Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Military review - articles on COIN, National security system/act, Taliban , Islam etc

Military Review
v. 88, no. 3, May-June 2008

· Addendum: Anbar Awakens by Colonel Sean MacFarland, U.S. Army [p2-3]

· The Most Important Thing: Legislative Reform of the National Security System by James R. Locher III [p. 4-12]

· The Story Behind the National Security Act of 1947 by Charles A. Stevenson, Ph.D. [p. 13-20]

· Money as a Force Multiplier in COIN by Lieutenant Colonel Leonard J. DeFrancisci, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve [p.21-28]

· Reforming the Madrasah: A Disregarded Dimension in the War on Terrorism by Major Todd Schmidt, U.S. Army [p. 29-37]

· From Enduring Strife to Enduring Peace in the Philippines by Major Gary J. Morea, U.S. Army [p. 38-48]

· Title 10 Domestic Humanitarian Assistance: New Orleans by Major Michael C. Donahue, U.S. Army [p. 49-57]

· The Taliban: An Organizational Analysis by Major Shahid Afsar, Pakistan Army; Major Chris Samples, U.S. Army; and Major Thomas Wood, U.S. Army [p. 58-73]

· The Al-Qaeda Media Machine by Philip Seib, J.D. [p. 74-80]

· Transition Teams: Adapt and Win by Captain William C. Taylor, U.S. Army [p. 81-86]

· Constructive Engagement: A Proven Method for Conducting Stability and Support Operations [Reprint from Landpower Essay No. 07-1, February 2007, An Institute of Land Warfare Publication Sergeant Major Martin Rodriguez, U.S. Army, Retired; Major Andrew Farnsler, U.S. Army; and John Bott] [p. 87-91]

· Will the Army Ever Learn Good Media Relations Techniques? Walter Reed as a Case Study by Colonel James T. Currie, U.S. Army Reserve, Retired, Ph.D. [p. 92-99]

· Through an Arab Cultural Lens by Helen Altman Klein, Ph.D., and Gilbert Kuperman [p. 100-105]

· Islam and Symbolism by First Sergeant António Rodrigues, Portuguese Army [p. 106-114]

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