Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday's Miscellany 08-22-2008

American Enterprise Institute
· Drill, Don't Redistribute,filter.all/pub_detail.asp
· Why Groups Go to Extremes,filter.all/book_detail.asp

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies
· Global Governance and the Role of NGOs in International Peace and Security
· Overcoming the Lethargy: Climate Change, Energy Security, and the Case for a Third Industrial Revolution

Atlantic Council
· Restoring Georgia’s Sovereignty in Abkhazia's%20Sovereignty%20in%20Abkhazia.pdf

· Afghanistan Update No. 39: 31 July - 14 August 2008

Brookings Institution
· Musharraf’s Departure Is Good for Pakistan but Is It Too Late?
· Securing Georgia

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· Pakistan after Musharraf
· Russia-Georgia Crisis

Center for American Progress
· It’s Easy Being Green: Spare the Air? Share the Road
· Think Again: Return of the Cold War Punditocracy
· U.S. Aid to Pakistan by the Numbers

Center for Catastrophe Preparedness and Response (CCPR)
· Predicting Organizational Crisis Readiness: Perspectives and Practices Toward a Pathway to Preparedness

Center for Security Studies (CSS)
· No. 37: "Switzerland and the EU: The Prospects of Bilateralism"
· No. 38: "Africa's Growing Strategic Relevance"

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
· Commentary: Ensuring U.S. Access to the International Space Station
· Commentary: Pakistan after Musharraf: Trouble and Opportunity
· Commentary: The Georgia War and the Century of "Real Power"
· CSIS Resources on the Conflict in Georgia
· Issues & Insights Vol. 08 - No. 09 - August 20, 2008
o Next Generation Views on Preventive Diplomacy: The Role of the ASEAN Regional Forum
· Issues & Insights Vol. 08 - No. 10 - August 20, 2008
o U.S.-China Strategic Dialogue
· Issues & Insights Vol. 08 - No. 11 - August 20, 2008
o U.S.-Japan-China Relations in the Year 2020
· US Security Interests After Musharraf,com_csis_pubs/task,view/id,4810/type,1/

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute
· Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst v. 10, no. 16, August 20, 2008
o Russia, Georgia and South Ossetia: Notes on a War
o Russia’s Disinformation Campaign Over South Ossetia
o Russia’s Invasion of Georgia: Bleak Prospects for the South Caucasus Guam and the Georgian War

Combating Terrorism Center
CTC Sentinel, v. 1, no. 9, August 2008
· “The Sakinah Campaign and Internet Counter-Radicalization in Saudi Arabia” “Pursuing Al-Qa`ida into Diyala Province”
· “Jama`at a-Furqara’: A Domestic Terrorist Threat to the United States?” “Key Factors for the Recent Growth of the Afghan Insurgency”
· “A Preliminary Assessment of Counter-Radicalization in the Netherlands”
· “Curtailing Illicit and Terrorist Activity in Algeria’s Tamanrasset”
· “Countering Terrorism in an Unstable Democracy: Mauritania’s Political Crisis”
· “Saudi Arabia’s Sectarian Ambivalence”
· “After Action Report: Assessing Acceptable Corruption in Iraq”

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
· Foreign Policy and Political Nominating Conventions

Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
· A letter from the Director of National Intelligence & Attorney General to Sen. Reid & Sen. McConnell on S. 2035 - the "Free Flow of Information Act of 2008"
· related information is available at

EU Institute for Security Studies
· E Pluribus Unum: Decision-Makers and decision-Making in Iran[tt_news]=1016&tx_ttnews[backPid]=1&cHash=638718a3e1
· Russia and Georgia: European Destinies[tt_news]=1096&tx_ttnews[backPid]=1&cHash=c22d325738
· Worst case: Escalation of the Unresolved Conflict in Georgia[tt_news]=1097&tx_ttnews[backPid]=1&cHash=47264d11f3

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· 21st Century Socialism in Latin America
· A Clarifying Act of Violence: Russia, Georgia, and The West
· In Havana, Waiting for Obama or for Putin?

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Chemical Safety Board: Improvements in Management and Oversight Are Needed
· PBGC Assets: Implementation of New Investment Policy Will Need Stronger Board Oversight
· Supply Chain Security: CBP Works with International Entities to Promote Global Customs Security Standards and Initiatives, but Challenges Remain

Heritage Foundation
· Europe's Catalogue of Failures in Georgia
· Fighting for Freedom in Rural Peru: "ALBA Houses" Threaten Democracy
· How Do U.S. Foreign Aid Recipients Vote at the U.N.? Against the U.S.
· Hugo Chávez's Andean Offensive
· People, Growth, And Reform: China's Uncertain Future
· Russia-Georgia War Highlights Need for Directed-Energy Defenses
· Russian Forces in the Georgian War: Preliminary Assessment and Recommendations
· The Sound of Silence: The Decline of the Voice of America in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia
· Who Serves in the U.S. Military? The Demographics of Enlisted Troops and Officers

Human Rights Watch
· China: Hosting Olympics a Catalyst for Human Rights Abuses
· Georgia: Civilians Killed by Russian Cluster Bomb ‘Duds’
· Getting Away With Murder: 50 Years of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act
· India: Repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act
· Turkey: Support Justice in Darfur

Institute for Security Studies
· Lawful and Unlawful Community Involvement In The Fight Against Crime

International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR)
· Seven Years After 9/11: Al-Qaida's Strengths and Vulnerabilities

International Crisis Group
· Burundi: Restarting Political Dialogue
· Russia vs Georgia: The Fallout
· War in Georgia website

International Relations and Security Network
· Cuba's Emerging Leverage
· Iraqi Christians: Round trip to Death Street
· Letters from Georgia: Nationalism and Fear
· Mauritania Coup a Blow
· Russian Military, Fighting to Reform

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
· Recent Terror blasts in India: How Should We Respond?
· Structural Roots of Authoritarianism in Pakistan

Jamestown Foundation
· Special Coverage from Tbilisi

Mercyhurst College Institute for Intelligence Studies
· The Analyst's Style Manual

National Academies Press
· Energy Futures and Urban Air Pollution: Challenges for China and the United States
· U.S. Conventional Prompt Global Strike: Issues for 2008 and Beyond

National Defense Intelligence College (NDIC)
· Registering the Human Terrain: a Valuation of Cadastre

National Institute of Standards and Technology
· WTC 7 Investigation Finds Building Fires Caused Collapse

National Research Council (NCR)
· Emerging Cognitive Neuroscience and Related Technologies

National Security Archive
· 1998 Missile Strikes on Bin Laden May Have Backfired
· PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence Findings: "White Paper" Drafted before NIE even Requested

· Insights on Aircraft Programmed Depot Maintenance: An Analysis of F-15 PDM
· The State of U.S. Railroads: A Review of Capacity and Performance Data
· The Weighted Airman Promotion System: Standardizing Test Scores

Securing America's Future Energy
· $120 Oil and Beyond: An Update

Stanley Foundation
· Actualizing the Responsibility to Protect: 43rd Conference on the United Nations of the Next Decade
· Great Expectations
· The United Nations and the Responsibility to Protect
· US Nuclear Weapons, Force Posture, and Infrastructure
· Value Cooperation, Not Antagonism: The Case for Functional-Based Cooperation

Henry L Stimson Center
· The North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004
· The Political Economy of Hydropower Dam Construction in Vietnam
· Young American China Watchers' Views on China

US Institute of Peace
· Moving Beyond Relief: The Challenges of Settling Kenya's Internally Displaced

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· 2007-2008 Lecture Series: Senior U.S. Counterterrorism Officials
· The Future of U.S. Assistance to Egypt
· Kirkuk Derails Iraq's Election Law
· Pakistan after Musharraf: Growing U.S. Challenges

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