Monday, March 31, 2008

Friday's Miscellany 03-28-2008

American Enterprise Institute

· Economic Integration and Incipient Democracy

· What France Does Best at Counterterrorism

Amnesty International

· Carnage and Despair in Iraq


· Iran Update, No. 115

Brookings Institution

· In Battling Terrorism, the French Excel

· Iraq and Vietnam – Differences and Similarities

· Shaping Lebanon's Future

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

· Breaking the Suicide Pact: U.S.–China Cooperation on Climate Change


· The Grass Is Not Always Greener: A Look at National Health Care Systems Around the World

Center for a New American Security

· The Case for Conditional Engagement in Iraq

· Sustainable Security: Developing a Security Strategy for the Long Haul

Center for Security Policy

· Disarmed in the War of Ideas

· Chavez's early ties with the FARC and ELN

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

· A Cooperative Strategy for the 21st Century Seapower

Center for Strategic and International Studies

· Invigorating Defense Governance: A Beyond Goldwater-Nichols Phase 4 Report

· The Iraq War After Five Years: The Surge, Current Status, and Military Lessons

· Overcoming Extremism Conference Report

· The Role of Airpower in the Iraq and Afghan Wars

· Security Challenges and Threats in the Gulf: A Net Assessment

· A Steep Hill: Congress and U.S. Efforts to Strengthen Fragile States

Combat Studies Institute

· We Were Caught Unprepared: The 2006 Hezbollah-Israeli War

CTC Sentinel

March 2008, v. 1, no. 4

· Jihad After Iraq: Lessons from the Arab Afghans Phenomenon By Mohammed M. Hafez

· Combating Terrorist Financing at the Agency and Interagency Levels By Dennis Lormel

· Lessons Learned from the September 2007 German Terrorist Plot By Petter Nesser

· Mapping the Factional Structure of the Sunni Insurgency in Iraq By Michael Gabbay

· Jihadists Target the American Dream By Brian Fishman

· The Growth of Militant Islamist Micro-Diaspora Communities: Observations from Spain By Kathryn Haahr

· Drawing the Right Lessons from Israel's War with Hizb Allah By Andrew Exum

· Guest Commentary: Benazir Bhutto's Doomed Return to Pakistan By James R. Ellis, Lt. Gen. U.S. Army (Ret.)

EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS)

· Policy Brief, no. 1 - Missile Defence in Europe: The Political and Security Dimensions

Foreign Policy Research Institute

· The Revolution Will be Brought to You by Text Messaging

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

· Defense Contracting: Army Case Study Delineates Concerns with Use of Contractors as Contract Specialists

· Defense Space Activities: National Security Space Strategy Needed to Guide Future DOD Space Efforts

· DOD Personnel Clearances: Questions for the Record Related to the Quality and Timeliness of Clearances

Heritage Foundation

· The Bucharest NATO Summit: Washington and London Must Not Give in to French Demands.

· U.S. Africa Command: Challenges and Opportunities

· Iraq Five Years On: The Coalition Is Winning the War Against Al-Qaeda

· Public Diplomacy: Reinvigorating America's Strategic Communications Policy

Human Rights Watch

· Adults Before Their Time: Children in Saudi Arabia’s Criminal Justice System

· All Over Again: Human Rights Abuses and Flawed Electoral Conditions in Zimbabwe’s Coming General Elections

· Ballots to Bullets: Organized Political Violence and Kenya's Crisis of Governance

· Precarious Justice: Arbitrary Detention and Unfair Trials in the Deficient Criminal Justice System of Saudi Arabia.

International Crisis Group

· Azerbaijan: Independent Islam and the State

· Kosovo's First Month

· Ruling Palestine I: Gaza Under Hamas

Lexington Institute

· Containing Iran: A Role for America's Navy

Oxfam International

· Falling Short: Aid Effectiveness in Afghanistan


· Brain Korea 21 Phase II: A New Evaluation Model [English]

· Brain Korea 21 Phase II: A New Evaluation Model [Korean]

· The Legal and Economic Implications of Electronic Discovery: Options for Future Research

Strategic Studies Institute

· Building for the Future: China's Progress in Space Technology during the Tenth 5-Year Plan and the U.S. Response

· Projecting Pyongyang: The Future of North Korea's Kim Jong Il Regime

· Security Sector Reform in Liberia: Mixed Results from Humble Beginnings

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

· The Damascus Arab Summit: Arab Divisions Ensure Modest Achievements

· The Hamas Dilemma: A Debate on Alternative Strategies

· Kuwait's New Political Crisis: Can Democracy Trump Sectarianism?

· Small Island, Big Issues: Bahrain's King Visits Washington

· The Gaza Challenge. Washington Institute for Near East Policy

· Will the Turkish Constitutional Court Ban the AKP?

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