Tuesday, January 13, 2009

latest Quarterly Report on Iraq

DOD has released the latest [December 2008] Quarterly report to Congress - Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq.

Previous reports can be found at the Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq homepage

This report includes updates on the political stability, government reform, economic activity and budget execution, indicators by economic activity, the security environment, the Iraqi security forces - their training and performance.

Useful charts and graphs include:
Oil Production and Export (Nov 2007-Nov 2008) [p. 11]
Average Daily Oil Export and Cumulative Revenue (2008) [p. 12]
Average Electricity Demand and Production (2006-2008) [p. 13]
Overall Weekly Security Incident Trends (2004-2008) [p. 18]
Civilian Deaths (2006-20080 [p. 19]
ISF and U.S. Deaths in Iraq (2006-2008) [p. 20]
High Profile Attacks (Explosions 2006-2008) [p. 21]
Ethno-Sectarian Deaths (2006-2008) [p. 22]
Weapons Caches Found by Coalition and Iraqi Forces (2004-2008) [p. 23]
Average Daily Executed Attacks by Province [p. 24]
Neighbor stability [p. 26]
Government Security Efforts [p. 27]
Provincial Iraqi Control map [p. 29]
Mol National Police Forces Operational Readiness [p. 40]
Iraqi Ground Forces Personnel numbers [p. 43]
MoD Forces Operational Readiness [p. 48]

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