Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday's Miscellany 01-11-2008

Air University

American Enterprise Institute


Brookings Institution

Center for American Progress

Center for Defense Information

James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Center for Security Policy

Center for Security Studies (CSS)

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Congress. House Oversight Committee

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

Department of Defense. Inspector General (DOD IG)

Department of Homeland Security. Office of Inspector General (DHS IG)

Foreign Policy Research Institute

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

Heritage Foundation

Human Rights Watch

Institute for Science and International Security

International Crisis Group

Iraq Family Health Survey Study Group

Jamestown Foundation

  • Terrorism Focus.
  • Terrorism Monitor.
    • Implications of the New Kurdish-Sunni Alliance for Security in Iraq’s Ninawa Governorate By Ramzy Mardini
    • Insurrection in Iranian Balochistan. By Chris Zambelis
    • South Waziri Tribesmen Organize Counterinsurgency Lashkar. By Andrew McGregor
    • Turkey’s Other War on Terrorism. By Gareth Jenkins

Joint Chiefs of Staff

JFQ (Joint Force Quarterly)

Lexington Institute

National Academies Press

Pew Internet & American Life Project

Public Interest Declassification Board


Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College

US Institute of Peace

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