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Friday's Miscellany 2-27-2009

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
· Recommendations for a National Mass Patient and Evacuee Movement, Regulating, and Tracking System

Air Forces Space Command (AFSPC)
High Frontier Journal: The Journal for Space & Missile Professionals February 2009, v. 5, no. 2

o The Success of our ICBM Force: Capability, Commitment, and Communication by General John A. Shaud, PhD, retired and Dr. Dale L. Hayden
o The Future of the Land-Based Deterrent Under Air Force Global Strike Command by Maj Gen Roger W. Burg
o Views on Air Force Strategic Deterrence by Maj Gen C. Donald Alston
o Vital Mission - Elite Team. A Reflection on the ICBM Force by Maj Gen Timothy J. McMahon, retired
o The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, An Introduction by Brig Gen Everett H. Thomas
o Rethinking Deterrence by Dr. Lani Kass
o Safeguarding the Nuclear Enterprise: Building and Maintaining Expertise in AFGSC by Lt Col Andrew S. Kovich
o Adding the Conventional Strike Missile to the US’s Deterrence Toolkit by Maj Jason E. Seyer
o The History of Minuteman - America's Sole Remaining ICBM by James B. Meyers
o "No-Man Minuteman" - Pioneering Development of the Solid-Propellant ICBM: An Interview with Col Francis "Joe" Hale by Dr. Rick W. Sturdevant
o Ballistic Missile Early Warning System - The British Perspective

Air University
Air & Space Power Journal, Spring 2009, v. 22, no. 1
oToward a New Deterrent: Analysis and Recommendations for the Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States By the New Deterrent Working Group with introduction by VADM Robert R. Monroe, USN, Retired
o The Use of Airpower in Combating Terrorism in Iraq by Staff Maj Gen Qaa’id K. M. Al-Khuzaa’i, Iraqi Air Force
o Flying, Fighting, and Space by Lt Col Paul D. Berg, USAF
o Guarding the High Ocean: Towards a New National-Security Space Strategy through an Analysis of US Maritime Strategy by Col John E. Shaw, USAF
o Soft Power and Space Weaponization by Trevor Brown
o Examining Space Warfare: Scenarios, Risks, and US Policy Implications by Maj Scott A. Weston, USAF
o Emphasizing Effect over Domain: Merging Three Organizations to Enhance the Efficacy of Our Nation’s Intelligence Production by Dr. Edward B. “Mel” Tomme, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Retired
o Preparing the F-15K Coalition Partner by Maj A. Joel Meyers, USAF
o Transforming United States Air Forces in Europe and Empowering Poland: F-16s Fly East by Lt Col Christopher S. Sage, USAF
oMedals for Mediocrity: How to Restore Meaning to Air Force Decorations by Lt Col Raymond M. Powell, USAF
o The Dilemmas of Providing Language Instruction for the US Air Force by Lt Col Jay J. Warwick, USAF, Retired
o The Air Base Network Serving French and Coalition Operations in Afghanistan by 1st Lt Mickaël Aubout, French Air Force

American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
· Winning the War in Afghanistan: An Address by Senator John McCain

Amnesty International
· Accountability Needed for Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

· Time for Justice for Guatemala's War Victims

Atlantic Council
· Pakistan Report: Comprehensive U.S. Policy Needed

Brookings Institution
· Assurance to the Nation: Obama Delivers First Address to Congress

· Bank Nationalization: What Is It? Should We Do It?

· Global Economic Crisis: A Catalyst for Change in Saudi Arabia?
· Immigration, Politics and Local Responses
· Iraq’s Year of Living Dangerously

· Untangling Transportation Funding
· U.S. Policy Toward a Cuba in Transition: Roadmap for Critical and Constructive Engagement

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP)
· Another Look at “Israel’s Hamas Portfolio”

· Democracy Promotion Under Obama: Finding a Way Forward

· Gulf Arab SWFs—Managing Wealth in Turbulent Times

· The IAEA Should Call for a Special Inspection in Syria
· Palestine and Israel: Time for Plan B

· Stepping Back From Democratic Pessimism

· Weatherization—A Test Case

CATO Institute
· Health-Status Insurance: How Markets Can Provide Health Security

Center for a New American Security
· Going Global: The Future of the U.S.-South Korea Alliance

· The United States and the Asia-Pacific Region: Security Strategy for the Obama Administration

Center for a New American Society (CNAS)
· Going Global: The Future of the U.S.-South Korea Alliance

· Securing Afghanistan in 2009: Challenges and Opportunities: A Press Conference with General Abdul Rahim Wardak, Minister of Defense, Afghanistan
· The United States and the Asia-Pacific Region: Security Strategy for the Obama Administration

Center for American Progress
· Ask the Expert: Three Types of Challenges at Guantánamo

· Obama‘s Defense Budget Is On Target
· Think Again: Thank God for Gitmo!

· Wired for Progress: Building a National Clean-Energy Smart Grid

Center for Defense Information (CDI)
· The Mine Ban Treaty's 10th Anniversary: An Opportunity for the United States

Center for Immigration Studies
· Plenary Power: Should Judges Control U.S. Immigration Policy?

Center for Security Policy
· After the Referendum: What's Next for Venezuela?

· Rise of the 'Iran Lobby': Teheran's Front Groups Move On -- and Into-- the Obama Administration
· A Stimulus for African Security

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· America's Self-Destroying Air Power: Becoming Your Own Peer Threat

· Commentary: A U.S.-Canada Clean Energy Dialogue: An Opportunity for Change or Business as Usual? · The Future of U.S. Civil Affairs Forces
· Mid- and Long-term Prospects for Human Spaceflight: Mitigating the Gaps
· Solving the EU-turkey-Cyprus Triangle website feature
· Twenty Important Controls for Effective Cyber Defense and FISMA Compliance: Consensus Audit Guidelines - Draft for comment

Center on International Cooperation
· Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2009

Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
· Ethno-Religious Conflict in Europe: Typologies of Radicalisation in Europe’s Muslim Communities

· Illusion of Power: Russia after the South Caucasus Battle

Census Bureau
· 2009 Statistical Abstract

Century Foundation
· The High Road to Fiscal Reform

· Iran Election Bulletin

Chatham House
· Cyber Security and Politically, Socially and Religiously Motivated Cyber Attacks

· The Global Economy 2009: Forecasts Still Falling
· Low Carbon Zones: A Transformational Agenda for China and Europe
· The Palestinian Refugee Issue: A Palestinian Perspective

· Ready to Lead? Rethinking America's Role in a Changed World
· Transatlantic Dialogues on International Law: Preparing for the Next US Administration

Congress. House. Armed Services Committee
· Future of Missile Defense Testing [February 25, 2009]
· U.S. Transportation Command’s (USTRANSCOM) Airlift, Sealift, and Surface Lift Program [February 25, 2009]

Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee
· DHS: The Path Forward

Congress. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
· Annual Threat Assessment Hearing

· Dennis Blair testimony

· Annual Threat Assessment of the Intelligence Community

Congress. Senate. Armed Services Committee
· Briefing on Afghanistan and Pakistan

· Strategic Options for the Way Ahead in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Congress. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
· Protecting Animal and Public Health: Homeland Security and the Federal Veterinarian Workforce

Congress. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Disaster Recovery
· Far From Home: Deficiencies in Federal Disaster Housing Assistance After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and Recommendations for Improvement: Special Report

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· Estimated Impact on the Deficit of Three Alternative Policy Scenarios Specified by Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Spratt

· H.R. 1106, Helping Families Save Their Homes Act

· How Federal Policies Affect the Allocation of Water
· Options for Deploying Missiles Defenses in Europe
· Options for Expanding Health Insurance Coverage and Controlling Costs

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
· Averting Crisis in Ukraine

· Preparing for Sudden Change in North Korea

Defense Science Board (DSB)
· Buying Commercial: Gaining the Cost/Schedule Benefits for Defense Systems

Department of Defense (DOD)
· Review of Department Compliance with President's Executive Order on Detainee Conditions of Confinement

· Selected Military Compensation Tables Report (Greenbook)

· Other years

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
· 2009-058 DoD Cost of War Reporting of Supplemental Funds Provided for Procurement and Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation, February 27, 2009

Department of Education
· Action Guide for Emergency Management at Institutions of Higher Education

Department of Homeland Security
· Characteristics of Major Metropolitan Destinations of Immigrants

· Estimates of the Legal Permanent Resident Population in 2007

· The Foreign-born Component of the Uninsured Population

· Interaction with State and Local Fusion Centers: Concept of Operations f

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General
· OIG-09-24 - Effectiveness of TSA's Surface Transportation Security Inspectors

· OIG-09-22 - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Management of 2005 Gulf Coast Hurricanes Mission Assignment Funding
· OIG-09-21 - Independent Review of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Reporting of FY 2008 Drug Control Performance Summary Report
· OIG-09-20 - Independent Review of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Reporting of FY 2008 Drug Control Performance Summary Report
· OIG-09-19 - Independent Review of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Reporting of FY 2008 Drug Control Obligations

Department of the Army
· Electronic Warfare in Operations (FM 3-36)

Department of State
· 2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

· 2009 International Narcotics Control Strategy Reports

oVolume I: Drug and Chemical Control Activities

o Volume II: Money Laundering and Financial Crimes

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
· The Changing Landscape of Terror [podcast]

· Addressing the Globalization and Evolution of the Terrorist Threat [Robert S. Mueller, III, Director, speech]

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· Asia’s Economy: Challenge and Opportunity for the Obama Administration

· How to Kill Civilians in the Name of “Human Rights”: Lessons from Sri Lanka

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Chemical Regulation: Options for Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Toxic Substances Control Act GAO-09-428T

· Climate Change Science: High Quality Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data are a Cornerstone of Programs to Address Climate Change GAO-09-423T
· Defense Acquisitions: Charting a Course for Improved Missile Defense Testing GAO-09-403T
· Defense Acquisitions: Perspectives on Potential Changes to Department of Defense Acquisition Management Framework. GAO-09-295R

· Excluded Parties List System: Suspended and Debarred Businesses and Individuals Improperly Receive Federal Funds GAO-09-174
· Nonprofit Sector: Significant Federal Funds Reach the Sector through Various Mechanisms, but More Complete and Reliable Funding Data Are Needed GAO-09-193
· Overseas U.S. Government Personnel Involved in Efforts to Protect and Enforce Intellectual Property Rights GAO-09-402R

· Securing, Stabilizing, and Developing Pakistan's Border Area with Afghanistan: Key Issues for Congressional Oversight GAO-09-263SP
· Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues GAO-09-417T
· Veterinarian Workforce: The Federal Government Lacks a Comprehensive Understanding of Its Capacity to Protect Animal and Public Health
· Whistleblower Protection Program: Better Data and Improved Oversight Would Help Ensure Program Quality and Consistency GAO-09-106

Heritage Foundation
· Barack Obama and Gordon Brown Must Strengthen U.S.–U.K. Defense Cooperation

· Building a Strategic Partnership: U.S.-India Relations in the Wake of Mumbai
· Obama's PAYGO Law Would Not Slow Spending or Budget Deficits

· Oil-for-Food Revisited: The U.N. Should Not Pay Benon Sevan's Legal Fees
· Pros and Cons of Multilateral Nonproliferation: Lessons Learned from the Bush Administration

· Restructuring FEMA: Stand-Alone FEMA Would Not Make Cents

· Spratly Islands: The Challenge to U.S. Leadership in the South China Sea
· Two Lost Decades? Why Japan’s Economy Is Still Stumbling and How the U.S. Can Stay Upright

Human Rights Watch
· Democracy or Monopoly?: Angola's Reluctant Return to Elections

· Democracy on Rocky Ground: Armenia’s Disputed 2008 Presidential Election, Post-Election Violence, and the One-Sided Pursuit of Accountability
· Discrimination in the Name of Neutrality: Headscarf Bans for Teachers and Civil Servants in Germany · Far from Justice: Syria's Supreme State Security Court

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis (IFPA)
· Space and U.S. Security: A Net Assessment

Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS)
· Journal of Energy Security February 2009

oEnergy Security as National Security: Defining Problems Ahead of Solutions
oAlgeria: A Strategic Gas Partner For Europe'
oCollective Energy Security: A New Approach for Europe
oEnergy Security Challenges for Israel Following the Gaza War
oBrazilian Ethanol Policy: Lessons for the United States
oMaritime Piracy: Implications for Maritime Energy Security

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
· News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (February 17-24, 2009)

International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)
· Assessing Damage, Urging Action: Report of the Eminent Jurists Panel on Terrorism, Counter-terrorism and Human Rights

International Crisis Group
· Solving the EU-Turkey-Cyprus Triangle

International Journal of Defense Acquisition Management (IJDAM)
Volume 1 (2008)
oArticle 1 - Analysis of E-marketplace Attributes: Assessing The NATO Logistics Stock Exchange
oArticle 2 - Five Key Challenges for the Management of UK Defence: An Agenda for Research?

oArticle 3 - A Systems Approach to Expanding the Technology Readiness Level within Defense Acquisition Volume 2 (2009)
o Article 4 - A Diagnostic Approach to Weapon System Lifecycle Support: The Phalanx Close-in Weapon System
oArticle 5 - Arming the Revolution in Military Affairs: The US Defense Industry in the Post-transformational World

International Maritime Organization (IMO)
· Information Resources on Piracy and Armed Robbery at Sea

International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)
· Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2008

International Peace Information Service
· Mapping Conflict Motives: Central African Republic

International Relations and Security Network
· An Inundation of Envoys

· Bangladesh: A Test for Hasina
· Clinton's Asia Visit
· Egypt Tries to Reassert Itself

· The History behind the Hamas, Israel Conflict
· Kirkuk Ringtones Reflect Rivalries
· MDC Supporters Take Revenge
· Putin Leading to Financial Ruin?
· Russia Plays the Iran Card
· A Thirsty World
· Understanding Bosnia, Part One
· US: From Militant to Military

Jamestown Foundation
Terrorism Focus, February 25, 2009 -- Volume 6, Issue 6

oJihadis Speculate on Secret Cooperation between Iran and al-Qaeda
oRising Arab-Kurdish Tensions over Kirkuk Will Complicate U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq
oPolish-Born Muslim Convert Sentenced for Leading Role in Tunisian Synagogue Bombing
o Government Forces Overrun Tuareg Rebel Camps in Northern Mali

Justice Strategies
· Local Democracy on ICE: What State and Local Governments Have No Business in Federal Immigration Law Enforcement

Lexington Institute
· Buying Two Engines for the F-35 Wastes Billions of Dollars

· Cutting E-2D Navy Radar Plane Could Put Ships At Risk

National Academies Press
· Assessment of Corrosion Education [free download but registration required]

· Urban Stormwater Management in the United States

National Priorities Project (NPP)
· Army Recruitment in FY 2008: A Look at Age, Race, Income, and Education of New Soldiers

National Security ArchiveBold
· Obama Administration Lifts Blanket Ban on Media Coverage of the Return of Fallen Soldiers

Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
· An Era of Responsibility: Renewing America's Promise

Project on Government Oversight (POGO)
· Easy Money: Top Five Recommendations for Increasing Revenue and Cutting Costs

· Adjusting to Global Economic Change: The Dangerous Road Ahead

· Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan
· Whither Strategic Communication?: A Survey of Current Proposals and Recommendations

Securing America's Future Energy
· Economic Impact of the Energy Security Leadership Council’s National Strategy for Energy Security

Henry L. Stimson Center
· Export Controls in the United Arab Emirates: A Practical Manifestation of a Strategic Dilemma

· Minding Our Business: The Role of the Private Sector in Managing the WMD Supply Chain

· Unblocking the Road to Zero: Perspectives of Advanced Nuclear Nations

Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)
· Russia, China, and the United States in Central Asia: Prospects for Great Power Competition and Cooperation in the Shadow of the Georgian Crisis

· Training for the “Political” War

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse
· National Internal Security/Terrorism Prosecutions for November 2008

UK Parliament
· Defence Equipment 2009

· Intelligent Transport Systems

U.S. Army War College
Parameters, Winter 2008-2009, v. 38, no. 4

o“The 21st Century Security Environment and the Future of War” by Colin S. Gray
o “Crafting Strategy in an Age of Transition” by Shawn Brimley
o “COIN in the Real World” by David R. Haines
o “Georgia’s Cyber Left Hook” by Stephen W. Korns and Joshua E. Kastenberg
o “Reconsidering Afghanistan: Time for an ‘Azimuth Check’” by Richard deVillafranca
o “United States-Iranian Relations: The Terrorism Challenge” by Gawdat Bahgat
o“Binding the Nation: National Service in America” by Carol Armistead Grigsby

U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP)
· Iraq Provincial Reconstruction Teams Oral Histories Project on Stability Operations

· On the Issues: Syria

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Countering Transnational Threats: Terrorism, Narco-Trafficking, and WMD Proliferation

· Global Economic Crisis Boosts Utility of U.S. Sanctions on Syria

· Urge Damascus to Come Clean on Nuclear Activity

· Washington Balances Syrian Engagement with Commitment to Lebanese Allies

White House
· Budget of the United States Government : Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Documents

· Presidential Policy Directive - 1 - Organization of the National Security Council System

· Presidential Study Directive - 1 - Organizing for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

· Remarks of President Barack Obama -- Address to Joint Session of Congress
· Remarks of President Barack Obama – Responsibly Ending the War in Iraq

· Your Money at Work

World Public
· Public Opinion in the Islamic World on Terrorism, al Qaeda, and US Policies

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