Straight: Publish All Key Memos on CIA Interrogations

· The U.S. Is Right to Boycott the U.N. Durban II Conference on Racism

Hudson Institute

· Hudson Economic Report--April 24, 2009

Human Rights Watch

· Under Cover of War: Hamas Political Violence in Gaza

Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS)

· Global Strategic Assessment 2009: America's Security Role in a Changing World [Preview]

· The Future of Pakistan-U.S. Relations: Opportunities and Challenges

· Hybrid Threats: Reconceptualizing the Evolving Character of Modern Conflict

· Repairing U.S.-Russian Relations: A Long Road Ahead

· Social Software and National Security: An Initial Net Assessment

· Software Assurance in Acquisition: Mitigating Risks to the Enterprise

· The United States and the Asia-Pacific Region: National Interests and Strategic Imperatives

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)

· Update on the Khushab Plutonium Production Reactor Construction Projects in Pakistan

Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

· ISS Paper 184: Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risks in Botswana

· ISS Paper 183: The Establishment and Implications of the United States Africa Command. An African Perspective

· ISS Paper 182: Who is Most at Risk? Victimisation Trends in the 2007 National Crime and Victimisation Survey

Institute for the Study of War

· Afghanistan Attacks in Iraq Perspective [graphs and stats]

· Afghanistan Project

International Crisis Group

· China's Growing Role in UN Peacekeeping

· Gaza's Unfinished Business

· Zimbabwe: Engaging the Inclusive Government

International Relations and Security Network

· The Bush Administration Torture Memos 2001, 2005
· Chechnya: Still Bound to Moscow
· CIA Contractors Get the Boot

· Fiji's Coup Crackdown

· Rock the State, Save the Planet

· South Africa's Poll Augurs

Jamestown Foundation

· Terrorism Monitor, v. 7, no. 10, April 24, 2009

*Islamic State of Iraq Brings Internet Propaganda to the Streets
* "Stopping the Idols": Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Calls for Boycott of Algerian Elections
*Pakistan's Most Wanted: A Profile of Tehrik-e-Taliban Leader Baitullah Mahsud
*British Government Debates Engagement with Radical Islam in New Counterterrorism Strategy

Lexington Institute

· Gates Goals Undercut Air Force Capabilities and Leaders

Muslim Advocates

· Unreasonable Intrusions-Investigating the Politics, Faith, & Finances of Americans Returning Home

National Defense Intelligence College (NDIC)

· Attaché Extraordinaire: Vernon A. Walters in Brazil

· Imperial Secrets: Remapping the Mind of Empire

National Defense University

· Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ), no. 52, 1st Quarter 2009

*The National Defense Strategy: Striking the Right Balance by Robert M. Gates
* Gaming the 21st Century by Margaret McCown
*An Interview with General George W. Casey by David H. Gurney
*Let's Win the Wars We're In by John A. Nagl
* Let's Build an Army to Win All Wars by Gian P. Gentile
*Hybrid Warfare and Challenges by Frank G. Hoffman
*Systems versus Classical Approach to Warfare by Milan N. Vego
*Mobile Nuclear Power for Future Land Combat by Marvin Baker Schaffer and Ike Chang
*Teaching Strategy in the 21st Century by Gabriel Marcella and Stephen O. Fought
*"Military-Political" Relations: The Need for Officer Education by Derek S. Reveron and Kathleen A. Mahoney-Norris
*A Strategic Asset for Engagement: Enhancing the Role of National Defense University by Keith D. Dickson
*Irregular Warfare Lessons Learned: Reforming the Afghan National Police by Lewis G. Irwin
*Effects-based Operations: Combat Proven by Paul M. Carpenter and William F. Andrews
*EBO: There Was No Baby in the Bathwater by Paul K. Van Riper
*Victory-From the Prism of Jihadi Culture by Jeffrey B. Cozzens
*Death of the Combatant Command? Toward a Joint Interagency Approach by Jeffrey Buchanan, Maxie Y. Davis, and Lee T. Wight
*Irregular Warfare Is Warfare by Kenneth C. Coons, Jr., and Glenn M. Harned
*Wired for War? Robots and Military Doctrine by P.W. Singer
*Chinese Disaster Relief Operations: Identifying Critical Capability Gaps by Nirav Patel
*China-Africa Relations in the 21st Century by Jennifer L. Parenti
* Shoulder to Shoulder: The Marine Corps and Air Force in Combat by Daniel J. Darnell and George J. Trautman III
*Inside the Detention Camps: A New Campaign in Iraq by Mason Brooks and Drew Miller
* "Operationalizing" Legal Requirements for Unconventional Warfare by James P. Terry
*Reconstructing Iraq's Provinces, One by One by Henry L. Clarke
*Why USAFRICOM? by Edward Marks
*U.S. Africa Command: Value Added by Mary C. Yates

National Intelligence Council (NIC)

· The Impact of Climate Change to 2030 Commissioned Research Reports

· China: The Impact of Climate Change to 2030 (NIC-2009-02D)

· India: The Impact of Climate Change to 2030 (NIC-2009-03D)

· Russia: The Impact of Climate Change to 2030 (NIC-2009-04D)

National Security Archive

· Robert F. Kennedy Urged Lifting Travel Ban to Cuba in '63

New America Foundation

· Revitalizing U.S. Democracy Promotion

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press

· Public Remains Divided Over Use of Torture

Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

· Federal Contractor Misconduct Database


· The Department of Defense Can Improve Its Response to and Management of Anthrax Incidents

· A Stability Police Force for the United States: Justification and Options for Creating U.S. Capabilities

· The Value and Impacts of Alternative Fuel Distribution Concepts: Assessing the Army's Future Needs for Temporary Fuel Pipelines

Small Wars Journal

· Advancing the Art and Science of Psychological Operations Requires a Serious Investment
· Counterterrorism and Military Occupation
· The Future of U.S. Ground Forces: A Counter View

· Winning the War in Afghanistan: An Oil Spot Plus Strategy for Coalition Forces

Stimson Center

· The F-22 Raptor: Disconnect Between Strategic Planning and Program Acquisition

· What's the Matter with Thailand?

Strategic Studies Institute

· New NATO Members: Security Consumers or Producers?

U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP)

· Peace Media Clearinghouse

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

· Can the al-Asad Regime Make Peace with Israel?

Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control

· Illicit Chinese Exports to Iran

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