Thursday, November 22, 2007

REPORT - Deployment of the National Guard and Reserves

The Defense Science Board has posted a new report on the Deployment of Members of the National Guard and Reserves in the Global War on Terror. The report can be found at on the DSB reports page -- or directly at

The task force examined the question of optimal length and frequency of deployment of members of the National Guard and reserve. According to the report, the task force found “that there is a general consensus that the guidelines for the reserve components satisfy their needs for predictability and sustainability. However, given current levels of operational demand, today’s Army active National Guard, and reserve force structure will not support DoD’s policy. Nor can it be supported when planned increases in end-strength are reached.”

The report also expressed concern about the availability of Guard and reserve personnel and equipment to meet homeland security, civil support and domestic emergency requirements along with the robust overseas deployments

Various charts and graphs are included.

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