Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday's Miscellany 11-07-2008

American Enterprise Institute
· The United States Should Not Open an Interests Section in Tehran

Amnesty International
· Millions at Risk in Somalia as Attacks on Aid Workers Escalate

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
· Global Jigsaw: ASPI's Strategic Assessment 2008

Border Policy Research Institute
· International Mobility & Trade Corridor Project (IMTC) 2008 Passenger Intercept Survey, Final Report

Brookings Institution
· Lessons of the Troop Surge in Iraq

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· Can Cairo Reassemble Palestine?

· In the Shadow of the Brothers: The Women of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

CATO Institute
· The Pentagon on Defense

Center for Defense Information
· Space Security Update #7: Oct. 10, 2008

Center for Naval Analyses (CNA)
· Assessments of the Impact of 1206-Funded Projects in Selected Countries: Lebanon, Pakistan, Yemen, Sao Tome and Principe

· CNA's Integrated Ship Database

· U.S. -China Economic Relations: Issues and Prospects Conference Report

Center for Nonproliferation Studies
· Trafficking Networks for Chemical Weapons Precursors

Center for Security Policy
· Treasury Submits to Shariah

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
· Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction: Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Programs Work in Progress

· The New Presidency and the Future of American Military Power

Centre for Social Cohesion
· Victims of Intimidation: Freedom of Speech Within Europe's Muslim Communities

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· An Analysis of NASA's Plans for Continuing Human Spaceflight After Retiring the Space Shuttle

Defense Science Board (DSB)
· Defense Imperatives for the New Administration

Department of Homeland Security
· 2007 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics

Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services
· Combat Deployment and the Returning Police Officer

Department of Justice Office of Inspector General
· The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Terrorist Threat and Suspicious Incident Tracking System, Audit Report 09-02

Director of National Intelligence
· DNI Open Source Conference 2008 [video gallery]

· Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 623 - Appointment of Highly Qualified Experts

Ford Institute for Human Security
· What Males a Camp Safe? The Protection of Children from Abduction in Internally Displaced Persons and Refugee Camps

Foreign Policy Research Institute
· History and Political Games

· Memory, Apologies, and International Reconciliation

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· 13 "Urgent Issues" for New Administration - transition website

· Energy Markets: Refinery Outages Can Impact Petroleum Product Prices, but No Federal Requirements to Report Outages Exist. GAO-09-87
· Federal Research: Opportunities Exist to Improve the Management and Oversight of Federally Funded Research and Development Centers. GAO-09-15

· Financial Audit: Bureau of the Public Debt's Fiscal Years 2008 and 2007 Schedules of Federal Debt. GAO-09-44

· The Nation's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: September 2008 Update. GAO-09-94R
· National Applications Office Certification Review GAO-09-105R

· Plan Colombia: Drug Reduction Goals Were Not Fully Met, but Security Has Improved; U.S. Agencies Need More Detailed Plans for Reducing Assistance GAO-09-71

Heritage Foundation
· Low Expectations for Secretary of State Rice's Middle East Trip

· The New Cold War: Reviving the U.S. Presence in the Arctic

Homeland Security & Defense Business Council
· Why Robust Use of the SAFETY Act is Critical to Homeland Security & How to Get There

Human Rights Watch
· Disappearances and Arbitrary Arrests in the Armed Conflict with Huthi Rebels in Yemen

· Hostages of Tension: Intimidation and Harassment of Ethnic Albanians in Serbia after Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence

International Crisis Group
· CrisisWatch Nº63

International Relations and Security Network
· Ghosts of Liberation

· Venezuela's Space Escort

Institute for Security Studies
· SA Crime Quarterly No 25

Lexington Institute
· Chemical & Biological Threats: Surveillance as the First Line of Defense

New America Foundation
· Changing the Culture of Pentagon Contracting

Physicians for Social Responsibility
· Shock and Awe Hits Home: U.S. Health Costs of the War in Iraq

· Review and Evaluation of the VA Enrollee Health Care Projection Model

Strategic Studies Institute
· Known Unknowns: Unconventional "Strategic Shocks" in Defense Strategy Development

Trust for America’s Health
· Germs Go Global: Why Emerging Infectious Diseases Are a Threat to America

US Institute of Peace
· What Iraq Needs from the Obama Administration: Recommendations from Iraqis Resident in the U.S.

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Building the Global Counterterrorism Network

· The Rise of Apocalyptic Islam: Causes and Implications

· Win, Lose, or Draw: Iraq Decisions Await President-Elect

· Why the Next U.S. President Will Be a Wartime Leader

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