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Friday's Miscellany 04-04-2008

American Enterprise Institute
· The Basra Business: What We Know and What We Don't,filter.all/pub_detail.asp

Amnesty International
· Gangs and Police Cripple Jamaica's Inner Cities
· What Human Rights Legacy for the Beijing Olympics?

Atlantic Council of the United States
· Ball in North Korea’s Court

Brookings Institution
· Main Trends of Russia’s Foreign Policy in Transforming East and Southeast Asia

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
· Arab Reform Bulletin: April 2008

Center for a New American Security
· Life After the Surge: Prospects for Iraq and for the U.S. Military

Center for American Progress
· How Does This End?: Strategic Failures Overshadow Tactical Gains in Iraq
· The State of the U.S. Ground Forces

James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
· The Race Towards Entry Into Force of the Pelindaba Treaty: Mozambique Leading the Charge

Center for Security Policy
· Truly endangered species: Wafa Sultan

Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments (CSBA)
· Historical and Projected Funding for Defense: Presentation of the FY 2009 Request in Tables and Charts

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
· The Cost of the Iraq War: CRS, GAO, CBO, and DoD Estimates
· What Lies Beneath: The Future of NATO through the ISAF Prism
· The JDP Faces the Threat of Closure: Erdogan's Toughest Test?

Central Intelligence Agency
Studies in Intelligence v. 52, no. 1 (March 2008)
· Stasi Operations in the Netherlands, 1979–89 by Beatrice de Graaf
· Engineering the Berlin Tunnel
· The Movie Breach: A Personal Perspective by Brian J. Kelley
· Five Months in Petrograd 1918: Robert W. Imbrie and the US Search for Information in Russia by David A. Langbart

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
· Monthly Budget Review
· A Review of CBO's Activities in 2007 Under the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act

Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG)
· DoD Procurement Policy for Body Armor

Department of Homeland Security
· U.S. Legal Permanent Residents: 2007
· Yearbook on Immigration Statistics 2007

Department of Homeland Security Inspector General (DHSIG)
· FEMA's Preparedness for the Next Catastrophic Disaster
· Letter Report: National Applications Office Privacy Stewardship, Unclassified Summary

Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
· US Intelligence Community Information Sharing Strategy

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
· China’s Early Encounters with the West: A History in Reverse
· Kosovo: The Revenge of CNN and the Politics of Emotion
· Victory for Colombia, Theater in Caracas

Government Accountability Office (GAO)
· Combating Terrorism: State Department's Antiterrorism Program Needs Improved Guidance and More Systematic Assessments of Outcomes
· Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
· Defense Acquisitions: Assessment of Progress Made on Block 2006 Missile Defense Capabilities and Oversight
· Defense Acquisitions: DOD's Increased Reliance on Service Contractors Exacerbates Long-standing Challenges
· Defense Critical Infrastructure: DOD's Risk Analysis of Its Critical Infrastructure Omits Highly Sensitive Assets
· Federal Contracting: Congressional Action Needed to Address Long-standing Problems with Reporting of Advisory and Assistance Services · Homeland Security: Strategic Solution for US-VISIT Program Needs to Be Better Defined, Justified, and Coordinated
· Nuclear Material: DOE Has Several Potential Options for Dealing with Depleted Uranium Tails, Each of Which Could Benefit the Government
· Nuclear Material: Several Potential Options for Dealing with DOE's Depleted Uranium Tails Could Benefit the Government

Henry L. Stimson Center
· To The Brink: Indian Decision-making and the 2001-2002 Standoff

Heritage Foundation
· The Battle for Basra: Britain Should Launch a Troop Surge in Iraq
· The Global Poverty Act: The Wrong Track for U.S. Aid Policy
· New South Korean President Brings Conservative Policy Change
· Providing for the Common Defense: Why 4 percent?
· SOS: Congress Must Save the Aircraft Carrier Fleet
· The Sochi Bush–Putin Summit: Last Chance to Improve Relations

Human Rights Watch
· Kosovo Criminal Justice Scorecard
· Off the Map: Land and Housing Rights Violations in Israel’s Unrecognized Bedouin Villages
· Politics as War: The Human Rights Impact and Causes of Post-Election Violence in Rivers State, Nigeria

International Crisis Group
· CrisisWatch N°56
· Nepal’s Election and Beyond · Timor-Leste’s Displacement Crisis

International Relations and Security Network
· Child Soldiers
· Letters from Somalia III
· Middle East Atomic Moves
· Texans Fence with Federal Authorities [Part II]
· US, Mexico: Election Fencing [Part I of the report above]

Iran Watch
· Chain Reaction: Avoiding a Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East

Jamestown Foundation
Terrorism Focus v. 5, no. 13 (April 2008)
· An Online Terrorist Training Manual - Part One: Creating a Terrorist Cell
· Presence of Turkish Terrorists in Belgium Leads to Dispute with Ankara
· What Direction for the al-Mahdi Army after the Basra Offensive?
· Is Global Jihad a Fading Phenomenon?

Lexington Institute
· Missing Ingredient in Weapons Decisions: Common Sense

· Getting Back on Track in Afghanistan
· Getting the Most Out of Littoral Combat Ships
· An Iraqi Modus Vivendi: How Would It Come About and What Would It Look Like?
· Middle East Perspectives: Conference Proceedings from Gstaad, Switzerland
· Using the Steel-Vessel Material-Cost Index to Mitigate Shipbuilder Risk

United States Institute of Peace
· Law of War Training: Resources for Military and Civilian Leaders
· Using Quantitative and Qualitative Models to Forecast Instability

Washington Institute for Near East Policy
· Provincial Politics in Iraq: Fragmentation or New Awakening?

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